Getting a girl’s number isn’t always an easy task to accomplish and sometimes it can seriously end up being a whole tedious mission that you just want to abort.

Some girls like to play hard to get. That’s just a fact.

And with those particular ladies, they’re always going to make you work for it. But let’s be honest, you guys secretly love the chase, don’t you?

With me being a girl and all, I know firsthand how these things work.

I know exactly what goes through a girl’s mind when she’s being a bit stubborn about handing out her digits, even though we both know she really wants to.

Some girls enjoy being chased.

They want you to show that you really do care enough to go to all that trouble for them, because that proves to them you’re not just looking for a booty call.

We’re truly not as complex as you guys make us out to be.

We just don’t like to mess around and when we want something, we know how to get it, that’s all.

If that’s too much for you, then you can keep walking and if you’re cool with that, there’s hope for you yet.

But not all girls like to play hard to get. Some are just a bit shy and that can be totally misinterpreted in many different false ways.

And trust me, those girls usually end up being the best decision of your life.

Just give it a little while and you’ll see what I’m talking about. If you manage to get a shy girl’s number, you’re totally in, dude.

If there’s a girl out there who you’ve got your mind set on and you desperately want to get her number but you don’t want to seem creepy or too straightforward, I’ll help you get it with a few very simple tips and tricks.

Getting a girl’s number might be so daunting sometimes but in reality, it’s really not that hard.

Most girls would be happy to give you their digits, they just don’t want to seem too easy by giving them just like that.

So you’re going to need to practice a little patience and eventually even the most stubborn girl will cave, provided you’re not a total creep (just kidding!).

How to get a girl’s number? Here are some proven techniques that will do all the work for you!

1. Don’t act too eager and keep your composure around her

How To Get A Girl’s Number: 6 Tips That Work Like A Charm

The first thing you should never do is just go to her and demand her number.

It doesn’t work that way and she’s just going to end up running as far away from you as possible.

You can’t expect girls to just be handing out their numbers like it’s your God-given right. No, it’s not and that attitude will get you exactly nowhere.

The right approach here is to play it cool but not too distant so that she thinks you’re not interested.

Keep composed around her, try to make a joke or two, see how that plays out and if you feel like she’s comfortable around you, keep talking to her.

Be a tiny bit aloof but remain around her and she’ll be drawn to your mysterious vibe, that she might actually end up giving you her number without you having to ask.

2. Flirt with her but then walk away without actually asking for her number

How To Get A Girl’s Number: 6 Tips That Work Like A Charm

Here’s how this works. Girls love being flirted with. It’s hot, it’s fun and it makes us feel good about ourselves.

But when a guy is flirting with us, we actually do expect him to ask for our number at some point.

So when you end up charming the hell out of her and leave without asking for her digits, she’s going to be a bit bummed out and feel like she’s got something to prove to you and that will encourage her to offer her number.

And when you think about it, she literally does all the work for you!

All you have to do is be flirtatious and charming and know your boundaries and then just when she expects the obvious, you go back to your table.

She’s not going to understand what the hell just happened and I can assure you, she’ll crave your attention some more—and there you go.

3. Compliment her on something other than just her good looks

How To Get A Girl’s Number: 6 Tips That Work Like A Charm

Sure, all girls love to be told how hot they look and how gorgeous their smile is, who doesn’t?

Especially when you mention how sexy her outfit looks today—no girl is immune to that.

But in this particular instance, you’re going to want to expand on that.

See, telling her how fine she looks is great and all but we both know there’s so much more to her than just her fine ass and her captivating smile.

Ask her about her interests and what she likes to do when she’s off work and then incorporate that into a compliment the next time you see her.

Tell her how impressed you are with a certain hobby that she is passionate about and good at and compliment her brains, as opposed to just her appearance.

Admire the way her mind works and she’ll be ten times more attracted to you. Girls love guys who see beyond their looks. And that is your way in.

4. Steer clear of the washed-up and cheesy pick-up lines

How To Get A Girl’s Number: 6 Tips That Work Like A Charm

These days, nobody really falls for those cheesy pick-up lines that may have worked a long, long time ago.

They are old, washed-up and totally unoriginal.

It shows how lazy you are to actually come up with a smart, sensible thing to say and it gives out totally unattractive vibes.

If you want to get a girl’s number, you’re going to have to actually come up with something to say that is going to captivate her attention and make her see how smart and cool you really are.

Skip all those things you may have heard in movies and just stick to being yourself.

Be the way you normally are around your buddies, just a little more charming and smooth.

Girls love to see some effort.

And if she sees you’re a bit nervous around her, she’s totally going to think it’s cute, because then you obviously really like her if she can make you feel so nervous.

Use it to your advantage and use your nerves to break the ice. You’ll come off as endearing and she’ll find it charming.

And once you’re past that initial awkward stage, it’ll all get easier as you go on.

5. Change it up by being the one who plays hard to get

How To Get A Girl’s Number: 6 Tips That Work Like A Charm

Make her want to give you her number by playing hard to get.

I know this is usually what girls do but you can change it up a little. She won’t be able to resist, trust me.

Tell her about your past relationship and how it totally drained you and now all you want is to find somebody new, fresh and easy-going who you can just chill with and have a good time with.

She will eat up the idea of being the one who can change you and she’ll be all over you.

Naturally, she won’t show this but this is what’s going to draw her to you and make her give you her number in a heartbeat.

Girls love feeling like they can make a positive change in a man’s world and make them see how good they can have it.

This will be a welcome challenge in her life and you won’t even have to try too hard thinking about how to get her number.

She’ll write it down for you before you know it.

6. Leave her wanting more by having to leave while the conversation is still good

How To Get A Girl’s Number: 6 Tips That Work Like A Charm

Let’s say you’ve talked her up a bit and the conversation is flowing.

You’re talking about all kinds of things you’re both passionate about and you just can’t seem to run out of things to talk about.

That’s awesome! But this is also when you should decide that you suddenly need to leave. It’s a proven technique that never fails.

Just when things are going really well and you see she is totally biting, suddenly remember that you have a thing you need to get to and act bummed out about it!

And before you leave, make sure to quickly ask for her number so that you can continue with this another day.

She’ll give you her number because she’ll probably want to continue talking to you and you can text her tomorrow and you’ll pick up where you left off!

That way it’s totally a spur-of-the-moment thing, you won’t appear too eager and she’ll have no idea just what it took you to actually get to this point.

Leave when things are good so that you can continue the next day, with tons more to talk about!

She won’t have a choice but to give you her number, because she’ll want to give it a shot, if there’s really something there.

How To Get A Girl’s Number: 6 Tips That Work Like A Charm

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