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14 Signs You Are A Spiritual Empath

14 Signs You Are A Spiritual Empath

What is a spiritual empath?

Spiritual empaths are people who are greatly aware of the feelings of other people around them, to the point of even being able to sense their emotions.

They’re aware of this ability and can balance their rich inner experiences into healthy and useful traits.

Empaths experience the world differently to other people. They feel others deeply, they can detect their pain, and understand what they need emotionally.

The spiritual gift of empathy needs to be recognized in order to be purposefully used and helpful to the person who has it and the people around them.

If you’ve always felt like you feel things more deeply than most of the other people around you, chances are you’re an empath. 

Empaths experience a distinctive feeling of taking on the emotions and pains of others. Sometimes, feeling everything deeply can be a burden, but most of the time it’s a blessing.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know or think you’re an empath. Here are a few common signs to help you determine or confirm what you already know. Let’s start.

Are you a spiritual empath?

You absorb other people’s emotions

You’re like a sponge.

Whatever the person next to you is feeling, you can’t help but absorb their emotions. You’re just too aware of what other people are going through and that feeling reflects on you, even without words.

Unfortunately, that sometimes means absorbing someone’s negative energy and ruining your day.

Your empathic ability brings great comfort to others and at the same time, it can cause you pain and fatigue because you literally feel too much.

That’s why it’s important to set boundaries and properly channel those emotions. Remember that you’re not responsible for the emotions of others. It’s them who have control over their own emotional state.

All you can do is give them support and tell them you understand their pain.

You’re led by your intuition

It’s true. Empaths rely on their intuition because they’re very in tune with the things that are happening around them. 

They love an intuitive approach to everything. For example, choosing words and items. They believe in the rightfulness of their feelings.

Oftentimes they’re involved in spiritual practices that include using intuition for guidance, such as tarot, reiki, astrology, and shamanic healing.

They often have psychic abilities because of their heightened sensory abilities.

This trait is great! What’s even better is that they can even improve their intuition if they work at it.

However, sometimes when fear takes the wheel their intuitive sense can be clouded. Either way, empaths are very intuitive individuals with love and understanding for many.

You can sense the energy when you enter the room

If you’re an empath, this probably happens to you all the time. There’s something in you that detects and analyzes all the spaces you enter. You can feel the vibe right away.

You’re very aware of everything and everyone in crowded places and that can create confusion in your mind.

On the flip side – you know right away if staying there is even worth it. If you don’t like it – you just turn around and leave. It’s like a superpower that keeps you away from bad experiences.

You are extremely compassionate

With feeling other people’s emotions comes great compassion. Compassion is a very deep and profound feeling that can be felt towards one person, a group of people, or the whole world.

It’s being aware of the struggle of others with the desire to help and overcome it. 

You need alone time often

Since you act somewhat like a sponge and absorb so many emotions around you all the time – you appreciate and NEED alone time, and you need it often.

The time you spend by yourself is crucial for maintaining your balance and letting go of emotions that need to be released. 

Without time for themselves and space to recharge, empaths can experience emotional difficulties that can even lead to mental illness.

You often feel overwhelmed or stressed

Feeling a lot all the time can sometimes push you into being stressed. Empaths usually have heightened senses, which only makes things more intense.

You can get overwhelmed by other people’s feelings and be left not knowing what to do. You feel so many emotions at once and yet you can’t do anything about them and that can cause real stress.

You draw in energy vampires

Of course, with receptivity comes the risk of being exploited.

That’s exactly what happens when selfish people with selfish goals (for example narcissists) cross your path. They’re probably drawn to you because you have something they need.

You also have trouble saying no when someone asks for help. Be aware of people who ask a lot but give nothing in return. Try to see the signs right away, trust your intuition, and set up healthy boundaries.

You hate conflict

This is the thing you probably dislike about yourself most on some occasions. You don’t like getting into heated arguments and proving things to someone else. That’s one of the most common empath traits.

You’d rather talk things through, share a different perspective, and learn something from someone different to you.

However, many people react very differently and have the need to attack those who don’t share similar opinions.

People tend to tell you their problems

Your presence is very calming and your energy makes people trust you right away. This is why you hold so many confessions and secrets for other people who trust you.

They tell you their problems and you find a way to help them if you can. People have a strong sense of trust in you, even when they don’t know you.

They just feel safe and welcome.

You can sense when others feel sick

You’re a bit like a cat! Cats can sometimes tell when someone’s sick before the person even knows. The same goes for you!

You can strongly feel someone’s emotional and physical pain and you have a strong desire to relieve it.

You have a strong need to help others

You just want everyone to be happy and love each other. In order to be happy, people must help each other out – and you have no problem with that.

You love doing what you can when you can. In fact, helping and caring for people is your passion.

You can’t bear to see others in pain

Empaths have a hard time dealing with their and other people’s pain. They just want to understand it, dissect it, and transmit it into something good.

They’re not the type to just stare and watch – that’s why it’s heartbreaking for them when they can do nothing.

You feel exhausted after spending too much time in public places

This reason seems random, but it isn’t. Large crowds are draining for empaths. 

You just dislike crowded places where your concentration gets scattered and your anxiety rises. Even when you’re there you’re dreaming of your comfy bed and home.

You’re introverted

In most cases, empaths are introverts. Ever since humanity started using the internet in everyday life, being an introvert has become cooler than ever, so it’s not a big deal anymore.

You’re probably one of the introverts I’m talking about. That means you’d rather spend a night in, in a cozy room doing whatever you like, than partying out with friends. 

In the end, you have a rich, rich inner world that makes you happy and entertained all the time.

How to create balance as an empath

Create boundaries. Honor your limits. Say no. Take a break. Let go. Stay grounded. Nurture your body. Love your vulnerability. And if all else fails, breathe deeply.” – Aletheia Luna

I know that for many empaths emotional balance is a struggle. Unfortunately, oftentimes it can lead to a struggle with mental health

With so many emotions on a daily basis, life sometimes gets blurry and unclear. It’s hard to keep the positivity when you’re continually sensing so many different mental states.

How can you be completely functional and have the same amount of interaction with people and feel emotionally in check?

One of the best things you can do is put yourself first.

I know that for many of you that seems just impossible but listen to me. You can help a lot of people, that’s why YOU need to feel good first. An exhausted person can’t do much.

Be good and kind to yourself. Create a personal self-care routine, take care of your empathic gifts, and be clear about your life purpose. Be as radical in self-love as you are radical in your love for others.

Learn to listen to your reason as well as your emotions. Don’t dwell in certain mental states too long but accept the ever-changing flow of life and become part of it.

Feel strong, then let go. Love deeply, but know you can’t change anyone without their input.

Today’s world can make you think there’s no place for a person like you – but don’t fall for that!

Conscious and a spiritual empaths are one of the crucial things the world needs today, they’re lightworkers who balance out all the negative energy in the world.

An awakened empath is like the Universe speaking through a person. Spiritual empathy is what the world needs.

The difference between empaths and highly sensitive people

They hear nearly every sound, notice every movement, and process the expression on every person’s face. And that means that simply walking through a public space can be an assault on their senses.” – Andre Sólo

We hear a lot about empaths and highly sensitive people (HSP) and how they’re similar but not the same.

They both seem to have something in common – and they do. They share the need for alone time and tend to avoid large groups.

They both have sensitive senses (vision, sound, smell) and they both need some time to regenerate after a busy day spent with people.

They’re both mostly introverts, but empaths sometimes can be extroverts while highly sensitive people tend to almost always be introverted.

They both love nature and serene environments, helping other people, and have an exciting and rich inner world.

The difference is in the way empaths absorb the energy from others. Highly sensitive people usually don’t share this experience. 

Empaths can feel even subtle energy and internalize the feelings of others completely.

This sometimes leads to a feeling of loss and an inability to discern between their feelings and the feelings of others. 

That ”subtle energy” is very much connected to the concept of prana mentioned in eastern teachings, which signifies the life force.

Other than that, empaths tend to have deeply spiritual experiences connected to animals and nature, while highly sensitive people experience that rarely.

They’re often clairvoyant and engaged in spiritual awakening and educating people on these topics.

Apart from this misconception, there’s another prevalent misconception I want to touch upon:

The empath is not the same as the healer.

Many people think that an empath is necessarily healer and vice versa. While that might be the case sometimes – it usually isn’t. An empath and a healer are quite different in their life purpose.

An empath is a sensitive soul who came here to experience the world; they are like an innocent child who’s exploring the new world.

On the other hand, a healer is someone with a lot of experience, someone who’s already gone through many experiences and knows how to control their feelings and their power.

The strength of gentle power

Dear empath: You are a being of immense depth, wisdom, and compassion. You are a pioneer and trailblazer of humanity, a model for others on how to be sensitive and powerful. All the strength and love you need is already within you, waiting to be discovered.” ― Mateo Sol

Don’t be afraid to share your inner worlds with others. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. One of the main things that motivates you in life is the well-being of others. 

That’s the best genuine train any human being can have. It means you’re naturally inclined to make the world a better place.

Don’t let the cynics and people with no vision cloud your goals. You’re goals and your lifestyle are completely sustainable – you just need to keep up the work and push through your fears.

Show the world that gentleness is the real power. Show them that always choosing love and peace is what requires the greatest wisdom.

You’re not too sensitive for this world – you’re here for a reason.

Don’t spiral down into thinking you’re somehow not good enough because you’re not like the others, no. Take your uniqueness and wear it like a flag, proudly.

The world needs more empaths but most of all it needs spiritual empaths who are very aware of their strengths and shortcomings.

It needs an empath who genuinely wants to work on bettering the world and creating a different kind of legacy: the legacy of love and peace.

Keep being the undistinguished light in the dark of the world. Keep being you.