When you were a little girl, you dreamed about finding true love. And when you thought about it, you were always connecting it to a man, to your Prince Charming.

Everybody tried to tell you that your life would be pointless without a man in it, no matter what you would accomplish or how far you would go.

Well, the truth is quite different from what you’ve been told. The truth is that some people are simply not meant to find their forever person or their eternal love. And no—there is nothing sad about it. They don’t spend the rest of their life wandering in search of their other half.

You know, you can live a fulfilling life even if it happens that you never find a man whom you will love or a man who will love you back.

You can live a life full of love even if you don’t have a man by your side. Because there are numerous other forms of love than just romantic love.

Don’t get me wrong—I am not advising you to give up waiting for your forever person. Don’t give up meeting the love of your life, if this is something you aspire to.

I am not trying to tell you that love is a fairy tale which doesn’t exist. I am just trying to make you see that it is not the only purpose of your existence in this world.

Yes, there are some women whose final goal is to settle down and to find a life partner. And there is nothing wrong with this either—after all, it’s their choice.

But there are also women who are single by choice. And they don’t have a problem with remaining single.

These are strong women who know that they are enough on their own. Women who don’t need anyone completing them. Women who don’t focus on dating, on finding their soulmate or on marrying one day.

This is a woman who spends her time and energy on empowering herself. A woman who uses every possible opportunity to work on herself. A woman whose goal is to make the world a better place.

Some might think that this woman leads an empty, meaningless life. They might think that she doesn’t have as much love as she wants or needs. They might think that she is a dark, pessimistic lady who spends all of her time nagging and being sarcastic.

But the truth is actually quite different. The truth is that this woman has taken everything life has to offer her. That she is optimistic and positive because she enjoys every breath she takes.

The truth is that she is happy. And that she lives her life exactly the way she chooses to.

Yes, she knows how to love. She actually has a huge, loving and caring heart. She is very much capable of giving and receiving love.

She just realized that there is much more to love than romantic love. And she channeled all of the love she is expected to feel for a man to someplace else. She redirected this love to other people and things that are important to her.

She loves her job. After all, she worked hard on her career and it is something she definitely enjoys doing.

She loves her friends and family. These are the people who are always there for her and the people she can count on in every possible situation.

And the truth is that this woman is one hell of a daughter, a great sister and an amazing friend. She is an awesome co-worker and everyone enjoys working with her.

But most importantly, this woman has learned to love herself. She has learned to put herself first, without being selfish. To meet her own needs and to spoil herself. She has learned how to make herself happy.

She has learned to enjoy every single day she spends in this world. She has learned to embrace each and every one of her imperfections.

She has embraced her power and strength and she isn’t ready to lower herself just to fit social norms or to please a man. She has learned to accept herself completely and she isn’t ready to change for anyone.

She is single because there is nothing and nobody missing from her life. Not even a man.