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If Your Man Does These 8 Things, Congratulations, He Is A Keeper

If Your Man Does These 8 Things, Congratulations, He Is A Keeper

Being in a romantic relationship is not easy at all. You never know if your man is loving, caring and an honest guy like you always dreamed him to be.

You never know if you are doing the right things and what you need to do to make your relationship work. But worry no more. With the right guy, half of the job is already done.

You just need to be yourself and give him the same amount of love that he gives you. And to help you see if you are dating the right one, here are some things that can help you decide if you will stick with him or if you will give him a one-way ticket!

1. He says that he loves you

Saying that he loves you is important because even if you already know that, it is good to hear it from his mouth. It means that he actually thinks about your feelings and that he wants you to feel good.

A real man will never have any problems expressing his deepest feelings for the right partner so if he does that for you, congratulations, he is a keeper.

2. He still flirts with you

Even if the two of you just started dating or if you are in a long-term relationship, you see your man flirting with you. That means that the old spark is still alive and that it isn’t planning to be gone anytime soon.

This is just one more sign that he doesn’t have any problem going the extra mile for you and that he still feels special in your relationship.

3. You are his priority

If you see your man putting you first very often, it means that you are a special person in his life. In fact, you are the most important person in his life and he will do anything to make you stick around.

If he does this for a long time, and not just at the beginning of your relationship, you can bet that he is a real catch. Don’t let him slip away because he is truly a keeper.

4. He is your biggest support

Even if you are working on a new project at work or if you want to travel, your man will be there to give you all his support. He believes in you and he will give you credit for all that you did for your relationship.

A guy like this should be worshipped because unlike the rest of the guys, he is not a player but a real keeper.

5. He compliments you

A guy who is in love with his girlfriend will want to make her feel special and desirable every day. That’s why he will compliment your looks and your actions which will have a positive impact on your relationship.

Make sure that you compliment him back because it’s not only women who like to be treated this way.

6. He is full of surprises

A boyfriend who wants to pamper you is the one you should cherish. If he loves you enough, he will plan a night out for you with your best friends or he will organize a barbecue in his backyard where you will have a good time.

He can say that he loves you but if his actions tell you the opposite, you shouldn’t trust him. But when he does something that sweeps you off your feet, you will know that he is the one.

7. He is there in your moments of sorrow

Let’s face it—girls can cry over a lot of things but if your man stays there with you even when you are down, it means that he is a keeper.

Every girl will make a man like this a priority and she will know that she hit the jackpot with him. In the end, a man who doesn’t want you in your worst moments doesn’t deserve you in your best ones.

8. He values your opinion

When he is about to make an important decision, he will ask for your opinion because he thinks that you are smart and that you think like an adult.

He might sometimes reject your suggestions but the most important thing is that he will ask you every time about your opinion. That is what makes a huge difference between a fuckboy and a real keeper.