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If He Was The Right One, He Would Have Stayed

If He Was The Right One, He Would Have Stayed

For as long as you can remember, you’ve been someone who believed in love. You’ve been a girl who was looking for real romance and a happy ending in all of your relationships.

You were never interested in something temporary and you were never looking for a man just to have a good time.

Meaningless affairs and casual flings were simply not your thing.

Instead, all you ever wanted was to find the right guy for you, your soulmate and the man you’d grow old with.

No, you weren’t too picky and you didn’t want a Mr. Perfect—you just wanted simple things—someone to get you, someone to try around you and someone to love you back.

This is exactly what you hoped to get from your ex-boyfriend—love, compassion and understanding. You wanted him to be your safe harbor and your haven after a long day.

And when you come to think about it, this guy really was all of this.

He indeed had everything you looked for in a man—at least in the beginning.

However, after a while, things changed and he turned out to be a different man than you thought.

You are not sure whether he was now showing his true colors or he just got tired of you but the truth is that all of a sudden, there was no sign of the man you fell in love with.

After a lot of fights and even more wasted time, he left you.

Just like that, he walked away from your life as if the two of you never mattered and as if he never cared for you.

He left you all alone, trying to fight your sadness away and trying to figure out when and why things went wrong.

Nevertheless, that is not the worst part. You know that eventually, you’ll stop missing him and get used to his absence.

You know that you’ll learn to live without him even if you never stop loving him.

But what if he was the one for you? What if he was your soulmate?

What if you never grow to love someone the way you still love him? What if you’ll spend the rest of your life searching for him in all the other men you encounter? What if this man who got away remains stuck in one part of your brain forever?

Well, let me promise you one thing—none of this will happen. And you know why?

Because if he was the one, he wouldn’t have gotten away. If he was meant to be yours forever, you would have never lost him.

You know, when love is real, it doesn’t have an expiration date. It doesn’t fade away the moment things get rough and it never ends.

When love is real, it lasts a lifetime, through good and bad days, through thick and thin. None of life’s obstacles or time can do it any harm because it is omnipotent and everlasting.

I know you are still convinced that this man was the one for you but he clearly wasn’t.

He had a purpose in your life, he was there to teach you a lesson and to make you understand some things but he obviously wasn’t right for you.

Because if he was, nothing in this world could have chased him away from you.

If he was, he would still be there by your side, holding your hand through life and he would have never even consider backing out on you.

If he was the right one, you guys would have had your happy ending.

I know all of this is difficult to believe in now but you’ll see that it is the only truth once this true love we are talking about comes into your life.

When that happens, you’ll realize all the ways in which all of your past relationships were wrong and you’ll finally understand why none of them worked out.

Most importantly, you’ll see that there is perfect timing for everything and especially for love. You’ll see that sometimes there is a difference between the love you think you want and the one you really need—the difference between temporary and everlasting love.