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If Your Guy Does These 10 Things, He is A Real Gentleman

If Your Guy Does These 10 Things, He is A Real Gentleman

Let’s face it—gentlemen are hard to find nowadays. Wherever you look, there is a bunch of fuckboys, players and drama kings who always make problems in relationships.

They don’t want to do nice things for the woman they are in love with, thinking that in that way they would look bad in front of others.

They are afraid that people will call them wusses and that they would never be recognized as macho men.

But on the other hand, there are men who prove that chivalry is not dead and that a man should treat his woman like a queen.

So, if you don’t know which group of people your man belongs to, read further and find out more about him.

He is kind to you

If your man is kind to you, making you feel good in your own skin, it means that he is a true gentleman who appreciates you.

He doesn’t want you to feel bad about anything so he doesn’t have a problem going the extra mile to satisfy you.

It is a sign that he loves you and cares about you and that he sees all those good things that you do for him.

And he wants to make his contribution so does all that he can to make you two work.

He always keeps his word

If he said that he would call you at a certain time, you can bet that he won’t be late, by even a second.

He appreciates your time and he doesn’t want you to wait for him.

That is a sign that he respects you and that you are always on his mind.

He is not like all those men who say that they will do something and then you have to wait for them and even remind them to do things.

A man like this will always respect you but he will want the same amount of respect from you too.

He is polite to all people

He is not the kind of a man who will be rude to people who don’t have glamorous jobs.

He knows that we all do the best we can so you will never see him mocking a waiter or a cleaning lady.

For him, every decent job is valuable and he respects them all. In fact, if he can do something to help those people, he will.

So, don’t be surprised if he offers to take the drinks from the bar so the waiter doesn’t need to bring them to you. He is such a sweetheart, isn’t he?

He wants you to be a part of his life

No matter whether he goes to some business parties or just for a drink with his boys, he will always invite you.

That is a sign that he likes spending time with you and that he wants you to be a part of his life.

If he acts super happy whenever you go somewhere with him, it means that he is satisfied and that he likes the fact that his friends get along with you so well.

He dedicates himself to you

When he is with you his eyes don’t wander to other women. He has all that he needs with you and he shows you that in every moment you spend together.

With him, you feel so special just because he is so caring and loving.

You feel like you are the only woman that he truly cares about and that feeling makes you the happiest woman alive.

He wants you to be a part of his future

If he constantly says that he wants you to be a part of his life in the future, it is a sign that he values you and that he is a real gentleman.

He is not a fuckboy who would just lead you on but a sincere man full of good qualities.

He respects you and he sees that you are a high-value woman and that makes him think that you are wife material. That’s why he will do anything to not lose you.

He is sincere

With a man like this you will never feel that he is hiding something from you.

He will never play mind games with you and he will never say something that he doesn’t mean.

With him you will know where you stand and he will be open about his emotions all the time.

He doesn’t want to waste your time or his if your relationship is not what he imagined, so he will never hide anything from you.

He will want you to feel good

If there is anything he can do for you to feel good, he will do it. No matter whether that is preparing your breakfast or taking your dog out, he will be more than happy that he can help you.

He wants you to feel good when you are with him so he will go the extra mile for you to feel good in your own skin.

He is charming and he doesn’t mind helping you with household chores even if he doesn’t live there.

He wants to explore your soul and not just your body

If a man shows his interest in what you have to say and not just in your body, you can bet that he is a true gentleman.

I mean, he can pretend that he is someone he is not at the beginning but after some time he will reveal his real face.

If he wants to find out more about you and the things that make you happy, he is a keeper and you shouldn’t let him slip away.

He is not childish

A man like this knows what he wants and when he wants it. He acts like an adult and takes responsibilities for the things he does.

If he wants to be with you, he will say it out loud.

He won’t wait for 3 months so you would see that he actually likes you but he will be honest from the first day with you.

He won’t lie to you nor make you feel bad because he knows that is not a good way to have a stable and healthy relationship.