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Am I Worthless? 9 Tips To Cope When Feeling Worthless

Am I Worthless? 9 Tips To Cope When Feeling Worthless

Do you struggle with ‘am I worthless’ negative thoughts from time to time? Do you feel like your life is getting out of hand and you can do absolutely nothing about it?

If you do, then it’s time to get rid of them and make them stop floating around in your head. You need to take control of your own life and you need to do it NOW!

Otherwise, many negative events will follow and your general well-being will keep getting worse and worse.

You need to step up because you owe it to yourself first and also to all the other people around you who sincerely love you and want to see you happy and healthy.

Am I Worthless? 9 Helpful Tips To Cope With Feelings Of Worthlessness

To prevent any further negative effects that may happen, you need to start dealing with your problem. Maybe you’re too self-critical or maybe you’re struggling with major depression. Whatever it is, we’ll get through it together, I promise you.

1. Improve your self-esteem

Low self-esteem may be one of the causes of clinical depression and it may also be one of the reasons you struggle with these feelings of worthlessness.

Perhaps your low self-esteem is due to childhood experiences or because of some negative events that happened lately. It’s irrelevant, the only important thing right now is to face it and to deal with it in the best possible way.

Improve your self-talk. Stop with self-maltreatment. Stop allowing others to interfere in your life. Stand in front of your mirror and be honest about what you see.

I’m sure you see a wonderful person both inside and outside; a person who is worth everything and so much more. If that’s not what you see, it’s time to clean your mirror and take another look. ?

2. Increase self-love to decrease these negative feelings

One thing is for sure, the fact you’re dealing with these negative feelings and thoughts means one thing; you don’t love yourself enough. Because if you do love yourself, you would never doubt your self-worth.

You need to adopt and establish new habits and routines that will help you improve your self-love. The point is, you’ll feel miserable and unworthy until you learn to love yourself.

3. Try to find the root cause of your negative thoughts and feelings

Job loss, major depressive disorder, different mental illnesses, substance abuse, feelings of guilt, childhood traumas… All of these might be the cause of feelings of worthlessness.

You’re the only person that can get to the bottom of it and find the real cause of your current condition. If you don’t find it, you won’t be able to deal with it because you can’t fight the unknown.

4. Deal with your depression in a healthy way

Don’t ever ignore depressive symptoms. Don’t ever try to sweep it under the rug because that won’t make your depression disappear or go away.

Ignoring your depression will only result in multiple negative effects that you definitely don’t want to deal with, trust me.

First of all, you need to admit to yourself that you have a medical condition called depression. Acknowledging and accepting it is the first step to healing your depression. The next step is to find the cause of the depression and face it.

5. Get rid of some of your bad habits

When coping with depression and negative feelings, every health care professional will advise you to break some of your bad habits.

For example, alcohol, drug or substance abuse are bad news. It may only lead you to some serious medical conditions and make your battle with depression even harder.

Each time you manage to get rid of a bad habit, you’ll immediately start feeling better. You’ll focus on finding your purpose in life and the quality of your life will change for the better.

6. Do something nice for someone else

If you’re experiencing depressive symptoms and fighting with ‘am I worthless’ negative thoughts, helping other people might help you.

Every time you do something nice for someone else or you help someone in need, no matter how bad you feel, you will immediately start feeling better.

At that moment, your brain releases endorphins, the hormone of happiness, and you will immediately start feeling happy and worthy.

7. Look around yourself for a moment

Just sit down and stop with everything you’re doing. Look around yourself and see where you managed to come in life until now.

No one else made it happen for you, only you can take credit for it all. All the amazing things you have achieved and all the bad and terrifying things you had to go through… All those things mean one thing; you’re infinitely worthy and don’t ever doubt that.

8. Seek help from a mental health professional

You need to have your support group. It can be your family members or your friends, but you need to have people around you to help you take your mind off these negative thoughts.

On the other hand, professional help will surely be the most beneficial. Whether you choose a face-to-face therapy session or online therapy, I’m sure you’ll get the help you so desperately need right now.

9. Psychotherapy may also work

Have you ever heard about cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)? If you haven’t, it’s a part of psychotherapy where you deal directly with your issues and mental health conditions.

It’s a talk therapy that guides you through setting strong self-help strategies. In other words, it’s teaching you to help yourself deal with your mental health issues.

You should try it because you have nothing to lose. Schedule your first therapy session right now and let it be your first step to definite healing.

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What Is The Meaning Of Feeling Worthless?

If someone feels worthless that means they feel like they have lost their purpose in life. They think no one loves them and that none would miss them if they’re gone.

Those negative feelings are one of the most common symptoms of depression. If your loved one or a person you know struggles with feelings of worthlessness, you should get them professional help or do everything you can to pull them out of that dark place.

Hang out with them, seek help or advice from time, and thank them for all the things they’ve done for you… Those are all small things you can do to make them feel worthy again.

What Do You Say To Someone Who Feels Unworthy?

You need to think of a way to boost their self-esteem. Encourage them to change their self-image and to get rid of those negative thoughts.

It’s obvious that a person has mental health issues and just a few nice words and genuine compliments might help them deal with their depression.

Also, when a person is feeling worthless, it means they’re losing their sense of self-worth. It would be nice if you could remind them of all of their qualities and all the ways they make your life and that of many other people better.

All Things Considered

I hope I helped you cope with some of these ‘am I worthless’ negative thoughts. You really need to get rid of them and stop with such negative self-talk.

Focus on your mental and emotional health. Take some time for yourself, away from social media and everyone else.

Look at where you stand in life and take a look at everything you’ve been through. You’re worthy and everyone around you knows that, and that’s why they want you in their life. Find your purpose in life and your depression won’t be able to touch you ever again.