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Is “Cuffing Season” The Main Reason We Want To Couple Up In The Cold?

Is “Cuffing Season” The Main Reason We Want To Couple Up In The Cold?

There’s something about winter that makes us desire closeness. It’s probably all that cold outside which is making us crave the warmth of another human being.

That’s what cuffing season is all about. It’s something in us which is making us want that special somebody to cuddle up with.

There’s also something about Fall and Winter that makes people who would usually prefer to be single or casually dating wanting to be “cuffed” or “tied down” by a meaningful relationship.

The best thing about it is that it will be their natural drive. They won’t feel pressured or forced to be in something more committed; it will just happen.

There is something different in all people, but men especially change. They get into a romance mode, and it’s really great seeing them do that.

They are more likely to give a chance to real dating and leave hooking up aside. They would much rather stay in and snuggle up against a warm loving body than go out and play the field.

Their desire for intimacy increases, and they see all the benefits that a meaningful relationship brings.  

Netflix and chill, movie marathons, popcorns, warm cocoa, cooking, playing board games, acting like kids again all sound very appealing.

Cuddling, making out, hugging and kissing are things you can never get enough of.

Also, it’s great having somebody who will take care of you when you are feeling under the weather. Someone who will bring you tea and honey or make you a homemade soup.

Just having somebody around is enough to make you feel better, no matter if you are sick or in great health.

One more upside that’s worth mentioning is that your sex life heats up. You crave each other more and staying in bed through the whole weekend snuggling and exploring each other’s bodies is the best thing to do.

However, there is a trap of loneliness that cuffing season brings.

You have to ask yourself if you are really into each other or is this is a euphoric feeling that will pass?

It’s said that the cuffing season lasts from November to April. It ends with warmer days, and there is a risk that the relationship could end to.

But when you look at it, that risk always exists, and it’s better to cuff yourself to someone during the cold winter days and take advantage of the whole situation, live in the moment and see what happens.

Nothing in this life is guaranteed anyways. There’s no point in thinking about what could be. Enjoy what you have, and try to make the best of it.

Cuffing can last more than a season.

And the best way you ensure that happens is if you take it slow. Get to know one another. Really get to know one another.

Talk to each other about everything and anything. Have fun but also get into deeper conversations.

Remember that things that start fast burn down even faster. So if you get cuffed with somebody this winter and you wish it would last more than a season, take it slow.