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You Can’t Mess Up Something That’s Meant For You

You Can’t Mess Up Something That’s Meant For You

Do you ever think about your past relationships and feel like you’ve been wasting your precious life on someone who didn’t deserve it?

Maybe thinking you were doing something wrong is what keeps you from having what you want now.

If that one man didn’t recognize your worth right away, it might not mean you did something wrong, but perhaps that he simply wasn’t someone you needed.

Maybe it means there’s a greater plan ahead.

If he criticizes you often, he’s not the one

a man criticize a woman

If a man keeps telling you you’re not doing something right or keeps downplaying your emotions, I’m sorry, but that means he isn’t the one.

What he’s doing is  emotional abuse. No one deserves to be treated like that.

It’s important you recognize the signs on time. Emotional abuse is a real thing that happens to many women who don’t even realize it.

You don’t need your partner to put so much unneeded pressure on you.

What you need is infinite support. A safe place to come back to.

Someone who always has your back, no matter what.

You need him to be your biggest support. Anything less than that is unacceptable.

He must accept you as you are – no more, no less

sad woman sitting on the sand by the sea

If the love is real, you can’t really mess up. So-called mess ups are just an opportunity for more understanding and strengthening your relationship.

And if your partner’s the right one, he will know that better than anyone.

Understanding your partner’s flaws is the best way to show them you accept them fully.

Only when you know he accepts you as a whole can you feel safe and start building a life with him without fear of failing again.

If he constantly makes you feel like you need to be somehow better, he’s got a problem, and that problem isn’t you.

Take failure as reassurance, not a tragedy

happy woman riding a bike

Instead of believing your fears and thinking you’re doing something wrong, try seeing failures as a sign telling you something’s not good for you.

Or even better:

A sign telling you there is something else waiting for you and when the time comes, you’re going to know that’s it.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Nothing is lost. You’re not there yet.

But you’re not late. There’s time.

There’s no plan you should follow. Nobody can control life.

You’re allowed to have your own life’s rhythm. And dance how you want to.

Believe your intuition

nice woman on the sunset

This is the thing most people seem to forget about or simply dismiss because they think somebody else knows better what’s good for them.

It doesn’t make sense. How can someone else know what you’ve been through and what you’ve been feeling better than you?

No one else can know it more intensely than yourself! That’s the truth of life.

The sooner you realize it, the sooner your life starts to change. Rapidly. You’ll start trusting yourself more and more.

You just need to have faith in yourself and the rest will follow.

Stop putting everything else before you.

If you needed a sign to tell you it’s time to take your life into your own hands and start trusting your inner voice, this is it.

I encourage you to cut off all your doubts and courageously take your first step towards your new life.

A new life where you’re always sure your decisions are what leads you right there where you need to be.

And remember:  You can’t mess up something that’s meant for you. So, keep your head up and start being brave again.

You Can’t Mess Up Something That’s Meant For You