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How To Attract A Girl: 8 Easy Steps To Success

How To Attract A Girl: 8 Easy Steps To Success

How to attract a girl without trying too hard and accidentally coming off as pushy?

Well, the first thing you need to know is that everything you say or do matters.

If you caught her eye, she will most definitely analyze you from top to bottom.

She’ll look at the way you speak, the way you behave, the language your body communicates.

Now, this is the main trigger—in order to attract a girl you have to get her interested; you have to make her want to get to know you.

A woman’s curiosity has no limits. When she’s interested in something, she’ll do everything in her power to satisfy her curiosity. Wouldn’t it be just perfect if you were the subject of her curiosity, and she started chasing you to find out who you really are?

If you’re led by your hunch and your plan in attracting a girl is ‘Go with the flow’ or ‘What happens, happens’, you’re not going to get anywhere.

Let’s be clear about something—getting inside a woman’s head is mission impossible, so if you’re planning on attracting her by trying to understand what is she doing and why, good luck with that!

Women are complex beings, and at times, they don’t even understand themselves completely.

If you want to attract a woman, you’re going to need someone to tell you how. You’re going to need all the help you can get.

Before getting into the details of how to attract a woman, first, you need to know WHAT WOMEN FIND ATTRACTIVE in a man in general.

1. Power

A lot of women will deny this, but it’s true—women can’t resist a man in power.

This doesn’t even have to be related to your job and/or your social status.

The biggest key to looking powerful is confidence and the way you behave around women.

If you show that you’re not scared, if you’re honest and a bit flirty with enough confidence but not too much, you’re going to be a chick magnet.

Be careful about the whole confidence thing.

You have to find the thin line between being a handsome and irresistible manly man and an obnoxious jerk.

It’s true, money does a lot to improve looking like a powerful man, but it’s not essential for achieving that status.

Keep your health, go to the gym, be fit, and work out. Wear nice clothes and take care of your body and your soul.

For looking powerful, that should be more than enough.

2. Confidence

You have to have confidence. You have to show initiative, and you have to chase things that are important to you.

You have to have a mind of your own and never keep your mouth shut if you’ve got something to say.

Women love go-getters, men of action, men who will rather do than say.

Men who don’t show initiative and never oppose anyone appear weak; therefore, they lack confidence. That is just not sexy.

It’s easy to say: “be confident”, but if you’re not confident by nature, you will definitely face some problems.

Don’t worry about it. There is a solution for everything, including your ability to become more confident.

Relax your body when talking to a woman. You might not be aware of how many hidden things your body language is revealing about you.

Also, when you’re approaching a girl, believe that she’s interested in you.

If you approach her already thinking it’s a waste of your time, it will affect your confidence.

Maybe some of these things will help you improve your confidence because trust me, confidence is one of the most important things when trying to win a girl over.

3. Sense of humor

How To Attract A Girl: 8 Easy Steps To Success

Dull conversations are the worst enemies of attraction. No woman wants to be around someone who is too serious or too uptight.

Women find a sense of humor attractive. If you can make a woman laugh, you’ve already come halfway to her heart.

Engage her in conversation, and make jokes—although keep in mind that everything that comes in huge doses is not a good thing. Remember that flirty jokes and funny pick-up lines are your best friend.

Still, don’t go over the top because you’ll turn out to be a bit pushy and genuinely uncomfortable.

4. Excitement

Like I said earlier, no one likes boring people nor boring relationships.

If you’re planning on seducing a woman and then stop trying because you already have her, I’ll tell you right away—that’s not a good plan, and it’s not going to work.

Relationships are constant work, hard work. You need to be innovative and exciting. That’s what women find attractive in men.

They want you to take them places and do new and exciting things with them.

If you want to attract her, show her that you’re not boring. Be playful around her, and most importantly, be spontaneous.

Now that we’ve cleared up what women find attractive, this is exactly what you need to do to attract a girl:

1. Have an attitude

How To Attract A Girl: 8 Easy Steps To Success

Attraction comes down to how you approach a woman—it all depends on your attitude. A positive attitude will provoke a positive reaction.

If you’re radiating negative energy, the woman you’re trying to impress will feel that energy, and she’ll look for a way to get away from you.

In other words, you’ll get rejected.

When you approach a woman, keep in mind that you have to look like you don’t want anything from her.

For example, if you want her number, pretend that you’re just casually talking to her because you like her and nothing more.

If you come across as someone who’s interested in only getting her number, your attitude will show it, and she won’t like it.

She’ll feel like you only want to use her.

2. Flirt with other women

It’s all about practice. If you don’t do it, you are no longer good at it. The point is you have to keep practicing how to attract women.

You have to make mistakes in order not to do them again.

If you get successful with flirting, it will give you all the confidence you need to get the woman you’re really interested in.

I’m saying, when the right time comes, you won’t get nervous when talking to the possible woman of your dreams.

3. Show her that she’s special

How To Attract A Girl: 8 Easy Steps To Success

You need to convince her that there is something about her that captured your attention.

By showing her how great she is and by emphasizing her good sides, you’re letting her know that you have standards, and she fits in perfectly.

You aren’t the type of guy who will talk to any woman he meets just to get some.

Engage her in conversation, and try to find out as much as possible about her. Women love men who know how to listen.

Be that man. Show her that you respect her, and that she’s special.

4. Connect emotionally

In order to attract a girl, you need to win her over emotionally. Emotional connection plays a huge role in seduction.

Sure, physical appearance is very important, but the emotional attraction is the extra factor which makes a difference.

Emotional connection is important or her to feel safe around you, to be able to trust you.

That way, any woman will open up to you faster and share more information about herself.

In order to achieve an emotional connection, you have to be honest with the girl you’re trying to impress.

Open up to her, and don’t be afraid to show your emotions.

Share something about yourself, something personal, something that will give her an insight into who you really are.

5. You have to have an attractive lifestyle

How To Attract A Girl: 8 Easy Steps To Success

Take her to fun places. In fact, show her how you live. If you really are a fun and outgoing guy, she’ll definitely fall for you because of the way you live.

On the other hand, if you’re not a bundle of joy, I suggest you to start trying hard.

As I’ve said numerous times in this article, no one wants to have a boring person by their side.

You don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not, but it wouldn’t hurt you to do things outside the box sometimes.

6. Build sexual tension

How To Attract A Girl: 8 Easy Steps To Success

Here’s where body language takes the lead role. In the early stage of the relationship, take control, and establish physical contact.

This way, you’re going to build sexual tension and you won’t be friend-zoned.

Even if she calls you bro, believe me, you’re not going to be friend-zoned.

Start by tapping her on her elbow or touching her on her hand when she says something funny.

Next time, prolong your touch, and gradually move from her elbow to more intimate places—her neck, her back or her thights.

Take into account that you can’t force anything to happen.

If she declines your touch, then you need to give her space, and tone down your desire a bit. Give her enough time to relax around you.

If she’s going with the flow, then you don’t have to worry. Keep on with the touching because the sexual tension is only growing bigger.

7.  Don’t be predictable

Never let boredom sneak its way to your relationship.

The moment when she knows what’s your next step, you’re risking your relationship being stuck in a rut. Never become predictable and obvious.

Try hard to surprise her. Come up with new date ideas and new places to go.

Your behavior will capture her attention, and you’re going to be the only topic she talks about.

You’re going to be the only person she thinks of. When you give her everything, she won’t have the need to go and look for it somewhere else.

In addition, she’ll be thrilled she has a man like that by her side. She’ll fall in love fast and hard.

8. Know what to say and when to say it

How To Attract A Girl: 8 Easy Steps To Success

You just have to say the right things at the right time. That’s the key to success in attracting a girl you like.

What usually happens is that a lot of guys lose themselves when they are talking to a beautiful woman.

Suddenly everything they wanted to say and their whole plan of seduction falls out of the window because guys get nervous.

Don’t be a rookie and make a trivial mistake like that.

We’ve already been through this—confidence is something you have to have if you want to get the girl.

Use the right smooth tone of voice and tell her how special she is. Charm the hell out of her, and sweep her off her feet.

Look confident while doing it; make her believe you. If your performance looks even a bit insecure, she won’t believe a word you say.

Every time you approach a cute girl, every time you want to attract a girl you like you should think about confidence.

Your success depends on the way you come across. If you look insecure or like you’re hiding something, she’ll turn you down.

If you’re confident and smooth, she’ll feel special that such a great and smart guy like you is interested in her.

How To Attract A Girl: 8 Easy Steps To Success