When someone loves you, they’ll do everything in their power to boost your confidence and to make you feel better about yourself.

Whenever you are feeling down, this person will be right there to help you get up. Whenever you fall, this person will be right there to catch you and to help you rise from the ashes.

When someone loves you, they’ll do everything in their power to make you believe in yourself, the same way they believe in you.

They will always push you forward and will help you become the better version of yourself, without ever trying to change you.

When someone loves you for real, their love makes you respect and love yourself more.

When someone loves you, they make you feel more worthy and valuable than you have ever felt.

But not you. You were never like this, although you always claimed you loved me. On the contrary, you behaved completely differently.

You always did your best to diminish my value and to make me feel like I was worth nothing. You used every possible opportunity to insult me in any way possible and to make me question my worth.

You always pointed out that I was beneath you and that you were better than me in every sense.

You never liked the way I looked, the way I talked and the way I acted. When I come to think of it, you never liked pretty much anything about me, even though you claimed differently.

And for a long time, I wondered why you stayed with me if you obviously never thought I was good enough for you.

Why you never wanted to let me go when you obviously thought I didn’t deserve you and when you could never find something good about me?

And then it hit me—you never loved me. And I was never all of these things you tried to make me believe I was.

Actually, you were the insecure one. You were the one who thought he wasn’t enough, and you were the one with self-esteem problems.

And the only thing you were doing was projecting your opinion of yourself on me.

You thought you would feel better about yourself if you diminished me. You thought you would be greater in your own eyes if you belittled me.

It took me a while before I realized that it was just you projecting your fears on me.

That it was you thinking you weren’t enough and making sure I don’t realize that. That it was you making sure I stay by your side.

Well, guess what—I am sorry to break it to you, but you didn’t make it. You didn’t manage to break me and my spirit, as much as you wanted to.

I am not going to lie—the truth is that you’ve managed to get inside my head. The truth is that with time, I really started believing you.

I really thought that I was good for nothing and that I wasn’t worthy. I even became thankful to you for putting up with me.

You made me think that no other man would ever lay his eyes on me and that nobody in the world could ever love me.

And that was your real intention all along.

But after I realized what you were trying to do, I saw that I actually have numerous qualities. I realized I have a lot to offer and that I can accomplish much.

I realized that I didn’t need anyone to hold me back, telling me I couldn’t achieve something. That I didn’t need someone pushing me down and someone making me insecure.

I realized that I am loveable. That I deserve to be loved by other people and that I deserve to love myself.

I realized I deserved respect and appreciation and that the last thing I needed was someone like you. That the last thing I needed was someone telling me how worthless I was.

So I left you. And it was the best decision of my life.

And when I finally did, I felt like I freed myself from your chains. I felt like I was finally liberated. I felt like I was reborn and finally, I felt like myself again.