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7 Important Things I Need To Thank My Best Friend For

7 Important Things I Need To Thank My Best Friend For

We all know true friendships are hard to find and even harder to maintain. But once you find “your person”, your “soulsister”, your missing piece of the puzzle in a friend, you are considered blessed.

You have someone who knows you deep inside, someone who loves you unconditionally and someone who will always give it to you straight and what more from life can a person want?

For me, my best friend is like a sister I never had. Someone who I haven’t known for my whole life, but it really feels like I did.

We both had friends before who we thought were our best.

But then we got played, used and betrayed, and we both had a hard time opening up to people. But somehow when we met, we felt connected.

We felt like we knew each other already and that it was safe to spill our hearts out.

I believe that these kinds of friendships are rare. They are something remarkable.

They are something to be thankful for and never taken for granted. Because, life changes, people come and go, relationships end, but a best friend is someone who is there until the end of time.

There are millions of things I want to thank my best friend for but here are the most important ones. I know a lot of you who are as lucky as I am to have found your soulsister in this life will relate to them:

Thank you for being painfully honest

I always know I can count on you to give it to me straight. You won’t beat around the bush or sugarcoat anything.

Best friends don’t function that way. Even when I don’t want to hear that the guy I am so hooked on is nothing more than a fuckboy who is just stringing me along, you would tell it anyway.

You know that it will pain me to hear that at the moment, but you are spearing me from even greater pain in the future.

This is just one of the examples but whatever is happening in my life, whenever I need a reality check I will go to you because I know that even when you seem harsh, you are always completely honest and have my happiness and best interests at heart.

Thank you for all the times you knew me better than I knew myself

You are the one who sees through my fake smile and knows when I need a hug more than anything. Thank you for telling me that I am headed in the wrong direction and that I am deluding myself.

Thank you for being the one who knows me even when I lose track of who I really am. You are always there to be my mirror.

Thank you for those little big things that mean a lot

You know all those things that seem so ordinary and insignificant, like sending me a good morning text and wishing me an awesome day at work, sending me something funny, sending me some meaningful, some inspirational quotes or an article I can relate to, tagging me in just the right memes, telling me something only I could understand.

Those things matter. They tell me I have someone who thinks of me at all times and shares my unique sense of humor. Those little big things mean a lot and sometimes even make my entire day shinier.

Thank you for listening to my pointless dramas

I know that sometimes I spin the same story in several different ways to come to the same conclusion. Thank you for not brushing me off and hanging in there with me because you know that I need it, so I could heal more easily.

You are really something because you never complain and I sometimes even bore myself to death with my constant analyzing.

Thank you for calming my overthinking head

I analyze and dissect every little thing and so do you. One would think that we would drag each other deeper into even deeper analysis and constant thinking about all the possible and impossible things in life, but somehow, we pull each other out of that mess.

Maybe because it’s easier to see your behavioral patterns in somebody else. It’s easier to say when it’s time to shut everything off and live in the moment.

Thank you for all the fun and all the laughs we have shared

There is nothing in this world like having someone you can be yourself around. Someone you don’t need to hide all your weirdness in front of.

Someone who makes you laugh so hard your stomach hurts. Someone who will stay up late just so they can talk to you about anything that comes to mind.

Someone who will dance all night and survive hangovers with you. Someone to eat pizza with late at night. Someone to travel with. Someone who knows how to make the best from any given situation.

Thank you for being your incredible self

Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on. Thank you for being happy for me.

Thank you for being there no matter what. Thank you for keeping my secrets and sharing yours. Thank you for the respect.

Thank you for all your emotional happy birthday letters

Thank you for believing in me when even I am not able to believe in myself.

You are my greatest supporter and my rock. You are irreplaceable.