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This Is How You Become A Woman He Can’t Afford To Leave

This Is How You Become A Woman He Can’t Afford To Leave

The real work begins right after the honeymoon phase of a relationship. We all fall in love naturally, effortlessly, but staying in love and sustaining a relationship is something completely different.

To start things on a clear note, being a woman he can’t afford to leave means being a woman who adds value to his life, a woman he knows he would miss terribly if she isn’t a part of his life.

That doesn’t mean you have to stop being yourself and change to fit his needs. That means you can start looking at certain things from a different angle and become the best version of yourself.

If you want to know how to achieve that, follow the list below:

1. Avoid drama

There is not a man on this planet who can stay long with a drama queen. And there is no woman who doesn’t make her life bitter by being one.

Causing problems where there are none and blowing things out of proportion is a waste of time. Deal with real issues, be rational and take it easy. A man will appreciate that.

2. Always find a reason to laugh and make him laugh

Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, and neither are relationships. They come with a lot of problems and a lot of stress.

You will get through everything much more easily if you maintain your sense of humor. It’s something that relaxes both of you and makes you more connected. Whatever happens, it’s important to treasure the times in which you laugh together.

3. Respect his privacy

Don’t push him to talk about something that’s bothering him when you see that he can’t open up right away. He will when he feels the time is right. Let him be, and just be there.

Don’t snoop through his phone; show him you trust him. If there’s something shady going on, you will know sooner or later. The truth always has a way of showing its face.

Keep the secrets he confides in you to yourself as well as the intimate things that concern just him and you.

4. Be transparent

Sure there might be things you will want to keep to yourself, but all those that have any effect on your relationship must be said, no exceptions.

You have to be trustworthy if you expect him to be as well. Don’t hide your emotions, your past or your present. The more you open up and trust each other, the stronger the bond you are forging will be.

5. Be his biggest supporter

It’s invaluable to a man to have a woman who has his back at all times. The one who genuinely believes in him and lifts his spirits up when he thinks everything is hopeless.

He never has to say it, or sing an ode to you because you are there for him. He will show his appreciation by supporting you right back.

6. Don’t be afraid to show him your love

If you decide to do so, you can fall in love with each other over and over again each day. Notice the little big things you do for one another, and be grateful for them.

Don’t deprive him of sweet words, tenderness, and care. Be romantic. Be spontaneous. Follow your feelings. Men need warmth just as much as women, but they will never say it in so many words.

7. Don’t fall into the trap of losing yourself

Love is so powerful that without being aware of it, it can turn another person into the sole focus of our lives. That’s also one of the biggest mistakes a woman can make in and out of a relationship.

Cherish your life outside of the relationship. Pursue your interests. Spend time with your friends. Lead a life that is interesting, and you will always have his interest, too.