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Maybe You Played Me For A Fool But After You, Nobody Got The Same Chance

Maybe You Played Me For A Fool But After You, Nobody Got The Same Chance

And the award for the actor of the year goes to… you. Really, you deserve a round of applause for the best acting performance that you loved me.

Not only did you fool me but my friends and family also believed that you truly loved me. You managed to fool them all.  

After all this time, I still think about how our relationship ended. I still can’t understand why you did what you did. Why did you make me believe that you loved me, then carelessly threw my heart away?

What was your intention?

To make me emotionally unavailable for the rest of my life? To break my heart into a million pieces so I could never put it back together? To hurt me so deeply that I could never be able to trust someone again?

God made us all different and I thank Him for that every single day. For you, it was so easy to pretend that you loved me, while you were just playing with my feelings.

I’ll never be able to understand how someone can hurt a person whose only intention was to love them. I honestly thank God we’re different because I could never hurt someone the way you hurt me.

It’s still hard to admit but I was just a toy to you; or as you used to call me, your Barbie doll. Someone with whom you could play with every time you were bored or lonely.

Someone who was always there for you. Someone you could count on in every situation. Someone who loved you more than she ever loved anyone else.

I let you into my mind, my heart and my soul. You got under my skin. You became a part of me. I couldn’t have imagined my life without you.

You knew how strong my feelings for you were. You knew how much I loved you and it just made things easier for you.

It was so easy for you to play with my feelings because you knew that, no matter what, my love for you wouldn’t allow me to leave you.

I really felt like an idiot after you ditched me. I should have known better. I should have never allowed myself to become so emotionally dependent on you.

Our relationship taught me to be less naive. Now, I’m aware that I’ll deal with many people who will not care about my emotions or will try to use them.

I have learned the art of not giving a crap. Actually, thanks to you, I have mastered it.

I have already forgiven you. Now, I’m trying to forgive myself for letting my guard down to you and allowing you to fool me the way you did. I decided to burn all the bridges between us and finally move on.

I know that something better is waiting for me in the future. Actually, SOMEONE better. Someone who’ll know to appreciate my love.

Someone who’ll have the same intentions with me as I’ll have with him. Someone with the same pure heart as mine.

After you left, I wished I had never met you at all but now, I’m glad it all happened like that and I know that there is a perfectly good reason why God sent you to me. He wanted to teach me a lesson. 

You were my biggest lesson. A life-changing lesson. You changed me greatly but you didn’t change my heart.

It’s still pure and it’s still full of love. Only this time, I’ll be careful whom I’ll give it to.

You betrayed my love and my trust. You were the first person who ever fooled me and I have promised myself that you’ll also be the last one.

It’s just like the saying goes: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”