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To Every Girl Who Is Hurting Now: Your Pain Won’t Last Forever

To Every Girl Who Is Hurting Now: Your Pain Won’t Last Forever

I know it’s not easy. Actually, it is pretty damn hard even though you might not want to admit it.

The pain you are experiencing keeps tearing you apart and at times you feel like you are about to break down on the inside.

The overwhelming weight you carry in your chest literally suffocates you, makes you lose your breath and sometimes even makes you feel like dying.

Yet everyone around you keeps telling you that things will eventually get better, without giving you any advice on how to actually heal and lately all of it has started sounding like a load of crap to you.

They even make you feel like you don’t have the right to have all of those emotions because many people have it worse than you do.

Well, guess what? Screw other people—the pain you are feeling is yours and no one else’s.

It consumes YOU and it makes YOUR life more difficult.

Don’t get me wrong—I am not saying that you shouldn’t be empathetic or that your feelings are the only ones which matter but the truth is the fact that whether someone else is suffering or not doesn’t make things any easier or harder for you.

The truth is also that you have a complete right to feel the way you do.

The last thing you need is someone judging you without walking a mile in your shoes.

There is no need for you to justify your pain to anyone or for others to understand the reasons behind it.

However, you shouldn’t let it define you either. Because your pain is not who you are.

And because it will go away, even if you don’t believe me now.

I know you think of all this as bullshit and I know you are fed up with all of these empty phrases and clichés but time really does heal all wounds.

Everything goes away sooner or later and before you know it, you’ll become the girl you used to be.

It sounds impossible, right? Well, once it happens, you’ll see that I was right and that you should have believed in this in time.

I don’t know whether some asshole broke your heart, if your friend betrayed you, if you are going through a family crisis or you just feel depressed and like you can’t take it anymore.

Either way, what I can promise you is that things will find a way of working themselves out sooner or later. You will find a man who will see your worth, your career will improve and whatever is bothering you will come to its resolution.

You just have to have enough faith in yourself and enough faith in God to show you the way.

You have to see how strong and powerful you actually are and that nothing you are going through right now can break you.

After all, remember all the times you thought you had reached breaking point.

Every moment in which you thought there was no way back, every moment in which you felt spiritually dead and every moment in which you were convinced you’d never recover.

However, all of this is in the past, right? And here you are, a survivor, stronger than ever.

When you come to think of it, all the negativity and toxicity you had to go through in life shaped you into becoming the person you are today.

So it obviously had to have some kind of purpose and point and it happened for a reason.

Well, the same goes for everything you are going through right now. Instead of seeing your struggles as curses, see them as blessings.

See them as tests of your strength, your faith and your patience.

You may not see it now but some time in the future, you’ll be grateful for everything you’ve been through, even though it sounds crazy at the moment.

You’ll be thankful for all of your challenges and for all the lessons you’ve learned.

So please, stop beating yourself up this instant. I can’t ask you to stop hurting because that is something you would have done by now if you could.

However, what I can ask you is to do your best to take a more optimistic and positive outlook on life. Make sure never to forget that tomorrow is always a new day and that there is light at the end of the tunnel, even when it doesn’t seem that way.