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If Someone Does These 8 Things For You, They Are ‘Your Person’

If Someone Does These 8 Things For You, They Are ‘Your Person’

Stop for a moment and look around you. There are so many things you take for granted, so many things you don’t give a special meaning to, and you should.

You should be grateful for and appreciate people in your life who draw a smile on your face or are there for you in the moments when you need them the most. Be blessed to have someone in your life who you can call ‘your person’.

This person can be your best friend, your family member or your romantic partner. The point is, this person will understand you as no one does.

Your communication and the connection between the two of you are so ridiculous you almost don’t believe they’re real.

There will be no point in your life where you outgrow each other and go your separate ways. Your person is someone who will be in your life forever.

They will always love you for who you are. They will never try to change you because then, you wouldn’t be you.

When you realize you have a person like that by your side, you know that they’re in it for life. It’s something nothing and no one will ever change. Your person is always going to be your person.

Here is how to know you’ve found them:

1. They show you unconditional love

Maybe that person is not around anymore. Maybe they had to leave for a while, but that doesn’t change anything. Even if you are miles apart, you still feel the unconditional love.

You know that no distance between you can break the love you feel for each other.

Their love has made you a better person, and you are aware of that. Your person feels exactly the same way.

2. You can’t hide anything from them

You can look completely normal to everyone around you, but if something is bothering you, you person will pick up on that.

The slightest change in your expression or your behavior won’t go unnoticed. You can try to act normally, but your person will see right through you.

3. They believe in you

That person always has your back. Sometimes life gets hard, and you make mistakes. You fall under pressure or you take the easy road. Anyhow, it backfires.

And in those moments when you feel you’re all alone in the world, you have your person to comfort you and hold your hand.

That person believes in you. They know you have the strength to pull out from any situation and solve any problem. They are the ones who make you keep going and never give up.

4. They respect your privacy

Privacy doesn’t only mean you’re keeping secrets from someone. It’s usually about having personal space to deal with things that are troubling you, so when you share your problem, you know how to share it and what to say.

Your person knows that, and they will never force you to tell them something if you’re not ready. When you have thought about your problem and when you’re ready, you’ll open up, and there will be your person, patiently listening what you have to say.

5. They challenge you

They are the ones who tell you that you can do it. They are the ones who inspire you to do something bigger with your life.

When you hit a bump on the road, they are the ones who tell you it’s easy to cross it—you just have to try harder.

They show you the way you should take, and they walk it with you. You’re never alone when you have your person by your side.

6. When something happens to you, they are the first one to know

The longest period of your life is the one between something happening and telling that to your person. No matter how embarrassing something is, you’ll tell it to your person. Then, you’ll cry and laugh about it.

But nothing is real until you share it with your person.

7. They are always on your side

You don’t have to be right, but your person is siding with you. They won’t even ask the background of the situation; they are backing you right that moment.

And having such a person by your side is a true blessing. It’s so much easier to confront anything when you know you have someone backing you up. No matter what.

8. They will tell you when you’re wrong

The fact they are going to side with you on everything doesn’t mean they are agreeing with you. When the situation comes, they are going to be there for you because you’re fighting for something you believe in.

But when you’re alone, they are going to tell you the truth. If you’re wrong, they are going to point it out and suggest you make things right. They love you, and they want only the best for you.

In that relationship, there is no jealousy; there is no talking behind the back and there is no sabotage. You know that you can trust that person. You know that bond between you is made to last forever.