Hippies were actually a youth movement that began in the United States during the mid-1960’s. They were known for their long hair, their colorful clothes and their love of life and freedom. Hippies are also known as flower children, free spirits, indigo children and bohemians. It’s very often confused with having a ‘gypsy soul’ but there are a few key differences between these two cultures. While listening to Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, hippies promoted freedom, peace and love above everything.

This culture is present even today and their style has continued through all these years and people all around the world want to identify themselves as ‘modern-day hippies’. Are you one yourself? There are a few signs that show that you may be a hippie of our modern age, because it’s much more than just smoking pot.

1. You don’t look to see if the colors match

Well, let’s start with the basics; the greatest symbol that the hippie culture had back in the day is their colorful clothes. The thing is that they never wanted to match their colors, it was just about being a walking and talking rainbow.

2. You love to love

You love anything and everything. There’s no limit to the love you feel within for the entire world. You don’t know how to hate something or someone even when you know that you should be angry. Hating and hurting others simply isn’t your thing.

3. You are compassionate toward animals

Hippies are known for their compassion toward people but also animals in particular. Some would even say that you care too much. You simply love those creatures because they are not able to defend themselves and hippies have always thought that they should be a voice for the voiceless. That’s why one of the biggest signs that you are a hippie is actually your compassion toward animals. You might be a vegetarian or vegan because you don’t believe in the cruel treatment of living beings. You refuse to wear leather and wool simply because you don’t want the dead skin of an animal on you.

4. You choose organic

Every time you and your family go out to buy groceries, you always reach for the organic options and that’s what makes you so healthy. You might even operate an organic garden where you grow your own vegetables and fruits because you believe that it is the healthiest way to live.

5. You are politically educated

Hippies have always been known for their political influences and their protests. You know that the political situation isn’t great and you always discuss with your friends the politicians who are now ruling and what they are doing. You are very educated in conspiracy theories and you always talk about the things that you would do better if you were the president.

6. You love to move your body

Whether it’s by dancing, running or doing yoga, you simply love to move your body to the rhythm of the universe and you believe that it’s the best way to align your chakras and become one with nature. Losing yourself while dancing makes you feel euphoric and simply in love with your body.

7. You are very spiritual

Hippies usually believe in a higher power, a higher consciousness that helps us on the way to becoming the best version of ourself. A sign that you are a hippie is that you love to read about the seven chakras, you love to know more about the pineal gland and the way karma works. If these are some terms that you keep in mind, be sure that you are a modern-day hippie.

8. You own crystals and you believe in their power

Crystals and gemstones are wonderful gifts of nature and you love to collect them and learn more about them. You deeply believe in their healing power and you always have one with you, even if it’s just a ring with a rose quartz crystal.

9. You love nature

It’s a no-brainer that hippies of the 60s were huge lovers of nature and they really made sure to never contribute to the pollution of rainforests and to global warming. All they ever wanted was to help mother nature. If you also love to take long walks in nature and you always look out for new ways to help the environment, then you probably are a modern-day hippie.

10. You have special taste in music

Your taste in music is a bit different for these times. You love Bon Iver but mostly you still listen to the good old rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Jefferson Airplane. You love those tunes and they make you feel alive. But you’re not limited to that, of course. You love to explore when it comes to music, it’s just that you always go back to the roots.HOW TO BE A HIPPIE? 22 TRAITS OF THE MODERN DAY HIPPIE

11. You love to walk barefoot

Walking around and feeling the earth under your feet makes you feel wonderful and connected to anything and everything. Shoes are simply an option that you love to avoid whenever you can.

12. You’d love to live somewhere away from people

You simply find people of today to be too violent and too angry for you to actually fit into a society like that. That’s why you dream of a life somewhere far, far away from them in order to be truly happy. Maybe even a kick-ass tree house? Whatever, just let it be somewhere in the woods where no one can reach you.

13. You’ve been called a hippie

Because of how you look and how you behave, people have often called you a hippie. Maybe even in an insulting way, because people do not understand. They’ve called you a hippie, a tree-hugger or a flower child. When others start comparing you to hippies, know that you really do have that vibe.

14. Your perfect date is a bit unusual

When someone calls you to go out on a date, you just think about lying underneath the stars and listening to their breath or a long walk through a forest . You don’t want fancy dinners or clubs, you want those unusual and little things.

15. The universe excites you

You love to learn about the planets and about astrology. The whole universe is very interesting to you and you find it to be the most exciting thing that there is. You love to watch the stars for hours and to find meaning in the phases of the moon.

16. You have got wanderlust

Wanderlust is in your blood! You love to explore the world and see every little corner of our planet. Everything looks so beautiful and you want to capture that beauty with your eyes and you want to swim in the ocean in every part of the world.

17. You are not obsessed with money

Money doesn’t mean much to you. Sometimes, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a way of getting through the day. If it was up to you, we would pay with hugs and love. In your opinion, money is only used to turn us all against one another.

18. You are creative

Just like all the hippies before you, you love to create. Whether it’s writing, painting or making music, you love to express your soul in one of these ways and it means the world to you when people recognize your talent and actually compliment you on it. Maybe it’s even the only way you make money—by selling your artwork. Art fulfills you on a deeper level.

19. You love adventure

Sleeping under the stars, camping and hiking are what you consider to be a vacation and what you would like to do for the rest of your life if you could. Adventures simply make you feel alive and they make you challenge yourself in completely different ways than a normal, everyday life could.

20. You hope for world peace

It doesn’t matter what the media says or what anyone else may think, you won’t give up on your idea of world peace. It simply sounds too good to not become the truth one day. You believe that people will realize how stupid they’re being with their guns and their fists and that they will start a whole new life with happiness and joy surrounding them.

21. You have many house plants

It’s obvious that you love nature but you also love it to the point where you bring the whole jungle into your home. You love plants and you make sure that you surround yourself with them. They just bring that awesome vibe into your home and green looks so peaceful and calm.

22. You’re not ashamed of your sexuality

You believe that every human should be free when it comes to their sexuality and you don’t believe in a ‘right’ way to love. You are also a very sexual person. You love having sex and you always will. Just combining two bodies into becoming one and having that rhythm with your partner makes life so much better.