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Say Hello To The New Chapter Of Your Life

Say Hello To The New Chapter Of Your Life

I feel like I have never been much of a writer when it comes to my own life’s book. I was more of a reader. I would read and follow the plot. I never had enough courage to take a pen into my own hands and write it by myself.

That’s why I am starting now. I am starting to write the new chapter of my life. I am sure it is going to be a good one. Written in my style and to my own taste.

I want to leave all the things that brought me down and all the emotional baggage in the chapters of a book entitled ‘PAST’. I am never reading it again.

The new book is called ‘NOW’ and this new chapter—concentrating on where I am now and what am I doing now—will determine my future.

For starters, I want no more hibernation. I am done sleeping. I was doing that for so long I wasn’t even aware of it. It’s time to wake up. I wasn’t literally sleeping. I just let life take its course without me participating in it. I lost all control over my life.

This new chapter begins with an awake me. I am going to take charge. I am going to make my own decisions, my own moves and find my own directions. Then, good or bad, I am going to stand behind all of them and accept the outcomes. I know not everything can be in my control. So, whatever happens, happens. But, it is going to happen because I said so.

This time I am writing with a clean slate. This new chapter will have barely any connection to the past. Sometimes I might reflect on the mistakes I made in the past. Not to regret them. I am so done with regret. I am thankful for the mistakes. They made me grow. They made me rediscover myself. I am going to remember them just so I don’t repeat them.

I am writing it for me and me alone. I am doing everything from now on for me. I am done doing the things others expect or want from me. Nevertheless, I am going to be open-minded.

Whenever somebody wants to talk to me or give me some advice, I am going to listen. I am going to talk less and listen more. That’s the only way I will learn something.

I will see if their advice suits me and if I can make anything out of it.  In the end, everything is going to be my decision.

Toxic people are not allowed to be in this chapter. They were in the last one and that one is closed. I am done with toxicity of any kind. My time is valuable and I don’t want to spend it on people who drain my energy. I am looking forward to the new people in my life. I will keep them close if they return the good vibes I am giving them.

This new chapter is all about positivity. I am grateful for all the positive people already in my life. They gave me all the love, support and understanding a person needs in their life. They will come with me to this next chapter.

This chapter says, ‘Go for it!!!’

I am going to be bold and take risks. I won’t dwell on the outcomes. I will do all of the things that scare me first because they are worth it. I will profit the most from them, in any sense.

Sometimes you just have to start writing a new chapter, maybe even in a completely new book. In a new city or with a new state of mind. Because if you keep re-reading the old chapters nothing changes. The plot stays always the same and you are not moving—you are stuck.

That’s why I welcome this new chapter. With my arms wide open and all the hope in my heart.