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If You Do These 5 Beautiful Things, You Will Definitely Attract A Real Man

If You Do These 5 Beautiful Things, You Will Definitely Attract A Real Man

To meet a man is easy but to meet a man you want to date is like winning the lottery. The dating world is like living in a jungle. Only the strongest ones survive and while you’re searching for the right one, there are a lot of deadly wrong ones out there.

If a wrong one catches you in his claws, you find yourself choking on your own tears, screaming at the world, angry at its injustice.

It’s always easier to blame them and their inability to commit, their insecurity and the fact that they are emotionally unavailable, and mostly that is true but it’s not the only factor why you attract the wrong kind of guys.

Some things depend on you, too. It’s true that you can’t change the environment you’re surrounded by but you can adapt yourself. Not change, just adapt, and then you have a chance of meeting an actual real man. Appreciate yourself more and don’t take just anything that comes your way.

Women know to do this out of fear of staying single, so they settle for the first man who is not that awful. This is the biggest mistake you can make. Stay true to yourself, don’t change but adapt by improving.

1. Love your body

You are just perfect the way you are. Love every single thing about your body because you own it, it’s yours. It’s unique, no one else has it. That’s one of the reasons it has to be special.

Once you learn to appreciate your body, you’ll appreciate yourself more and you won’t settle for less than you deserve ever again. Buy yourself a nice dress, maybe one that shows more of your shoulders because men absolutely adore seeing bare shoulders.

But make sure you don’t dress in something that screams sex on your first date. It will leave the wrong impression or it will just appear that you’re trying too hard.

2. Don’t act hot ‘n’ cold

Real men don’t buy this shit. Real men don’t like playing these games. So, if you want to attract the wrong kinds of guys or an immature mama’s boy, act interested one day and completely ignore him the next.

This works with douchebags and not someone you would really like to date. Don’t act like you’re not interested and expect him to read your mind.

If you like him, tell him and if you feel comfortable and you trust him enough to tell him, then he’s probably the right kind of man you would like to date.

3. Treat yourself the way he wants to treat you

A man likes seeing a woman who puts herself first, who is independent and strong. He wants to see that you can take care of yourself and you don’t need anybody’s help.

He needs to see that you can love yourself the same way he would love you. He wants to see that you respect yourself and he will respect you back.

Try to invest in yourself as much as you can. It will show him that you care for yourself as much as he does.

4. Be kind

This is one beautiful trait most women have and all real men adore. Society and the media have both shown a completely different picture of what men love— a sexy, dirty badass who doesn’t care about anybody other than herself.

That is true but only to some extent. You have to care about yourself and love yourself, but in addition to this, you have to have compassion for others. And that’s what real men really like.

Who wouldn’t want a nice, kind woman always by their side, a woman they know won’t cheat on them and make them look like a complete idiot? So, yes, kindness works.

Try it sometime and see for yourself. Just a word of warning: kindness works only on real men and not boys.

5. Let him lead

Stop always trying to be in control. If you finally found the man you love and you want to spend the rest of your life with him, let him be in charge for a while. Learn to take his lead because no one can endure a whole life of being bossed around.

Also, it leaves the impression that you don’t trust him and you don’t think he is capable of making the right decisions. It’s okay to think that you are right but dismissing his opinions and his input may really damage your relationship.

You need a man who knows how to make decisions and stand up for himself. The only thing you need to learn to do is to listen to him from time to time and give him a chance to prove himself.

It’s not the point to change yourself, just to try to make yourself better. If you succeed in this, you’ll automatically draw real men closer to you. And not only that but this will also benefit you and make you the best version of yourself.