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If You Notice These 8 Signs, You’re Dating An Actual, Legit Psycho

If You Notice These 8 Signs, You’re Dating An Actual, Legit Psycho

Of course, you can’t know for sure that you are on a date with a psychopath because they are the masters of disguise. You’ll never see their true colors because they are such good actors. They can hide their true selves for as long as they need to.

Years can pass before you realize that you are completely emotionally used by a very dangerous man. And when you realize it, it’s too late to run away from pain and heartbreak. You have already fallen into his trap.

People usually think that psychopaths can’t feel any form of love but that isn’t true. Usually they have one person they are extremely attached to. It’s their mother or one of their grandparents.

But, when it comes to romantic relationships, you can be sure they won’t have any feelings for you.

Check out some of the traits of a psychopath and use them as a warning next time you’re on a date. There is no way to get out of a relationship with a psychopath quickly, but there is hope of avoiding one if you react in time.

1. They are overly charming

There is a difference between people who are naturally charming and people who are overdoing it. Psychopaths will sweep you off your feet with their stories and their charm.

Their stories will sound too good to be true and they will talk themselves up.

After talking to them, you’ll think that you’ve just met the most perfect person on the face of the earth. That should be your first red flag that you are on a date with a psycho.

2. They will play with your emotions

They will use sympathetic stories and play with your emotions. They will convince you that they are cute and calm, and they hate drama.

After, you’ll see that drama is basically all around them because they provoke it.

They will also probably mention their ex who is a total bitch and of course is still in love with them, but they somehow managed to get away from her.

3. Their egos are huge

They are similar to narcissists but yet different. Narcissists want to be superior and the best in every situation they find themselves in, while psychopaths want to be in control over other people.

They want to use them to their benefit and they never feel remorse. Moreover, they feel happy when they’ve hurt someone.

4. They make excuses for their behavior all the time

They are just perfect at changing your reality. Although they will act like total jerks and hurt you over and over again, they will rewrite reality and make it look like it’s all your fault.

If you face them with evidence and try to prove to them that it’s not your fault, they will completely ignore it and redirect the conversation in another direction to get away with it.

In the end, you’ll end up fighting about something that has nothing to do with your initial confrontation.

5. They are born liars

You’re faced with one lie after another. Their lies will be so truthlike and filled with details. They can come up with a false answer to your question in a matter of seconds.

You probably won’t have any idea whether they are telling the truth or not. And if you try to bust them and confront them about their lying, be sure they are going to get their revenge and hurt you on purpose because you’ve hurt their egos.

6. They create chaos undercover

They will make you jealous on purpose and they will provoke you. Don’t be surprised that after they have given all their attention to you, they go online and post photos with their exes or comment on their exes’ posts using inside jokes just to mess with your head.

Chaos is their serenity.

7. They lack guilt

When they do something nasty to someone, they don’t feel remorse or guilt. They don’t possess that feeling. Other people’s suffering means absolutely nothing to them.

They will go on doing whatever they want, no matter whether it bothers someone. They don’t care for anyone but themselves.

8. They lack empathy

If you tell them a story about how someone broke your heart or something bad that happened to you, you won’t get an emotional reaction from a psychopath.

They will try to act emotional, but you will be able to see right through it.

It will be a false emotion. What they do is study how people react to different situations and try to copy that because they are unable to invoke those emotions by themselves.

Overall, you have to be very careful. There are high chances that you will bump to a real psychopath at some point in your life.

Maybe it doesn’t have to be someone you’re dating; maybe it’s a colleague from work. But if you’re dating a psychopath and you don’t know it, the risk is huge.

You can end up heartbroken, broke, homeless and if you’re an extremely emotional type, even dead.