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If You Don’t Fight For What You Want, Don’t Cry For What You’ve Lost

If You Don’t Fight For What You Want, Don’t Cry For What You’ve Lost

How many times in life have you thought of giving up on something you’ve just started doing? How many times in life have you regretted not fighting for what you want?

We forget that even the smallest of things require effort and sometimes we choose to take these things for granted just because we think they’re not worth fighting for.

But we don’t know that these small things have the ability to influence the bigger ones.

We forget to fight for our dreams and desires and for the people we love because we’re too busy with some other trivial things or we’re too busy thinking that our efforts will be in vain.

And that is when we get disappointed. We miss the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and fight for what we want, which leads us to cry for what we lost.

If you don’t fight for the people you love, don’t cry when you lose them.

If you’re not ready to commit to someone you love and work on yourself, don’t cry when you lose them.

Love is all about fighting, giving and receiving. It is about fighting to make their day, fighting hard to make them smile when they’re sad and fighting for the love the two of you share.

If you only wait for them to do all the work, you’ll lose them. If you expect them to smile even when they don’t feel like it, you’ll lose them. Love is all about fighting for small things in order to preserve the big one—your love.

If you’re not willing to make someone happy, don’t cry when someone else replaces you.

If you’re not willing to make an effort and fight for other people’s happiness, don’t cry when someone else is more determined than you.

Their happiness should be a reflection of your own and if you’re not willing to brighten up their day and be with them when they need you most, you don’t deserve them when they’re at their best.

If you’re not willing to devote yourself to the present, don’t cry when the future disappoints you.

Enjoy the little things life gives you and appreciate every moment spent with those you love because if you don’t, someone else will.

If you don’t fight for your dreams, don’t cry if they don’t come true.

If you’re unwilling to fight for your dreams, don’t cry when you lose all of the opportunities. Your dreams are a part of your being and they deserve to be fulfilled. You deserve to be happy and free of all of your troubles.

Fight for your dreams!

Fight for yourdreams and all of those beautiful things you believe in with all of your heart.

Don’t let others influence the pursuit of your happiness because you and only you can decide to fight for the things you want—for the things that matter.

Don’t let the fear of failure prevent you from fighting for your dreams. Remember that it is all in your mind.

If you think that you’re going to succeed in it, you will. But if you think that you’re not worthy of it or that you’re incapable of achieving it, your mind will think that too.

Fight for what you love!

Fight for those things that make your heart beat faster, that make you feel alive, fight for the things that give you hope. Fight for what you think is right. Don’t be afraid of scars.

Even if you get hurt, this doesn’t mean that you should stop fighting.

Pain is here to remind you that you’re only human. It is here to make you stronger for the battles that are about to come.

Fight for what you love and love will fight for you.