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Sometimes, Love Is Just Not Enough

Sometimes, Love Is Just Not Enough

When you first experience love, you think you’re the only one who’s able to conquer the whole world—just by having the person you love, love you back.

Upon your first meeting with this person, you tell yourself, “This is it, it doesn’t get better than this.” It’s only years later, after a few heartbreaks too many, that you see you’ve been wrong.

Here’s the story: I once believed that love is enough. I believed that when you love someone and when you’re loved, there isn’t anything more you should ask for in life.

But then I grew up. Love made me grow up even faster than I wanted to.

Having my heart broken by the person I loved the most, being let down by this one person who should’ve been there for me, constantly being told how I’m loved but never actually seeing it, made me grow up and realize that sometimes, love is just not enough.

Love is not enough if you neglect your partner. – How could just feeling love and loving be enough if your partner has no idea they are loved?

How do you expect to keep the love you’re feeling if you just don’t take care of it?

Don’t expect me to believe that love is enough or that you love me if the only proof I have are your words and nothing more.

How can you tell me you love me and then go on living your life like there ain’t me in it? I’m no longer buying it.

If you love me, take care of me. I’ll take care of you, too. It will be mutual and I promise only then it will be enough.

Love is not enough if it gets just a low effort. – To think that love will be enough if you try but only with your lowest efforts is such a rookie mistake.

What about those sayings, “When you love, you go all in.”? What about loving the right way and not only when you have nothing else, better, to do?

If you’re not going to love with full power mode on, then please don’t bother loving me at all.

If you are afraid or too lazy to go all in, then you don’t start the game at all.

I’ll accept that being loved is the greatest feeling in this world, but only if you do it with your full effort, only if you do it right.

Love is not enough if there is no respect in it. – There are no two persons alike. We all differ at least in the way we feel about things and in the way we observe the world.

The very least the person who loves you should do is respect that—respect your views and your beliefs. The least a person who loves you should do is respect you, all of you.

If you try to make me change myself or the things that make me who I am, then that’s not love. That’s far away from love if we’re going to be honest.

It’s just loving the idea of me or a vision of the person you’d like me to be.

I’ll always be this and nothing you do can make me want to be someone else. But perhaps someone else will know how to love me and respect me for who I am.

Love is not enough if only one person is trying. – How can you call it love when only one person is truly trying? That’s not love, that’s torture.

It’s taking everything and not giving anything in return. It’s using a person who loves you. It’s living like a parasite, feeding off of another person’s feelings. It’s everything but love.

Don’t expect me to believe it’s love if you’re not gonna try at least as much as I will. Don’t tell me how you love me and then show me something completely opposite.

I no longer believe the words. It’s the actions that tell me where someone deserves to be in my life.

Love is not enough if you don’t love both good and bad sides. – Everyone can love a person when a person is happy and everything is going fine in their lives.

But those moments never last forever. When the dark days comes, what happens and who stays next to you even in those days is what counts.

If you won’t love my flaws as much as my good sides, then it’s better to not love me at all.

If you’re going to leave me alone in my darkest days and then come back when I pick myself up, don’t come back saying you loved me.

Because if you did, you’d be there, next to me, for better or for worse. That’s how love works.

Love is an amazing feeling. But it doesn’t work unless you do. It doesn’t last unless you work on it. And only love isn’t enough.

Sure, it’s essential for the start, but what happens when hormones lower? What happens when love isn’t the only thing you need to breathe?

That’s when everything else becomes important.

You start realizing that you need respect and mutual efforts to make love work out. You realize that we all have bad sides too.

You realize that what someone shows you is way more important than what someone tells you. And you realize that sometimes just love is not enough.