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If Your Man Isn’t Obsessed With These 4 Things About You, Let Him Go!

If Your Man Isn’t Obsessed With These 4 Things About You, Let Him Go!

Here are my two cents about love. If it isn’t overwhelming, exciting, scary as hell, but at the same time beyond comforting, you’re wasting your time.

Isn’t life too short to spend time with a man who will love you in a mediocre way?

Don’t you think you deserve someone who is going to worship the ground you walk on?

I’ve reached the point in my life where I want it all or nothing at all.

Giving me half of your love and loving only parts of me is no longer good enough.

Being indifferent but not harsh isn’t love. Being kind, but not affectionate isn’t love.

There is so much to love that people simply forget about it because they are too afraid of never being able to find it!

Love is waking up next to a person and just being in awe of their perfectly imperfect existence.

Love is being crazy and ridiculous with this person but in a way that makes you stop and think how freaking lucky you got to find somebody as ridiculous as you to share your life with.

It’s all those little things that make you realize that this one is different. This one makes every second feel worth it.

With him, there is no such thing as wasted time, no matter what you’re doing.

He loves every single part of you—from your eyes which he thinks are the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, to your freckles that he considers adorable AF.

From your quirky but lovable personality to your sudden outbursts of jealousy that you can’t hide, but he knows they’re just a sign of your unconditional love.

It’s simply not worth being with somebody who doesn’t see you as the best damn thing he ever had the pleasure of sleeping next to.

Find yourself a guy who will look at you like a goddess and treat you like you’re precious. That’s the only type of love you deserve.

If your man isn’t absolutely obsessed with these 4 phenomenal things about you, let him go.

Don’t stop until you find a guy who will look at you every single day like he just won the lottery.

1. The way you ramble on when you get passionate about something you love

We all have that one thing that invokes a rambling machine inside of us whenever the topic is broached.

You know that one thing you’re so excited and passionate about?

It can be your favourite musician finally coming to town, the one you’ve worshipped since you were a kid.

It can be an amazing job opportunity you have finally been offered after so much hard work!

And when you start talking about it, you just can’t stop yourself from getting overly excited about it!

It just makes you happy! And the guy you’re with should love this passionate and crazy side of yours with everything he’s got.

Seeing you be completely yourself, no matter how crazy at times, should be his favourite thing about you.

2. Your emotional side that makes you teary-eyed every time you see a sad thing on the news

You know, I’ve come to realize that being emotional and caring deeply about stuff is extremely rare but beyond important in a person these days.

You see shitty things happening on the news every single day, and you just pray for the day it somehow magically all stops (knowing it won’t).

So whenever you get a tear in your eye upon seeing another mass shooting or a case of abused animals on the news, it means you’re one of those compassionate, kind people that would do anything in their power for things to change.

And a real man will adore this about you.

He will be obsessed with how emotional, kind, and considerate you are. He will consider himself lucky to sleep next to a person who feels pain when she sees bad things happening around the world.

Don’t date anyone who sees this as anything other than extraordinary.

3. The way you excitedly burst into a song at the most random moments

This one is something I am proud to say pertains to me. I am one of those people who will start singing like it’s my job whenever the mood strikes.

I can’t help it. It just makes me happy, and music makes my heart full!

Date a guy who will join you in a song and perform with you like you’re Sonny and Cher!

It doesn’t matter that you can’t sing. It doesn’t matter if he sucks at dancing. That’s not the point! 

It’s all about being your goofy, happy, crazy selves in a world filled with horrible things that make life hard to live.

Embrace your joy, and date a guy who GETS IT!

4. The way you choose to love him through thick and thin

Love is a feeling, but it’s also a choice. It’s a constant effort to wake up every single day and keep loving them.

It’s a decision you firmly stand by, knowing you have committed yourself to loving a person and your unwillingness to falter in it.

And when you consciously choose this person every single day, through hardships and storms, through the good days and more challenging ones, you deserve to be loved for it.

It’s not easy staying committed and loyal, especially when the other person makes it that much harder.

So when you make this decision and maintain your loyalty, you deserve a guy who makes it all worth it! Never settle for less.

Choose a man who loves you for the way you choose to stay committed and shows you appreciation every single day.

Unwavering love is a commitment that should never go unnoticed.