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If You Lie About These 7 Things In Your Relationship, It Isn’t Going To Last

If You Lie About These 7 Things In Your Relationship, It Isn’t Going To Last

Lies are the biggest enemy of every relationship and you certainly don’t want your partner to feel like they can’t trust you.

Every happy couple builds their relationship on trust because they know that this will also strengthen their love and create the ultimate bond.

The reason why we sometimes choose to lie is that we’re afraid that our partner will not accept the truth and we satisfy them with temporary happiness (based on lying).

But if you build your relationship on lies, you should know that it is not going to last for long!

But don’t get me wrong here.

Telling white lies is another thing and it is actually preferable because they are not that strong or capable of ruining your relationship.

White lies are supposed to protect your partner and your relationship and they don’t hurt your partner even if they eventually find out the truth.

But other types of lies (big lies) are certainly not desirable because they have the power to completely destroy your relationship to the point of irreversible.

So, if you find yourself lying about these 7 things in your relationship, I’m sorry to tell you that it probably isn’t going to last!

1. You lie about your past

Lying about your past is one of the worst things you could lie about. It is because by doing so, you’re actually lying about who you really are.

Your past has transformed you and turned you into the person you are today and that is why you should never neglect the importance of it.

You should be proud of all of your achievements, events (those positive and negative ones) and everything else that has happened to you and affected your personality.

Lying about your past means creating another, fake picture of yourself and it is never wise to pretend that you’re something you’re not in a relationship.

2. You lie about financial issues

Are you a shopaholic or do you happen to have financial issues due to other things?

Lying about any potential financial issue is a big no-no when it comes to relationships. Why?

Because living together as a couple means sharing everything and helping each other achieve things.

But if you have financial issues and despite that, you still lie to your partner about them, your relationship might turn into a nightmare not long after it even started.

No one wants to live with someone who pretends that they have millions (but is actually in debt) or pretends that they are good with money when the truth is the exact opposite.

3. You lie about being unfaithful

Many partners choose to cheat in their relationship due to different reasons.

While cheating is in itself the biggest sign of disrespect and selfishness toward your partner, lying about it makes it even worse.

Sometimes, when you decide to speak the truth and show remorse for being unfaithful, your partner might have mercy on you and give you another chance.

But if you keep lying about your sinful deeds and your partner finds out about them, you will most definitely be doomed.

Some partners would forgive you for cheating on them if they see that you’re utterly sorry about it but none of them would ever forgive multiple lies about it, waiting for them to reveal the truth and then watching you acting all sorry when they know you’re only sorry because they caught you.

4. You lie about your health (physical or mental)

Lying about your health is another stupid and selfish thing to lie about.

If you have physical or mental issues and you don’t want to tell your partner about them, well, they will sooner or later find out about them and they will not be happy about you keeping it to yourself.

It is always a good idea to share your burdens and be honest about your true health status with your partner because no one deserves to be in a fake relationship with someone who’s not ready to share important matters with them.

5. You lie about whether or not you’re interested in having kids

If you tell your partner that you’re absolutely interested in having children someday in the future and then, when that day comes, you pretend that you can’t remember what you said (because it was a lie), you will lose his trust and most likely destroy your relationship.

Always be honest about whether or not you want children because many partners enter a relationship supposing that it will result in tying the knot someday and eventually having children.

And if you lie about it, you will just be wasting their time and making them miserable in the end when they find out the painful truth.

6. You lie about your sexual needs

If you lie about your fantasies, what makes you excited in the bed and what treatment you expect from your partner, then you will definitely not be happy in your relationship (and neither will be your partner).

When it comes to your needs, being in a relationship is all about giving, receiving and reciprocating and if you have difficulty being honest about it, you need to know that your relationship is not going to last.

7. You lie about what you expect from a relationship

Everyone has different expectations when it comes to relationships and if you lie about it (just to please your partner) it will not last for long.

Always make sure to tell them loudly and clearly what your expectations are and if they are not ready to meet them, it means they are not ready to be with you (and vice versa).

It is always better to tell the truth and hope for the best than to lie about it and face the worst when the time comes.

You should always be honest about your needs and expectations because they are a part of you and neither you nor your partner will ever be able to enjoy being in a happy relationship if it is based on lies.

If You Lie About These 7 Things In Your Relationship, It Isn't Going To Last