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Your Soulmate Won’t Complete You, He’ll Inspire You To Be Your Best Self

Your Soulmate Won’t Complete You, He’ll Inspire You To Be Your Best Self

Why are we always trying to find that special someone who will finally make us feel whole?

Why do we constantly seek love as if it was something magical that needs to fill the void we all have?

We want to find that special someone and believe with all our heart that having that other half will finally give us the purpose, unconditional love, and life meaning that was missing.

But, God created us as complete human beings. That’s why we can’t find someone who’ll complete us. All we can do is find someone who will love us as a whole.

You see, God also left some room for improvement, that’s why we, inspired by the love of another person or our own self-love, can become the best versions of ourselves.

God gave us one project as our homework, and that is to work on ourselves. Your other half will do their best to help you with it.

Then you’ll be ready to work on your relationship and that’s when everything else will fall into place.

Life cannot be about finding another person to make you whole, because no human being can do that, and if you set these kinds of expectations, you’ll only end up disappointed.

Also, that’s not fair to that other person. He is a human just like you are and you are setting some unrealistic and unreachable goals for your relationship.

Being with someone who shows you how happy and loved you can be will make you work on yourself so you can offer more to your partner.

But keep in mind, while he can bring out your good side and help you to become a better person, that doesn’t mean that he brings out every single amazing aspect of you.

He can’t do that because he doesn’t have that type of control.

The truth is, only you can do that. And being able to control and manage your life is one of the most appealing traits a woman can have.

The real key for happiness, and being able to accept yourself the way you are, is independence.

You are both individuals with your own needs and desires and it should stay like that even though you decide to spend your life together.

You’ll share your life with that person but you should never make him the center of your life.

You never know how and when your relationship may end. Don’t let your expectations manage your life. Expectation is the root of all heartache.

Finding a love partner is not something that will solve all our problems and fill the gaps in our lives.

It is something that will make our lives more beautiful and that much happier. We do need someone to grow with it, but still as two separate, beautiful individuals.

You don’t need a partner who will make you complete, but one who complements your already well-rounded personality.

You need a partner who will be your right-hand, lover, best friend, and biggest critic.

Don’t get stuck in a rut of what you think is “‘meant to be.” Don’t create a picture of a perfect boyfriend in your head – one who completes your sentences and is your better half.

Then you won’t give a chance to meet the one who might be the one. Well, he may finish your sentences, but that’s the only thing he can complete.

He can’t complete you, nor be your “other half.” You are created as a whole; you don’t have two different parts. Please, remember that.

The right one will know that. He won’t let you be needy and to rely too much on him. He will try to make you more independent and get you to work on yourself.

By creating a better picture of yourself, you’ll be balanced and know what you want and deserve.

You won’t settle for someone who makes you believe that you aren’t good on your own and need him to protect you and help you.

It is always better to be wanted than to be needed. Being in a relationship where you need and depend on someone is always going to be a recipe for disaster in the long run.

You’ll get to a point where you can’t function without them, and you won’t know true happiness and fulfillment without your significant other.

Look at all your relationships in a new way. Is he in your life because you chose him? Or are you unable to function without your partner anymore?

It’s scary how relationships can easily become controlling; you don’t even notice it. There is something rooted inside us that makes us want to bond with other people.

But, try to create healthy bonds and relationships.

The first step is to look for a gap in your life and try to fill it by yourself. Because in the end, the only person who completes you is YOU!

You need to love yourself before you fall in love with another person.

Work on being in love with the person in the mirror – she fought for you all this time and she deserves your love more than anyone.

Then find someone who won’t be your only reason for living, but someone who makes your life worth living.