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10 Modern Signs The Two Of You Are Getting Serious

10 Modern Signs The Two Of You Are Getting Serious

Girl meets boy. Girl likes boy. They spend time together and end up in some kind of a relationship.

But, what kind of relationship is it? Is it serious?

Girls are often left wondering if their relationship is going somewhere or if it’s just a fling.

They try to read signs to avoid asking their partner directly and therefore come across as too needy.

It’s not that they always want something super serious, but they want to know where they’re standing.There are always signs though.

Back when our parents were dating, those signs were probably much, much different.

Meeting the parents has been replaced by adding them on social media, and cooking dinner for your beau has turned into knowing his favorite pizza toppings by heart.

This era’s relationships are something completely new and it makes it even harder to follow up on, because all the signs that were true generations before us no longer make sense.

Take a look at the most certain modern signs your relationship is in fact a deeper, serious commitment.

1. Your love is on Instagram

You post lovely pics of the two of you as a couple.

Whether it’s just hanging out or one of those super popular sleeping pictures taken in the intimacy of your bedroom,these are signs that you mean business.

Everything more than a workout selfie counts.

2. You both deleted dating apps

If the two of you have deleted your dating apps, it means you’re no longer looking for other options.

You’re all in, not searching for a backup plan.

If this doesn’t spell a serious relationship, we don’t know what does.

3. You text during the day

Sometimes it’s memes, sometimes it’s just checking out to see how your love bug is doing.

If you two share messages throughout the day, it’s a dead giveaway that you’re thinking of each other.

Also, calling each other rather than waiting for a response is a good sign you’re becoming more relaxed and serious in your relationship.

4. You’ve memorized each other phone numbers

It’s hard enough to organize all passwords you need to function in the social media era, so memorizing someone’s number seems like an impossible task.

If you’ve memorized your partner’s number though, this sure means you’re moving things in the right direction.

5. His/her family has added you on social media

Now, this is something! His family has not only heard of you, but they are comfortable enough to add you on social media.

Your partner must have been talking tons about you to them and they know things are getting serious.

It’s a modern-day version of meeting the parents.

6. You give them your Netflix/HBO password

You trust them not to mess up your watching list. It may not be the biggest of all signs, but it sure is one of the sweetest when you think about it.

You care that your partner is able to relax with their favorite show and if that doesn’t show that you care, we don’t know what does.

7. You commit to watching a show together

You’ve found a show that you both love and you religiously watch it together.

It’s a Tuesday night, you have nothing better to do, and a new episode comes up?

You don’t watch it unless you’re together.

This is a serious commitment if there is one!

8. You exchange phone passwords

Letting someone know your phone password is a delicate manner.

If you choose to let your partner be able to unlock your phone any time they want, it means you have nothing to hide and are completely committed to your relationship.

9. Your relationship is on Facebook

This is a big deal. Telling the world that the two of you are officially together means being willing to let the world know if you two break up.

You either don’t think about breaking up or you’re aware if something like this happens you wouldn’t care who knows, you’d be heartbroken anyway.

Either way, it means serious commitment.

10. You make your partner your lock screen

If your partner sets a photo of you on their screen, it means they want to be reminded of you all hours of the day. It’s the sweetest sign of commitment.

Also, they don’t care who sees because they’re not afraid to let the world know they’re yours and only yours.