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I’m Finally Ready To Leave This Year Behind

I’m Finally Ready To Leave This Year Behind

I’m finally ready to leave behind everything bad that has happened to me. I’m finally ready to start a new chapter of my life. I’m ready to write on those blank pages that are waiting to be filled.

I know that I’ve made mistakes and I know that a lot of crappy things happened to me this year, but I’m finally ready to leave it behind because those things are going to be memorized as only parts of my life, only a few pages of thousands to come.

I’m finally ready to leave the past where it belongs.

I’m ready to turn to the future and I’m excited about whatever it holds for me. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to be bad or good, I’m ready for whatever happens. I’m not afraid because I know I will survive everything. I know I can because I already did.

I’m finally ready to learn from all the mistakes I’ve made. I’m ready not to make them again. But I know I will go wrong somewhere once again and that doesn’t matter.

I decided it doesn’t matter because I will let those mistakes go and learn from them once again. That is how I will grow and learn. That is how I will become even better than I already am.

I’m finally ready to make a fresh start. I will leave this year in the past and I will forgive it and let it go.

Along with this year, I will leave in the past every heartbreak I’ve had. I will forgive this year for making me feel lost and for taking things away from me.

At the end of it all, I will forgive myself for expecting too much and getting not nearly as much as I was hoping to get.

I want to thank you because you taught me how to stand up for myself. You taught me how to speak up my mind.

You taught me that nothing falls into your lap and that you have to try very hard and to fight for the things you want.

Before I move on and close this chapter and say the final goodbye, I want to say that I’m thankful for all the lovely people I’ve met, for all the laughter I’ve had.

I will never forget the happy moments that made my life beautiful even when it was only for a moment. I’m thankful for the pain I’ve felt because of the people who helped me heal and forget.

But, it’s time to finally say goodbye and lock the door to my past. I can’t change anything that has happened and I won’t bother trying.

Instead, I’m going to build the courage I have left to keep on fighting for my new beginning because I deserve one but I have to allow myself to have one. That’s why I’m saying goodbye.

I know that this year has been unlike any other. It was my choices that gave it a path to walk on. I guess I’m not forgiving or blaming this year. I’m forgiving and thanking myself and I’m giving myself another chance.

So, 2024, here I come, ready to spend time with you, only this time it’ll be different. This time I’m so ready and stronger than ever.