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Husband Material: 15 Personality Traits That Show You He’s The One

Husband Material: 15 Personality Traits That Show You He’s The One

They say there are two most important choices every one of us has to make in life: choosing a career and choosing a marital partner.

If you make these choices right, everything else will be easy. However, if you make a mistake regarding these two things, get ready for a difficult path ahead of you.

Nevertheless, how can you tell if a guy you’re dating would make a good husband and is he husband material?

Yes, you two are in love and you’re having a great time together, but what are the actual signs he is cut out to be your life-long romantic partner?

I’m sure these are the questions every young woman has faced at least once in her life.

And if this is something you can relate to, congratulations, because you’ve come to the right place – where all of your problems regarding the choice of your husband will be solved.

Just read the following signs and you’ll see all the qualities your future husband should have.

15 Qualities Of A Good Husband Material

You two are compatible

Even though many girls might think that butterflies and the sensation of being in love is the first thing they should pay attention to when it comes to finding the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with, the truth is actually quite different.

In fact, your and your partner’s compatibility should be the first factor.

However, the trick is that usually, the one who excites you the most is not the one for you.

Ironically, while opposites do attract the most, sadly, they often don’t last.

That’s exactly why you should focus on looking for a man who is as similar as you as possible.

That doesn’t mean that you two must be each other’s clones, but it is of crucial importance for you two to have a similar background, similar financial power, common hobbies and interests, and daily routines that don’t differ much.

Another thing you shouldn’t forget about is sexual compatibility.

Whether we like to admit it or not, sex is a huge part of every romantic relationship and if you two don’t get along in the bedroom, it’ll end up causing you many other troubles.

He accepts the real you

According to many dating experts, the main problem between couples is the desire to change each other.

You meet someone and instantly think about all the modifications they could make to fit your imaginary standards.

Instead of falling in love with a real person, people fall for potential.

Of course, this kind of arrangement never works out because nobody can (or should) change the essence of their personality to please another.

After all, even if you do your best to change at a given moment, it can’t last forever.

Sooner or later, when you start living together and when you get married, your true colors will rise to the surface and you’ll both realize that you don’t actually love the person sleeping next to you.

Well, when you meet a guy who is husband material, everything changes. Don’t get me wrong – this guy won’t think you’re perfect and he won’t like every single one of your traits.

However, the difference between him and all other men in your life is that this guy will accept the true you, without any desire to change you. He will see your imperfections and love you for them.

Of course, he will push you forward and inspire you to always progress, become better and improve yourself on all fields.

Nevertheless, he’ll make you want to do it yourself; he won’t force you into any changes you’re not comfortable with.

He knows what he wants from life

When you’re looking for a man you can see yourself potentially spending the rest of your life with, you shouldn’t be just paying attention to the way he treats you.

After all, this guy will be much more than someone you date. There are some differences between husband material vs boyfriend material.

That is why you need to carefully observe the way he handles his own life because you’re about to become a part of it too.

Is he an immature boy who doesn’t have a clue about what he wants from life and what direction he is headed?

Or he is a real, mature man who has goals and plans you find appealing?

Of course, nobody has it all figured out right away, so you shouldn’t expect from this man to have his entire life in perfect order.

However, it’s one thing if he’s working on achieving more and it is completely different if he’s the type of person who goes with the flow, doesn’t have a single worry on his mind, and lives his life day by day.

Yes, falling for someone who lives for the moment is exciting at first. You never know what tomorrow might bring and living like that for a while can be a real refreshment from your busy schedule and adult obligations.

Nevertheless, a man like this can only serve for some fun and he won’t be more than an adventure.

No matter how thrilling it is to have this boy trapped inside the body of a mature man by your side, he is everything but marriage material.

Trust me, no matter how attractive and cute his irresponsibility may be now, it will annoy the hell out of you in the future.

That is why you should look for an organized man who has his shit together, however boring he may seem at first.

His future plans include you

When you meet your potential husband who thinks you’re marriage material as well, he will rarely use the first person singular when talking about the future.

In fact, you’ll always be included in all of his plans simply because he can’t picture his life from this moment on without you by his side.

I’m talking about small and big things here. For example, he won’t think about his next vacation without you, or at least without consulting you.

Also, if he has the opportunity to change careers and go abroad, he won’t accept the offer like you don’t exist.

Instead, he will always do his best to fit you in his life, because he sees you as an inevitable part of it now.

This type of guy never behaves like he is single. He is aware that he is a part of a couple, which naturally brings some crucial changes in his life.

Besides, it is apparent that he doesn’t plan on breaking up with you any time soon.

Of course, nobody can guarantee that you two really will work out, but he’s definitely hoping that things will end up that way.

You want the same things

Another crucial characteristic of a husband material man is the fact that he wants the same things as you do.

If you two have similar worldviews, opinions, and attitudes on all important things regarding relationships, family, and life in general, there is a chance of you succeeding together.

It doesn’t matter if you guys aren’t fans of the same football team, have different tastes in music, or prefer different vacation destinations – these things aren’t as relevant in marriage as they might appear now.

However, huge problems will arise if you for example don’t want kids while his dream is to have a family, if you want to pursue your career but he wants to marry a stay-at-home wife, if you want to have a lot of savings while he wants to travel, if he wants to live in the suburbs but you can’t imagine yourself out of the city rush…

The list is endless, but you get the point.

What you need to be aware of is that in situations where these types of disagreements occur, nobody is right and nobody is wrong.

You two just want different things from life and that is perfectly okay – you just can’t function together and, sadly, your relationship is likely to be doomed to fail.

This is why it is important to tackle these topics on time before making any big moves.

I know that, now when you’re crazy in love, each one of these topics seems resolvable, but trust me, when the time comes, it’ll bring you a lot of headache.

You have healthy communication

Despite all the love you share with your partner, if you two are having a hard time understanding each other, everything else is utterly pointless.

After all, what’s the point in spending the rest of your life beside someone you can’t seem to find common ground with?

That is why a marriage material man should be someone you have healthy communication with, above all other things.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll never argue with this guy – that would be impossible – but even your fights will be productive and help your relationship grow.

This is the man who understand the core of your being and never judges you. Someone who gets you just by looking at you and knows the bottom of your personality.

The man you’re comfortable telling your deepest and darkest secrets to, the first person you call when you want to share every good and bad thing that happened to you, and someone you’re never ashamed in front of.

Even when you two have differences in opinions or disagree on something, there is no putting down, insulting, or calling each other names.

Instead, both of you are putting in an effort to reach a compromise, grasp the other person’s point of view, and try and take a walk in their shoes before reaching a conclusion.

Whatever happens, you know that you’re both on the same side. It is always you against whatever problem you have and never one against the other.

He takes your opinion into consideration

This man never makes important life decisions without consulting you first because he knows that, whatever he does, it will affect you as well.

It’s not that he doesn’t have a mind of his own or that he needs to ask your permission for every single thing, he simply isn’t selfish and always takes your opinions, desires, and feelings into consideration.

Whatever this man does, he wonders how it would make you feel and what you would think about it.

Besides, it is more than clear that he finds you intelligent and knows you always want what’s best for him, so he’ll always accept your advice with open hands.

He puts you in first place

If a guy makes you feel like you’re always his second choice, puts everything and everyone in front of you, treats you like his last resort, calls you only when everyone else leaves him hanging – if you have to beg for crumbs of his attention in general – these are bulletproof signs he’s not husband material nor someone you should even keep in your life anymore.

However, the guy you ought to marry is completely the opposite. He always puts you in first place in his life and never fails to prove to you and to the rest of the world that you’re the most important person to him.

This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a life outside of your relationship – he still has his own family, friends, hobbies, and career. Nevertheless, when it comes to you, all of this is a distant second.

After all, you’re the one who should be his life partner – the one he plans to grow old with.

He might love everyone around him, but you’re his significant other and the one who always has to come before anyone else, if you want to make this relationship work out.

He is trustworthy

You can’t imagine being friends with someone you don’t trust, right? Well, imagine how it would feel to have a future husband who isn’t trustworthy or loyal.

This is another one of the important characteristics of a good husband. I’m not talking about the fact that you can tell everything to this man only; I’m talking about other things as well.

The right person for you is someone who doesn’t give empty promises and false excuses, whose deeds match his words, who won’t leave you hanging, no matter what.

Someone you know you can trust your life with. Also, having a trustworthy husband means not doubting him and never having to waste time on checking whether everything he’s told you adds up.

When you meet this kind of guy, you’ll consider it foolish to check his social media accounts in search for other women or stalk him in any other way.

In fact, jealousy will be completely unnecessary because you’ll be certain in this man’s integrity and honesty.

Nevertheless, it is important for this trust to go vice versa too. You want someone who will consider your word sacred and won’t question your every move or word.

You two are equal partners

A guy who is doing his best to be above his significant other, simply because he is a man, is a problem in many relationships.

There are guys who think that they’re entitled to much more than their other half and that they basically have the right to treat her the way they want.

However, once you meet the right person, you two become partners in crime, in every sense of the word.

Besides sharing all duties and obligations, both of your opinions also hold the same weight and you never put each other down.

With the real person, you’re both completely equal because you’re a part of a team. Nobody is in charge and you both put equal amount of effort into making this relationship work.

Remember: A good man will never make you wonder why you’re not enough just because he, for example, is more educated than you or earns more than you do.

He won’t act like he is some Prince Charming you should be honored to have in your life, while for him, you’re easily replaceable.

Real love is never a dominant-submissive type of relationship (except if you both agree on things being like that in the bedroom).

Instead, it is a life partnership with two identically important members.

He is good with finances

Another quality of a great husband is his ability to handle finances well.

Of course, this is something you’ll both deal with once you get married, but you don’t want to say “I do” to the man who can’t save a dime, regardless of how much money he earns.

Don’t get me wrong and think I’m advising you to go after a guy’s wealth, because becoming a gold digger is the last thing any woman should allow herself to be.

Even though you may find a man who isn’t in financially good standing at a given moment, you should definitely give him a shot if you see that he is trying hard to make some progress and knows how to make the best out of the current situation.

The last thing you need is a guy who doesn’t think about tomorrow and earns well, but has trouble meeting ends every month simply because he lives beyond his means.

Even though this might seem irrelevant now, this guy can easily turn into a man who would rather spend his weekly paycheck on a night in the club or fancy dinner than pay rent.

I know that hearing about finances kills the spark and you might even think of this as completely unimportant when true love is at stake, but trust me when I tell you that you and your potential husband or fiance have to have similar spending habits and views on money if you don’t want to spend your life arguing about this crucial issue.

He is your best friend

Many young women make the same mistake when looking for a life partner: They think that it’s enough for a man to be a great husband is he’s a great lover and a great boyfriend.

However, what they seem to forget is that this guy has to be their best friend too.

Of course, there are some topics you would rather discuss with your girlfriends and I’m not saying that this guy should be the only person you hang out and spend most of your free time with – that would make your relationship unhealthy.

Both of you should socialize with other people – nobody disputes that.

Nevertheless, a good husband is also your life long friend, besides being your emotional partner and the person you have romantic feelings for.

He should be someone who you enjoy being quiet with, makes you laugh, has the ability to wipe your tears, and you can always confide in.

He is not that type of friend who nods his head at everything you say. Instead, he’s the person who gives you the truth as it is, even when it’s harsh and you’d rather avoid hearing it.

Someone who doesn’t have a problem with calling you out on your mistakes in order to make you a better person, but also a man who will only do so in private, while he’ll use every opportunity to praise you and have your back in front of others.

This is the man who knows every single detail about your life and remembers every little thing that might concern you.

He takes care of you

When a man loves a woman, he’ll do everything in his power to protect her because he finds her well-being his duty.

Yes, you’re a strong girl and you don’t need a Prince Charming to come to your rescue but nevertheless, he’ll be there just in case.

This man won’t endanger your independence nor will he feel threatened by the fact that you can make it on your own.

However, it is nice knowing that you have someone who takes care of you and you can rely on in the case of an emergency.

The man who has the potential of becoming your husband won’t mind helping you out with your chores or doing errands on your behalf.

In fact, he will be honored to see that he’s the one you turn to whenever you’re in trouble, regardless of whether it is the slightest inconvenience such as a flat tire, or some bigger problem you need his help with.

Besides thinking about your well-being and doing his best to meet your needs, this guy will also take care of your overall happiness.

He is not a selfish jerk who doesn’t give a damn about your life as long as his is in perfect order.

He respects you

No matter what anyone’s trying to make you believe, there’s no such thing as true love without mutual respect.

Therefore, if your boyfriend or fiance never disrespects you, it is one of the signs he is someone you can plan a future with.

This is the guy who respects your time, family, friends, interests, personal boundaries, past, and most importantly – individuality.

Even if it happens that he stops loving you and you two end up parting ways, he would never do anything to humiliate you or to destroy your dignity.

And there is nothing more important than that.

This good man doesn’t think he’ll own you the moment you say “I do” and he will never try to control you in any way.

He has huge admiration for the woman you are and all the effort you put into becoming the person you are today.

He isn’t someone who devalues you and makes you question your worth. In fact, he will always think of you as more than enough.

Besides, this guy is thankful for everything you’ve given him and invested in your relationship.

He appreciates all of your sacrifices and energy, and he considers himself lucky for having you by his side.

You two really love each other

Yes, we all know love is never enough for a marriage to work out. However, it is also a crucial ingredient for a happy and long lasting relationship.

That said, when I say that you and your potential marital partner have to love each other for things to work out, I’m not talking about butterflies and fireworks.

Yes, having all of these emotions is exciting and it makes you feel more alive than ever but sadly, it is rarely a solid foundation for something long-term.

You see, when you’re looking for your potential husband, you need to look for someone who makes you calm and whose love feels like home.

Look for a man who you know cares for you unconditionally and loves you the same at your best and your worst.

Don’t look for a guy you only feel incredible passion for. Instead, go after a guy who you can see yourself growing old next to.

Someone who inspires you to be a better person every day. A man you would be proud to call the father of your children.