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I’m Not The Woman I Was Last Year And That’s More Than Okay

I’m Not The Woman I Was Last Year And That’s More Than Okay

It’s funny how days go by and nothing changes.

Suddenly you turn around, the year passes and everything seems different. Those are all subtle changes, so you can’t even feel them.

Time passes, you look back and you are not the same person you were yesterday.

And that’s more than okay. You are not supposed to be the same. You are supposed to evolve.

To work on yourself; not to be stagnant and stubborn. Things will never change if you are like that.

Embrace the change—the good and the bad.  

As you look back, you will realize that everything happened just like it was supposed to happen.

Things always get worse until they get better. We know that in theory, but in practice, it’s harder to accept.

pensive woman looking out of window

As the time passes unnoticed, it makes slight changes, andall those things that you thought were holding you down finally left you—when you thought there was no way out and the road appeared.

We are all constantly learning through this life. There is a true beauty in that.

The thing I learned, that helped me the most, was to express my emotions. Not to keep them bottled up inside.

That bottle is going to explode eventually and it’s not going to be pretty.

I learned how to stand up for myself. Not to lower my head in front of anybody. But also not to hold my head up too high.

Because something or someone will slap it down. It’s best to be humble, but proud.

My heart was broken and it healed. I thought it never would. I guess miracles do happen and time works wonders.

From this, I learned I still have a lot to learn—about people, about love, about circumstances.  

Not everything happened the way I wanted it to. I didn’t want to be heartbroken. Who would want that?

We are all afraid of getting hurt. But, sometimes sorrow is the way to happiness. I didn’t know that either. Now I do.

woman sitting in cafe drinking coffee

All the things that happened to me made me bolder, made me stronger.

I learned to take risks. I think that notion empowered me the most. It made me grow.

Because the only time you are actually growing is when you do things that scare you, that make you uncomfortable.

That things you want to run from, you should run to.

They made my life better in every segment of it.

I fall—I rise. I live—I learn.

As many times as I need to. It makes me who I am. I like that I’ve changed. I feel more proud of myself now.

I love myself more now.  All my ups and downs make the years worth living.

I’m Not The Woman I Was Last Year And That’s More Than Okay

  1. Airika says:

    Right on!

  2. Talika Barber says:

    Love this, it’s so encouraging and meaningful. Thank you