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If You Let Her Go, This Is How You’ll Miss Her

If You Let Her Go, This Is How You’ll Miss Her

You can’t seem to find a reason to stay anymore.  That’s fine but what reason do you have to leave? If you leave, she won’t try and make you stay, because she knows better than to beg for someone’s attention and appreciation.

She won’t even ask you to explain yourself, because your reasons don’t mean anything to her. You will lose her and she will continue to respect herself. You want to know why?

Well, you’re going to leave the only woman who was able to love you so passionately and the only woman who wanted to be there for you in sickness and in health.

Before you finally decide to leave, you need to know that it’ll be fun and games in the beginning, you will think that you are free and that you can do whatever your heart pleases.

Just wait until that first splash of joy vanishes, because you will be left with the feeling like something is missing. Something very important is gone and you won’t get it back. It’s her. You will miss her.

At first, it will seem like you have everything you’ve been longing for, for so long. Your freedom is back. But the creeping feeling of unfulfillment will slowly start to devour you.

It’s the moment when you will remember her strength, the way she’d look you straight in the eye and tell you what was bothering her even if she was on the edge of crying.

You will see her in every stranger. Every woman who looks slightly like her will remind you of how much you’ve messed up. You will hear her voice and you will look around, trying to find her, but she won’t be there.

She will never again be there. This is the moment when you will start to get desperate and you might try to call or text her but she won’t reply.

This is when it will hit you very hard. You will remember how loyal she was because she was completely yours.

She made it too easy for you, right? You’d never before been in the position where a woman put so much effort into a relationship.

Remembering how she put down all those guys who were trying to get her number will destroy you, because you will miss the way she only wanted youno one and nothing else but you.

Are you sorry now? Well, don’t bother to apologize. She knows better than to go back to someone who doesn’t know how to appreciate her.

You took her for granted and now you’re looking for her in every woman that you’re trying to build a connection with.

All those women are playing games and messing with the feelings of others and you remember her again, because she was so raw and you knew that she was always honest, about everything.

You will miss her the way she missed you all those times when you weren’t there for her. She didn’t have someone to talk to and she kept making excuses for your absence, although she knew that you were just messing around.

But she stayed by your side, hoping you’d change. You’ll miss the way she forgave you your mistakes.

You’ll miss the way she loved you unconditionally. You’ll miss her and her green eyes. You’ll miss her kisses, her hugs and the way she’d call out your name.

There is no way you’ll ever find someone like her. That’s why you’ll keep missing her. You might even be in a new, happy relationship but she’ll pop into your mind from time to time, because she has her own little spot there.

And you won’t find a way to get rid of that thought that you lost someone as precious as she was.

You lost her because you thought that it was more fun to try out something new. You left and you now have to deal with the consequencesmissing her for the rest of your life.