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This Is Your Steamy Sex Style According To Your Zodiac Sign

This Is Your Steamy Sex Style According To Your Zodiac Sign


Your sex style is fast and furious. You like everything to happen in a moment and you can’t wait for the right opportunity to have sex.

When you feel the time is right, you will do it. You are not romantic and you don’t make love but you have sex.

You are fun and adventurous and that is what you project in bed. You are always trying to find ways of how to please your man and in the end, he can’t get enough of you.

You have that charm, sensuality and that secret ingredient that makes every man scream and beg for more.


Your sex style is totally different from the previous zodiac sign. It is quite slow and sensual since you don’t like to rush when you make love.

You can never sleep with someone you don’t love and making love for you is something very special.

You are always driven by your emotions and you would do anything for your loved one.

You are the type of person who enjoys every gentle kiss, hug, moan or touch.

When you make love it always lasts a long time, since you take a lot of time for proper foreplay.


If you want to know how to talk dirty to a guy , you should ask a Gemini. You like rough sex accompanied by dirty talk.

That is something that gets you going and makes you feel fulfilled afterward.

You are pretty wicked in the bedroom and that is why your partner really likes you.

You like to try new things to spice up your bedroom life since routine is something that you can’t stand.

You like to experiment and to move the boundaries and for you, there is nothing better than crazy and naughty sex that makes you feel drained for days after.


When you make love it is all about extreme closeness like holding each other’s hands, strong eye contact and syncing during the whole intercourse.

You are an extremely sensitive zodiac sign so your sex style is sensual and slow. You like it slow so you can enjoy every second of lovemaking.

You like kisses all over your body and that your partner pays attention to every single inch of your skin.

But you are not selfish in bed and you would do the same for them.

You never make love when only you want it but you always respect your partner’s wishes because you don’t want to push him to do things he doesn’t feel like doing.


You, the king of the jungle, is someone who is pretty wild in bed. Your sex style is anything but slow and sensual.

You like to try new things, to be the dominant one and to get the satisfaction you crave so much.

You are not so focused on your partner but you think about yourself more.

You are playful and sex is some kind of a game to you. You don’t like when your partner is easy to get but you like the game of chasing and in the end winning that prize.

You are a child at heart but the best in bed because once you start, you can’t stop.


Sex with you is something that none of your partners can forget. You are the ultimate sex machine who likes to do kinky things and you are not afraid to ask your partner to try them.

You always go the extra mile to satisfy your partner but also yourself because you enjoy sex so much.

You would love to do it whenever you have time but it is pretty hard to find a partner who can keep track of your appetite.

Also, you are down for all those things that can spice up your sex life like massages, candles or even sex toys.


For you, balance is what is most important in sex. You don’t do crazy things if your partner doesn’t like them and you are always trying to find some kind of compromise in everything.

You like sensual sex with a lot of things that can stimulate you like lingerie, scented candles, music, and your partner who is turned on by you.

You like to hear that you are good in bed so when your partner tells you that you are so damn good, it can take you over the edge.

You like partners who know what they do and who can give you an unforgettable orgasm.


Your sex style is playful, interesting and a bit aggressive. You always want it all and you want it now since you can’t wait till the ball gets rolling.

You like to change partners because every one of them teaches you something different. You are down for role playing and having tantric sex.

You can’t stand the same sex positions all the time and if that happens, you will suggest your partner makes some changes.

Your satisfaction is in first place to you and you are not so obsessed about giving your partner unforgettable sex.


Every Sag is pretty flirty and even if you are in a committed relationship, you will keep your options open.

You are adventurous and you like to try new things so having some fun in bed is always a must have for you.

You are very creative when it comes to sex and your sex style is a mix of very well-known positions to some that you made up with your partner.

For you, foreplay is very important and you are the right person to ask when it comes to making out tips .

You know all the tricks that make all the men crazy about you and because of that, you always have a fuck buddy.


You are one of the most sexual signs and sex is very important to you.

If you don’t have regular sex with your partner, you simply lose the emotional bond with them that can lead to a break-up.

You like sensual sex, giving yourself all in and making sure your partner is satisfied.

You like old-fashioned sex and you are not into trying new things so much.

It is very important to pay attention to every inch of your partner’s body because you want them to be satisfied and to crave your touch every time you see them.

11. Aquarius

You are the type of person who likes to be stimulated intellectually and not only physically.

If the person you have sex with is not at the same intellectual level with you, the chances are small that you will be satisfied.

Somehow, it boosts your ego to know that you are sleeping with someone who is smart and successful than with someone who just nods their head to everything you say.

In bed, you like to be the dominant one because you think that nobody knows all those sexy tricks that you know.

You like to show off your sex skills because that makes you feel better and in most cases, you orgasm just because your partner compliments them.


Your sex style is all or nothing! When you have sex, you dedicate to your partner 100% and nothing is too much for you.

You think that it is more than connecting bodies but for you, it is also the connecting of two people on an emotional level.

When you have sex, you always make sure it is something with high pleasure for your partner so you don’t have any problems experimenting and learning new things.

You are down for everything but you feel the best when you practice the good, old missionary position.