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It’s Time I Finally Close The Chapter Of You And Move On

It’s Time I Finally Close The Chapter Of You And Move On

No more answering your lonely drunk texts that get my hopes up and lead nowhere. I am done allowing you to come and go from my life as you please. 

No more browsing through your Instagram or Facebook because I still miss your face, your touch, your smell.

No more, because every now and then I bump into something that makes me sad and disappointed.   

I am done hoping for a miracle. Done dreaming of you realizing everything and coming in to sweep me off my feet and save the day.

You’re not my prince charming and I’m too old to believe in fairytales. 

The truth is “Hurt people hurt people.” 

That’s one of the reasons I don’t blame you for anything. You were broken and you just spread that brokenness onto me.

But I wasn’t the one to blame for your ex or for any of your issues. 

I hope you’ll stop. I hope you won’t emotionally crush another woman as you did me. I hope you’ll be better towards her than you were to me.

I really mean that because I finally admitted to myself that there is no more us.  

I wish things didn’t have to go that way. I wish you could’ve opened up to me and we could’ve sorted everything out while there was still time.

It’s too late now. I am done, exhausted, and drained.

I am setting you free from my mind.

I forgive you. I can’t live my life and resent you for all the crappy things you did to me.

I can’t hold grudges because of the hurt. It’s not my place to do that and it only makes it harder for me to move on. 

Still, I hope you will feel remorse one day, that you will regret hurting me the way you did. I hope you will grow a conscience. But all in all, I don’t hate you. 

I have to admit, I feel sorry for you. 

Sorry because you might never know what true love actually is. You might never give it a chance because you’re too scared to let anyone in. 

Sure you might be with somebody and you will be loved, but you have to learn to love back. To give your mind, body, and soul to someone and allow love to consume you.

And I don’t think you’ll ever do that. I hope I’m wrong and I wish you luck.

I know I’m not going to be fine right away, but I will get there eventually.

The wounds you left behind are deep. But wounds heal. Heart still beats although it’s broken. I will glue, tape, and hold it together, but I am going to get better. 

I always manage to get back on my feet; I am certain I will now. I got this. My pain is not stronger than me. 

I’m opening my heart to the possibility of true love. The love I could never have had with you. 

I wish you well but I know I deserve better. I care for you but I also care for myself, that’s why I’ll wait for someone who treats me better.

I’ll wait for someone who gives me more of his time and love. Someone who’ll be crazy about me just like I am for him.

This one-sided love was never for me. That’s why I am erasing every trace of you in my life and keeping my distance. 

I will walk into the future step by step, with my head held high and my heart open to new opportunities.

I will walk alone and I won’t be scared. I’m starting a new life – a brand new chapter. One where there’s no you.