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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Him

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Him

He’s not being clingy, it’s just that you are the best thing that happened to him so far. People hardly give up on things that make them happy and that’s the reason he holds on you so tight.

You are everything he ever wanted. You complement him. You are his other (better) half. You attract him on the inside as well as on the outside and it’s just perfect match.

You may have differences, but that’s not a big of an issue because you are not trying to change each other’s personality. You rather enjoy each other’s differences.

And the way he looks at you- Oh my God!

You get shivers from the intense desire look in his eyes. You also melt when you catch him staring at you with eyes filled with love.

You are everything he ever wanted. You are his biggest desire and he’s not a guy that can be easily saturated.

He needs you

He needs to see you often, to talk to you, to feel you in order to feel like a whole human with you.

Jealousy doesn’t come from his distrust in you but from his previous experiences. Only you know what kind of history he has with other girls and what have those toxic relationships done to him.

He’s dated a few wrong ones before he got to the right one. To the one he should really be dating. With whom he should spend his time (and perhaps the rest of his life).

It was an ugly path, mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood and played God knows how many times before.

It might have left him broken, but he wouldn’t be able to recognize your true worth if he hadn’t made a few wrong turns.

He holds on tight because he is afraid of losing you

How many times did he show you he’s thrilled to have you by his side. How many time did he make you laugh and make you happy?

How many times were you his #1 priority and how many times he gave up on his wishes just to please you?

He’d do anything in his power (and more) for you. He’d died to see you happy by his side. He feels like he can conquer the world, but only if you’re holding his hand. Only with you by his side.

He treats you right, regardless if you deserve it or not

There is no such thing as your credit, you get it all. And he never gave up on you. No matter what happens, leaving you is never an option. It never was and it will never be.

No matter what shitstorm hits you, he’s there to withhold it with you.

This is why you shouldn’t give up on him. His emotional damage will vanish only with help of your love.

If you decide to stay and love him in the right way, you’ll get to the same page eventually.

Don’t withhold the love he deserves because of a few bad days. Everybody has to have those in life occasionally. They serve to make you stronger and not to make you give up.

It’s a test to see if you’re going to pass and if you’re going to stay. Kiss him goodnight and good morning regardless if you had a fight or not. Hold his hand. Hug him. Try to understand. Do the best you can not to judge.

Once his emotional damage vanishes and the storm is over, there will be nobody more loved than you in this world. Isn’t this worth staying?