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In The End, You Were The One Who Was Left Behind, Not Me

In The End, You Were The One Who Was Left Behind, Not Me

I have to be honest. I loved you like I never loved anyone before. At the beginning of our relationship you made me the happiest girl alive, you made me feel like a queen.

You were always there for me. You found a way to surprise me every single day with something new. You respected me and fulfilled all my needs.

You had so many cute nicknames for me… Do you remember? Babelicious, Queenie, Baby Boo, Cute Mama…

You were always complimenting me. You always talked about how beautiful I am, how you’d never seen more beautiful, radiant eyes…

You even complimented my nose which, to be honest, is not so pretty.

That’s why I only had one nickname for you, Mr. Smarty Pants. Because you knew it all. And we always laughed at that.

Hell, you made me fall in love with you so deeply. And then you left me because you found her. Your new Queenie.

And I still can’t understand what your intention was.

o emotionally destroy me? To make me think that true love doesn’t exist?

Well, I’m going to disappoint you. You failed if that was your intention. I still believe in true love. And I know that it’ll happen to me one day.

As a matter of fact, I have to thank you for everything you did to me. I did learn a lesson.

Now I know that the most important relationship I’ll have in life is the one I have with myself.

Maybe I’ve learned it the hard way, but I have and it has helped me to save myself and to find my purpose. To find out what the most important things in life are.

I’ve learned that my time is precious and I shouldn’t waste it on men like you. That I shouldn’t waste it on the wrong men and cowards.

I’ve learned that the most important love is self-love. That I actually have to like myself to feel comfortable in my skin.

That I shouldn’t blindly love anyone else ever again. That I shouldn’t put anyone except myself at the center of my world.

I’ve learned that I shouldn’t pour too much of myself into a relationship the wayI did with you. And after you left me, I was empty inside. I was lost.

On the other hand, it also made me stronger. I healed. I moved on. I continued with my life and now I am right where I want to be.

I am an independent woman who follows her dreams. I don’t depend on anyone. I don’t care who likes me and who doesn’t. All that’s important is that I like myself and everything I do.

I have all I’ve ever wanted, all we ever dreamed about and it feels awesome. You know why?

Because I did it all by myself. And I did it all when I was at the lowest point of my life.

I lost you but that loss brought me many great things. And some of the most important lessons in my life.

After all, I can say that I was the one who came out as the winner from our break up and you were the loser. You lost a girl who would never have betrayed you.

You lost a girl who would have loved you unconditionally, till the end of her life.

All this changed me a lot. But it changed me into someone better and stronger. I am a fierce woman now. And there is nothing in this world I couldn’t cope with anymore.

And what about you? After all this time you are still standing in the same place.

You’ve found someone else but after some time, after you get bored, you’ll leave her as well.

You are still an immature boy who doesn’t know what he wants from life.

A boy who doesn’t know that you shouldn’t play with other people’s feelings because you will hurt them.

You are still the same man who likes chasing women and treating them as his trophies.

And you’ll never change. That’s why I feel sorry for you. You’ll never be able to understand what life’s true values are.

I forgave you and left you in my past. But you were a big part of my life and that’s why I don’t ever want to forget you.