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If You Are Looking For A Sign That You Should Leave Him, Here It Is

If You Are Looking For A Sign That You Should Leave Him, Here It Is

There is this guy you care about very much. The guy you really love. The guy you would do anything for.

But the truth is that he doesn’t love you back. At least, not the way you love him. At least, not the way you want to be loved.

And sadly, you are very well aware of this.

For as long as the two of you have known each other, he’s been leading you on. He’s been playing hot and cold mind games with you and he’s been sending you mixed signals.

There are days when he is cold and when he acts like he doesn’t even know you. And these are the days when you don’t have the slightest idea of what has to be done.

On other days, you become aware that you need to walk away from this guy and that you can’t wait for a second longer to do so.

You realize that he doesn’t love you enough, that he never did and that he never will. You realize that he doesn’t appreciate you and that he doesn’t deserve you.

You realize he is not the man you always pictured him to be and that leaving him is the only smart choice for you.

But the moment you make this decision, he comes back crawling into your life.

And all of a sudden, he becomes the sweetest boy ever. He becomes the guy you fell in love with. He becomes loving and caring.

And just like that, you change your mind. You forget about the way he treated you before and you decide to give this quasi-relationship another chance.

You hope that this time will be different and that he’ll remain like this.

But of course, this doesn’t happen. Before you know it, this man goes back to his old ways and you go back to your old thoughts of leaving him.

And all of this goes on for years. You see that you’ve dragged yourself into an endless circle of love and hatred with this man and you simply don’t know what to do with your life.

You don’t know what the right decision is for you.

If you stick with this guy, you’ll waste years of your life in this type of relationship. You’ll end up miserable and you’ll blame yourself for not walking away from him sooner.

But on the other hand, if you leave him, you’ll always wonder what could have been of the two of you.

What would have happened if you had just given him another chance? Would he have been the guy you wanted him to be? What if his kind and loving personality was actually his true face?

You simply can’t make up your mind and you don’t know what to think about this man. What should you do?

All you want is someone to help you make a final decision. You want someone to tell you what to do.

You want something to happen which will help you see things more clearly. You are looking for a sign. A sign which will tell you whether you should stay with him or if you should go.

Well, your wait has come to an end because this is it! This is your sign.

This is me telling you to walk away from this man who clearly doesn’t deserve you and who clearly doesn’t love you enough and to never look back.

This is me advising you to say your final goodbye to this man.

This is me telling you that leaving this guy is the only choice you should make. This is me telling you that he is not worthy of you or of all the years you’ve spent with him.

This is me promising you that you’ll never regret leaving someone like him. That you’ll get over him and that you’ll move on with your life, like he never existed.

This is me promising you that you’ll be happy without him by your side.

Promising you that you’ll eventually be glad that you did this and that you’ll eventually realize that this was the best decision of your life.

This is me giving you a sign. And this is me asking you to take it.

  1. Karen Jane Ficarella says:

    Well where are the signs all she is saying is to leave him not the signs of him doing