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Knowing When To End Things Will Save Your Soul

Knowing When To End Things Will Save Your Soul

When you know you’re in the wrong relationship, be brave enough, and end things. When it makes you feel bad and like you’re not good enough, end it. Nobody and nothing is worth you sacrificing yourself and your happiness.

When you realize it causes you pain and misery instead of making your feel like you’re on top of the world, end it. For as long as you choose to stay in a relationship that makes you feel sad, worthless, and insufficient, your soul will suffer.

Don’t try and get used to feeling only half okay. You deserve so much more. You are an amazing woman, with so much to offer, who is stuck in a grey zone, not knowing what to do.

But deep down, you know exactly what you should do. If you’re not happy, then what are you waiting for? Nobody is going to end it for you. That is your decision, and you have be brave enough to make it.

Summon the courage to put an end to something that is taking away bits of your soul, one day at a time. Don’t let yourself be manipulated into being somebody you’re not, for the sake of someone who wouldn’t do the same for you.

You matter. Your feelings matter. And your happiness matters. Do you really want to spend your life next to someone you know you don’t belong with?

He can be the most amazing person in the world. He can cure cancer for all you know. But that still does not mean he is right for you. Don’t be ashamed of saying it out loud. There is nothing wrong with you for being truthful with yourself.

Have faith in yourself and the higher power. Choose to believe that there is something better out there for you. Just because you still haven’t come across it, doesn’t mean it’s not going to come your way. That’s why it’s called faith. You have to believe it in order to see it.

I know staying is the more comfortable option. It’s familiar. It’s what you know. But what good has ever come out of being in your comfort zone? You can never grow unless you dare to break out of it and take a walk down an unfamiliar path.

Stop trying to change someone who is unwilling to change. Refuse to stay with a toxic man just because he makes you feel you have to. Don’t let him drain the love out of you. Dare to walk away towards something better.

When you’re not getting what you deserve, the only thing you can do is fight for it. But if that fight proves to be a futile one, be kind to yourself and leave. There is too much good in the world for you to be constrained to this one person and the toxic environment that surrounds him.

Do me a favor and know when it’s time to call it quits. There is not a worse feeling in the world than knowing you deserve so much more, but choosing to stay in the one place that will never allow you to experience it.

Love is not that complicated. Love lifts you up. Love makes you feel good about yourself. Love makes you want to be a better person, and it challenges you in all the best ways.

If it seems too difficult, it’s because you’re not with the right person.

If this so called love makes you feel less like yourself and more like somebody he wants you to be, walk away. You are too important to settle for a tainted love that makes you miserable inside.

You are too amazing to waste your life with someone who can’t see that. End what doesn’t calm your restless soul and fight for something that will make you feel like the fantastic woman that you are.

Choose yourself. Fight for yourself. Save yourself. If you don’t, nobody else will.