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The Top 9 Alpha Male Characteristics Of A Masculine Man

The Top 9 Alpha Male Characteristics Of A Masculine Man

What Makes A Real Man Nowadays?

Defining a real man can be quite a challenge as it greatly differs from one person to the next.

What one individual may perceive as a masculine trait, another might find downright unimpressive. And that is not necessarily a bad thing.

See, over time, the ideas of a masculine man and masculine qualities have changed significantly.

It used to go without saying that a real man with alpha male traits must be the breadwinner of the family.

His manliness only increased if he was in the world of martial arts and therefore self-reliant and strong.

But I am not here to support any of those dated ideals that seriously mess up gender roles and make a lot of men feel insufficient and effeminate for simply being who they are.

I personally don’t support the idea that a man has to have rock-hard abs in order to be good enough and considered masculine.

I certainly don’t believe that every guy has to be a karate master in order to be seen as a man worthy of consideration.

In modern society, a lot of men have finally started to accept that they don’t have to be butch or buff to be a real man. 

That is something one is born with. Sure, there are certain traits that go along with it but mostly, being a real man is about what you stand for and how you carry yourself, men who constantly work on their self-improvement and who are able to own up to their shit.

Self-esteem is hot. Taking care of oneself is extremely desirable.

Self-reliance is a quality most women yearn for in a future partner, yet don’t come across as much. So why do we put men under such scrutiny and make them feel like masculinity means toughness and strength?

Social media is the main cause of the downfall of the male psyche.

With hundreds of new fitness accounts each day and an occasional Tweet here and there about how damn good it feels to be in shape, who wouldn’t start doubting themselves?

I, as a woman, can honestly say that the opposite sex really has it difficult.

Keeping up with today’s brutal regimens and always being looked down upon for not being in the gym enough takes its toll on a person.

How The Perception Of Men Is Changing

To me, masculine energy is something that comes from within. Nice guys can be masculine too. It’s all up to an individual’s point of view.

If a man isn’t born with it, it is widely believed that it is possible to develop these masculine personality traits.

Just like most feminine women out there whose feminine energy differs from one woman to the next, the same goes for men.

Everyone exhibits their personality traits differently. Just because one man chooses to dress a certain way and doesn’t spend half the week boxing, doesn’t make him a wuss. It makes him human.

Men get so much flak for supposedly not nurturing their well-being, as if that only means spending time in the gym and taking a bunch of ridiculous selfies to show off their ‘tough guy’ grins and abs of steel.

But these days, I have noticed that things have started to take a turn for the better. It’s no longer mandatory to be a gym buff to be considered manly.

You no longer have to keep showing off your hot bod just to prove to all the single ladies you’re the shit.

Those days are finally coming to an end. People have come to their senses and realized what really matters—and let me give you a hint… It isn’t what the eye can see.

I know, I know… such a cliche but what’s on the inside really ends up being the deal-breaker for any couple. That’s just a fact.

What are you going to do with a man who looks like a Greek god but can’t be there for you when you’re in trouble?

What’s his gorgeous face going to do when you’re in one of your shitty moods and you desperately need a man who can get you out of your funk?

See what I’m saying? Now THAT would be a man.

Somebody who can take the responsibility to get his woman back on track and bring that smile back on her face.

Somebody who can actually come when she asks him to, as opposed to when the game is over.

Good men are those who take care of their women and have their shit together. Virility can only take you so far!

So ladies, stop looking for the George Clooneys and Ryan Goslings of the world—they’re not what you need. 

Go get yourself a man with these 9 fantastic alpha male traits that are actually attainable and will make your life significantly better. Hot bods and coy smiles are so last year… This is what it’s all about!

The Top 9 Traits Of A Masculine Man

1. A masculine man knows exactly what he wants

Let’s be honest. Who wants a man who can’t make a decision to save his life? Where’s the attraction in that?

I want a man who knows what he wants and who pursues it! I want a man who can tell me where he’s taking me without me having to suggest anything!

I am passionately attracted to the kind of guy who will be able to tell me his ambitions and dreams and seeing that zest in his eye as he’s talking about it. Give me a man with drive and ambition over an insecure boy any day of the week!

A real masculine man takes what he has and makes the most of it. 

Life isn’t always perfect but he can sure as hell make it as close to it as possible.

Attract me with your ability to make the best out of any situation and decision-making that would impress the most difficult girl.

That’s the guy who will one day be a great father and an example of a real man to his kids and that’s who all women should seek to find.

2. A masculine man is self-reliant

Dependability is one of the key traits any woman should seek from her forever person. And a masculine man knows just how to deliver.

It’s time to stop enabling men to indulge in their procrastination while a woman is out there making a name for herself and being the sole breadwinner.

A real, masculine man needs to be someone his partner can depend on in good times and bad. And for that to take place, he first needs to be self-reliant.

It is such a huge step backward seeing a man ask his folks for money. It is such a shame having a man borrowing money from his partner and almost never being able to pay them back.

That kind of man is not somebody who is considered masculine. That is the trait of an immature brat because a masculine man will depend on no one but himself.

He will work his ass off to get that job and work on getting that apartment in order to be able to build a life where a woman will feel comfortable and safe.

A woman needs her man to be somebody she can lean on, not somebody who will leech off her success.

Yes, she will be a boss ass bitch in her professional life but when she gets home, she’ll want to put her guard down and be taken care of every once in a while. And a real man will know just how to do that.

3. A masculine man follows his path and ignores outside opinions

People will ALWAYS have something to say, be that about your job selection or the place where you’ve decided to settle down.

Not everybody will support and encourage your choices but guess what? Who gives a shit?

Who cares about what some random person thinks about the way you’ve decided to live your life?

Who gives a flying rat’s ass about what your colleague thinks of your personal decisions? It’s your freaking life.

And one of the most masculine traits a man has is the ability to ignore those irrelevant opinions and work on his own craft.

A real man will follow his dreams no matter how much he sways off the right track at times.

A real man will work on bettering himself, knowing that ultimately it will all pay off. He has his goals set and that is the only thing he cares about.

One day, all those unimportant people will realize how wrong they were about him and he won’t give a shit because he’ll be too busy living his best life with the girl of his dreams by his side.

4. A masculine man doesn’t need others to lift him up

A real man doesn’t need others to make things better for him. He doesn’t need outside influences to help him find his path when the going gets tough. He is perfectly fine doing it by himself.

Sure, his partner should always be somebody whose support he can count on but never depend on.

What’s so masculine is the fact that he will find that inner motivation whenever he faces an obstacle.

He will know just how to get himself back to that man he knows he is and get back on top of things.

It’s so easy to learn to depend on others for everything but that is not what masculinity is all about.

Men were born with survival skills implemented inside of them.

They evolved from being fighters and providers for their families from the earliest days. They were men who had to learn to fight for what was theirs, otherwise they would’ve lost it.

And the men who were most successful in doing that were ranked highest on the hierarchy chain.

The physical work and the gravity of their roles made their psyche stronger and more durable.

And that’s what affects their masculine energy and makes them appeal to women.

When you ooze confidence, durability and appear competent, it all blends into the perfect specimen everybody finds irresistible.

5. A masculine man exhibits powerful body language

A masculine man stands strong, with his head held high. He knows that others treat you the way you show them you want to be treated.

And one’s body language exhibits strong signals that greatly affect the way others see you.

A real man exudes the utmost confidence and assertiveness. His body language proves to others that he is ready at all times to engage in any activity that is needed from him.

He’s mentally and physically fit to withstand criticism with ease and easily brushes off opinions that aren’t pertinent to him.

As a result of this masculine energy that surrounds him, he has no problem finding a way toward what he wants.

He is realistic enough to understand that there will always be obstacles but nothing he can’t overcome and rise above.

His inviting body language attracts others toward him and provides them with feelings of comfort and security.

6. A masculine man knows how to make his woman feel feminine

The honest truth is that every woman wants to feel safe and secure next to her man. And a real man does that for her and more.

You know that feeling when you’re around a man whose mere presence makes you feel like the safest gal on the planet? 

No, that doesn’t mean women NEED men to be their shining light, it only means that in a relationship, a woman yearns for a man whose archetypal masculinity will awaken her feminine energy and make her feel like she’s his whole world.

That masculine energy is the first thing a woman will notice and the way he makes her feel will be a deal-breaker in the longevity of their relationship.

7. A masculine man works with what he’s got

No, you don’t have to look like Hercules and you’re not expected to be physically superior to everyone around you.

It’s the aura around you that makes you seem masculine, not necessarily the way your body looks (although being fit doesn’t hurt either).

A well-balanced man will be able to exude such confidence and capability that no matter what his physical appearance is like, he’ll be a man’s man.

A real man is in touch with all of his inner traits and aware of his physicality (or lack thereof). He knows what he’s good at and where he lacks.

He makes damn sure to focus on what his strengths are and works on the parts where he’s still not satisfied.

Masculinity is all about being aware of how strong, able and motivated you are and doing the most with what you’ve got!

8. A masculine man doesn’t conform

Being somebody who conforms to other people’s ideas and opinions on what he should do or say doesn’t interest him.

He doesn’t follow social etiquette blindly in order to fit it. Just because everyone is doing so it doesn’t mean he should do it too.

He follows his way, no matter what others think of it. He doesn’t give a shit about trends and ‘current must-haves’.

He is a man of principle and if he stands against something, he will make sure to let it be known.

A real man doesn’t follow the herd. He paves his own way because why would he want to be just like everybody else? Where’s the fun in that?

9. A masculine man knows that being smart is sexy

An undying thirst for knowledge is hot AF. A man who nurtures his intellectual side just as much as his physical side is alarmingly appealing to the opposite sex.

In fact, knowledge has never been out of style. Some people just learn to lean on their physicality instead of their intellect.

But an alpha man takes care of his mind and knows that the real way to a woman’s heart is through his ability to converse about a multitude of topics.

He seduces her with his mind and afterward with his soft touch and a kind heart.

The most masculine thing he can do is win her over with his words and make her stay with his actions.

Any man can pretend to be smart. But a real, masculine man never suppresses his intellectual curiosity; he knows that’s his most desirable trait.

Anybody can talk the talk but how many can walk the walk?

The ability to make a good argument on the fly and impress his girl’s parents within five minutes of meeting them due to his incredible wit is where the money’s at.

So guys, if you’re reading this—nurture your intellectual side. Yes, your body might seduce her but your mind is what will keep her around for the long haul!