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To All The Men Who Date Without Intention

To All The Men Who Date Without Intention

You have a track record of relationships which gives us the illusion you date with intention. We trust you and we fall—we fall hard for you without holding back.

We have never felt that kind of love before: intense, passionate and spontaneous. Not for a moment does it feel temporary.

We let our guard down, threw out all our insecurities, and now love you like we would never have to stop loving you. You lead us with commitment, love and desire.

Until one day you don’t. You decide things are no longer easy and convenient for you. Worst of all, there is nothing we can do about it.

We fell into the deep trap of your commitment issues, your insecurities, your fear of settling down and being loved.

We tumbled even deeper into our insecurities of not being enough for you. We cried, we begged, and we tried to keep you in our lives.

We forgot how happy we can make ourselves – the light that shines above our souls in the lives we live every day.

Someone once said until a man finds himself, he will ruin every woman he comes across. Now, we can look back knowing we are one of those amazing women who you were never ready for.

You weren’t ready for our kindness, our love, our commitment and the desire we have to make our way in this world. It doesn’t mean you didn’t deserve all of those things.

You are going to be an amazing man, but you aren’t there yet. I hope we guided you in the right direction.

Someday, I hope you find yourself.

For now, we sleep under our own light, at ease, knowing you are done ruining our hearts.

Bailey Morgan