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Mars Retrograde Is Coming And This Is What It Means For Your Zodiac Sign

Mars Retrograde Is Coming And This Is What It Means For Your Zodiac Sign

A Mars retrograde season is upon us. From September 9th to November 13th, Mars is retrograde in no other than the sign of Aries, the first and fiery sign of the zodiac.

We all know what the Mercury retrograde is all about but what about Mars retrograde?

First, we have to know what Mars represents. Mars is bold and a little bit selfish but it’s needed in our life the same as every other planetary influence and it rules our animal instincts, aggression, anger and survival.

All of this translates into our life as sexual desire, willpower, competitiveness and self-assertion.

We need all of those mentioned traits to get things done, have dynamic relationships with people and have fun and new experiences.

Now, take all of that and turn it upside down. Retrograde means that the planet is rotating in the opposite direction so all of the things we normally experience will be the opposite.

That means our ambition, energy levels and our libido will be affected.

In other words, relationships and work will be extra intense, depending on your planetary placement. It’s likely that all of us will experience frustration in some parts of our life and we’ll probably end up in petty fights.

Overall, you don’t want real conflict because it’s not going to end well.


Since Mars is Aries’ ruler, this retrograde will be especially intense for you.

You have to be aware and think things through. Don’t rush things or be rebellious and don’t overlook any given opportunities, especially in the workplace.

Overall, this retrograde can be very beneficial for you but you need to learn to be patient and think about your desires, especially your desire to win in all circumstances.


For you, Taurus, this retrograde is a chance for a career breakthrough.

While many other signs will find this period difficult, you’ll have no problem adjusting to the retrograde Mars energies.

Why? Because you’re patient and you know how to keep things to yourself.

Just be aware of the build-up frustration and try to manage it by doing things that make you stress-free.

There’s a chance of the fresh start you have wanted for a long time in a certain area of your life.


Everybody sees Geminis as spontaneous and unpredictable when in reality, they love to plan things ahead.

That’s exactly what could go wrong in this season… your plans won’t go as planned. But that doesn’t mean that this is a bad thing, even though it certainly is very frustrating.

Spend time relaxing and meditating because they are very beneficial for you at this moment and don’t be afraid to spend time alone.

Be extra careful on the road and don’t stress about inconveniences at your workplace.

Everything will go back to normal as soon as this retrograde stops.


Cancer, this retrograde will affect your home and your finances. For some of you, there are possible delays in payment.

This period will be testing for you but you should remain calm and firm because the obstacles will be removed in the long run.

However, the relationship between your personal and professional life will be filled with tension and you’ll feel like you have to choose between the two.

This only means that you’ll need to reevaluate things and set your priorities straight.


While the Sun and Mars are both fiery planets, Mars has more of a juvenile energy, which means it affects our ego and sense of self.

Leos, your sense of self will be challenged and this confusing period could result in quarrels with your partner.

When it comes to work, you’ll feel uninspired and think a lot about your motivation and purpose behind it.

Try not to take everything so seriously and go on an adventure with someone close to take your mind off the things that bother you.


Two words for you, Virgos: Don’t overwork; this is not the time for that. Instead, watch out for your health and do the things that make you relax and let go of tension.

When it comes to your love life and romance, if you have a partner, expect some wonderful times with them and if you don’t, keep an eye on that someone you have a crush on because this might be the perfect chance to get to know them better.

This period is good for getting to know people on a more personal level. This positive love energy will give you a sense of wonder and you will be inspired.


This retrograde will affect you less than other signs but even so, you need to be careful with your emotions and the way you communicate them to the people in your life.

Librans are known as very lovable people who are great mediators but at this time, you’ll need to be extra patient and calm while talking and making plans with your partner and family.

If something unexpected happens, don’t get overwhelmed because everything will be okay in the end.


Scorpio is another sign ruled by Mars and therefore, it will be affected greatly.

Dear Scorpios, it’s nothing new for you when it comes to emotions boiling over, passion tension and all other things Mars-related. You can handle this better than anyone!

You’ll excel in your career because unlike other signs, you know how to control all kinds of Mars energy, including this one.

However, the relationships with your loved ones might suffer because tensions will be high for everyone and not everyone is ready for them.

Remain calm and don’t let yourself make a permanent decision based on something that can be easily changed.


Sagittarius, be extra careful in this period, especially when it comes to driving, roads and anything that includes vehicles.

Other than that, avoid pointless conversations that only lead to frustration and instead try to reconnect with your softer side and show your partner some love. Let yourself be romantic and enjoy your love life.

There’s also a change of financial gain, so look out for that too.


This is not something Capricorn likes to hear but this period will bring some uncertainty when it comes to finances.

The good part is that it probably won’t be serious, so try not to care too much.

However, avoid investing or starting a new project around this time and instead think about how you can save money and plan a source of passive income.

It’s possible that you’ll have a disagreement with someone in your family but think ahead and don’t get too caught up because everything will be okay.


Aquarius, in this period, you will learn to actually show your aggression rather than keeping it all inside.

It might not be pretty for others but it will be freeing for you. You should let yourself feel anger and you should let yourself express it.

Now that doesn’t mean doing harm to others but using your voice for yourself. Once you get it out of yourself, you can go back to being a hermit again.

If you don’t feel like doing something, like interacting with lots of people, just listen to yourself and don’t do it.


Pisces, use this time to take care of yourself and pamper yourself. You are the best at calming things and healing and this is the perfect period to do so.

Watch out for your health especially as nothing is more important than this and don’t let others upset you with unimportant things.

You may be prone to stress so it’s okay to sometimes let the people you love take care of you and help you stay calm.