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The Meaning Of A Clairvoyant Empath And 10 Of Their Traits

The Meaning Of A Clairvoyant Empath And 10 Of Their Traits

I’m guessing there’s only one question on everyone’s mind and that is: What is a clairvoyant empath?

Even though you know what empathy is and what it means to be an empath, you’ve likely never really heard of the phrase clairvoyant empath.

A clairvoyant empath can also be referred to as an intuitive empath or a psychic empath.

They’re a kind of empath who can be said to have a third eye, one who has almost psychic abilities and is believed to be able to master telepathy.

First of all, let’s explain what clairvoyance means so we are able to completely comprehend the meaning of a clairvoyant empath.

The term clairvoyance comes from two French words combined: clair meaning clear and voyance meaning vision.

It signifies the ability to use extrasensory perception in order to get information about people, objects or events.

Just like any other empath, psychic empaths are highly sensitive people but their energy field does not only receive information about people’s emotions but also some things no one else can see or notice, things that are invisible to a regular human mind.

Clairvoyant Empath Traits:

You tend to use the phrase, “I see.”

When you’re studying something, you prefer seeing images rather than reading or hearing about the topic. Whenever you receive new information, it’s easier for you to create an image in your mind, which helps you remember stuff.

You have very vivid dreams and you usually remember them. Not only that but they often become reality.

You sometimes get visions of images, colors and lights in your mind.

You notice people’s energy fields and their auras.

It often happens to you that you think you’ve seen something but you haven’t.

You can see colors, fog or other things that other people don’t notice.

You easily notice when pieces fit together. You’re a born problem-solver and you’re really good at puzzles.

You feel how your subconsciousness and you daydreams sometimes take over you so much that you no longer know what’s real and what isn’t.

You are incredibly creative and imaginative. You can easily visualize things that people are talking about.

Clairvoyant empaths are not only empathetic but they are able to enter the spirit world subconsciously and they are often able to do psychic readings.

Some of those spiritual people even choose to become psychic mediums, since their psychic development gets too overwhelming to deal with.

We can see those kinds of empaths practicing tarot, aura readings or mediumship.

Intuitive empaths are able to get information about people simply by being in their vicinity. They easily read body language and always know when someone’s lying or pretending.

They gather information about the world without a word being spoken. They decipher people’s thoughts, emotions and everything about them, even when they aren’t openly sharing anything.

There’s a voice in their mind telling them to do, say or think something and they usually struggle with handling the pressure of receiving all the different vibes that they feel pressured to absorb.

Even though living this kind of lifestyle is incredibly draining, they can benefit from this type of empathy.

Their mind tells them exactly what to do in certain situations, before they even consciously realize something would be good for them. 

Their intuition can be well used, especially if they learn how to strengthen their energy field and perform energy healing in order to become more aware of the input they receive.

If they are an introvert, they can feel like they are being pushed out to the world where they don’t want to be.

If they are an extrovert and don’t learn how to handle the energetical pressure, they can easily withdraw and choose to live in solitude where no one can bother their psyche.

Now, if you thought you’ve figured this out, I’m here to confuse you once again.

There is actually a difference between clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing), claircognizant (clear knowing) and clairsentient (clear feeling)

All four of these sub kinds of empaths are usually just called intuitive empaths but if you’re really into this topic, the differences among them will matter to you, so let’s find something out about the other three types.

Claircognizant Empath Traits:

You tend to use phrases such as, “I know…” or, “I don’t how but I just know somehow.”

Your gut feeling is impeccable and very strong. 

You have flashes of inspiration and ideas just pop into your mind all the time.

Logic is your virtue.

You absolutely enjoy thinking and analyzing things. You spend a lot of your time thinking, actually. Streams of thoughts just flash through your mind.

You constantly experience déjà vu; wherever you go, it’s like you’ve been there before.

When you try to learn something new, you don’t need to put in a lot of effort, as everything feels familiar to you even if you’ve never done it before.

You’ve thought many times that you have a different logic to other people or that your mind works in a completely different way.

Answers and solutions to problems just come to you easily.

Clairsentient Empath Traits:

You tend to use the phrase, “I feel,” or, “I sense that…”

You enjoy spending time in nature, as that’s your way of retrieving energy.

You prefer to experience things.

You need a lot of quiet time and time for yourself.

You are hypersensitive to energies in your environment.

You relate to people no matter what they’re going through.

You suddenly change moods all the time.

You experience many different emotions throughout the day.

People sometimes call you overly sensitive.

You have a hard time using something that someone else used before because it  brings you different emotions.

You often get goosebumps or tingles for no apparent reason.

Your loved ones call you empathetic because you always know when something’s going on with them.

You can’t stand large crowds or busy places because being around so many energy sources drains all your energy.

You can sense people’s intentions, thoughts and moods in a way that you’re completely aware of them.

Clairaudient Empath Traits:

You tend to use phrases such as: “I hear you,” or, “I hear what you’re saying.”

You hear sounds nobody else hears. You’re very sensitive to clocks ticking, the radio playing in the distance and people whispering.

You sometimes hear your name being called even though no one is calling you.

People often tell you that you have amazing hearing.

Music helps you connect to your emotions.

You prefer to listen than to talk.

You feel like animals and plants talk to you, communicating with you in a way.

You talk to yourself. You sometimes say the words in your mind out loud to make them clearer or to calm yourself when you’re upset.

When you’re learning something new, you prefer the input of information you get to be something you can listen to.

You don’t mind reading too but you need peace so you can listen to your own thoughts.

You sometimes sense changes of pressure in your ears or hear buzzing sounds that don’t come from anywhere in your vicinity.

You can hear your inner mind voice overly clearly. It’s helpful to you and it guides you toward helping other people. You are a true lightworker.

You swear you sometimes get a clear message to do something out of nowhere. You can hear it, even though no one else can.

Maybe you haven’t recognized yourself in any of these kinds of intuitive empaths but that still doesn’t mean you aren’t one.

There are many more kinds, all with different empathic abilities. Let’s check out our beginner’s guide to the other kinds of empaths.

Other Kinds Of Empaths:



An emotional empath is a person who connects on a physical and emotional level. Even when people don’t express their emotions, emotional empaths still feel a connection.


Few empaths feel the physical pain of others. They embody the pain in themselves, helping the other person heal.


Even though all empaths love animals, this kind is able to sense the emotions of animals. They feel like they can deeply connect to how an animal feels and almost hear their thoughts.


This kind can communicate with the world of the dead, the world of spirits. They either hear, see or sense the presence of those who are deceased.


This kind of empath can guess people’s thoughts because they literally hear them. The person doesn’t have to say anything, they know just what they’re thinking.


They have a deep connection with the earth and can predict natural disasters, storms, changes of weather, etc.


They can predict that something good or bad is going to happen at a certain moment and they are always right.


They adore plants and feel like they can communicate with them.


They gather information about people by touching physical objects that belong to them. They absorb their emotions and energy.

If you’re reading all this and still aren’t sure whether you believe in any group of empaths, you might want to find out something about the general traits every kind of empath possesses.

13 Traits Of Every True Empath:

They have higher sensitivity

Even though people just call them too sensitive, there’s so much more to it than that.

They are giving, open and kind enough to listen to others and try to be there for anyone in need, always solving someone else’s issues.

If you’re an empath, you’re taken by your spirit guides to be open to other people’s problems and emotional struggles.

You may just go to the grocery store and feel weird coming back home, as if someone hurt you personally, just because the person who was there had sad thoughts or a negative energy.

Empaths sense and absorb other people’s emotions

​One of the main abilities an empath possesses is that they can sense other people’s emotions even when people don’t talk about them.

They feel when someone is sad and not only that but they absorb their emotion and it suddenly becomes their own as well.

When an empathetic person tells you they feel for you, trust them that they really, truly, deeply do.

When they’re around negativity, they become negative themselves and when they’re around happiness and joy, they simply glow because they absorb all the positivity that’s around them.

Relationships overwhelm them

One of the empath‘s biggest relationship fears is that they will lose themselves completely.

Being as sensitive as they are to other people’s energy, being together with their loved one gets them to feel everything they feel.

This is tiring and sometimes even hard to explain to the other person. They start turning into their partner and that scares and overwhelms them so much that they sometimes prefer to be on their own.

Their intuition is higher than normal

They have an incredible gut feeling and intuition.

Until they learn to accept it and act accordingly, it’s usually just something that bothers them and makes them feel like they are indecisive and can’t figure out what they want to do.

The truth is that deep inside, they always know, it’s just that they’re fighting this weird feeling until they learn to live with it and use it to their advantage.

They absolutely need their quiet time

This is the main part of their self-care. The empath’s survival guide begins and ends with spending a lot of time on their own in peace.

They get so tired and overwhelmed by every input they receive from the world that they simply need time to re-energize. 

Being on their own and focusing on themselves for a change is the only thing that helps them stay sane.

They are usually introverts

Being overwhelmed by the outside world is also a reason why they are usually introverts. Being around many people is simply too much to handle.

Even when they are extroverted, they find a way to limit the time they spend around large groups of people because being around many different energies becomes draining for them.

They are always targeted by narcissists

People who are energy vampires always seem to find them. With their lack of empathy, they ruin their self-esteem and make them think they are unlovable.

Those people, who care only about themselves, seriously affect every empath‘s life but they always seem to target them just because they can sense how much they have to give.

The narcissistempath relationship is toxic and the empath is always the one who ends up hurt in the end.

Nature relaxes and re-energizes them

Spending time in nature is incredibly important to them. The smell of grass, the touch of earth and the views of mountains and high trees brings them nirvana. 

They feel so peaceful when they’re next to the water and they always seek that feeling no matter where they go.

Their senses are heightened

They have heightened smell, hearing or sight and they can also get annoyed by loud noises, to the point where they can’t stand them.

Unpleasant or intense smells give them a headache instantly, so they rarely use perfume and they have trouble finding one that suits them.

They can’t stop giving too much to people

It’s in their nature to be connected to the way other beings feel, so they give too much of themselves because they can’t find another way to live their life.

That’s who they are and they simply can’t change it, no matter how many times they get hurt.

Their mood is unstable

They go through mood swings more than anyone else and the reason for this is obvious, given everything we’ve already told you about them.

Whenever someone with a different energy enters the room, they feel a sudden shift.

Even watching a movie or reading a book can wake their energetic field and make it go through transitions which makes them change moods often.

They sometimes feel drawn to negativity

They have this impulse to resolve all issues, to fix all problems, to save people and the world from negativity.

That’s exactly why negativity becomes appealing to them, like a job that needs to be taken care of.

They sometimes feel sick and tired out of nowhere

Empaths will suddenly start feeling super tired or even sick when someone or something with a heavily negative energy is around them.

They can’t help feeling this way and it surprises them and confuses them. The people around them think they’re weird but it’s just one of the many things that happen to them that they can’t explain.

There are many different ways to be empathetic, all of them beautiful. Be proud to be a magnificent creature born to this world to make it a much more beautiful place to live in.