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How All The Men That Hurt Us Also Made Us Wiser

How All The Men That Hurt Us Also Made Us Wiser

I know that this may sound a bit ridiculous but I would like to thank all the men that have hurt me. No really, I’m not joking. All girls should do the same.

All those men didn’t only betray and disappoint us, they did much more. They taught us so many helpful lessons for our future.

The one thing for which we should thank them the most is for making us stronger.

They broke our hearts and yet, we are still here. We still believe in love and we still hope that one day it’ll find us, too.

Our exes can teach us many valuable lessons and our past relationships really do make us stronger and wiser, and here is how.

No matter how much you love him, you should always love yourself more

You. You should always be the number one priority in your life. Before you fall in love with somebody else, you have to learn to fall in love with yourself.

Never allow anyone to become more important than you. Some people won’t appreciate you as you think they do. They’ll try to use you and your love.

It’s better to be alone than with someone who doesn’t respect you

You knew that he didn’t treat you the way he should have, but you chose to stay anyway and believed that he’d change.

He never even tried to change. He made you suffer more and more every day.

That made you decide: between a one-sided toxic relationship and the pure happiness of freedom, you chose to be happy again and not to look back.

Don’t ever lose your identity in a relationship

It’s okay to change some things about yourself, things that your partner isn’t okay with. However, you should never change yourself completely for someone else, no matter how strong your feelings for that person are.

You should always be yourself and the right person will accept and love all of you. We all have some flaws and if someone doesn’t accept you the way you are, it’s their loss, not yours.

Be aware of your self-worth and never settle for any less than you deserve

This is called self-respect. If you constantly neglect your own needs in a relationship, then you are betraying yourself.

If you have a good relationship with yourself, then no man can ever hurt you. You won’t allow him to do so because you know that you don’t deserve it.  

You can only rely on yourself

It’s a common misconception that women aren’t strong and independent and they should depend on their partners.

The sad part is that most women actually believe this and they rely fully on their significant others.

Our exes taught us that this is completely wrong. The only person you can always count on is yourself because you know that no matter how difficult things become, you will never leave.

There are some things you should never compromise on

Making compromises is a non-negotiable part of every healthy relationship. However, you should never forget your principles – that is something you should absolutely not compromise on.

It’s important to meet both yours and your partner’s needs but that doesn’t mean that you should compromise on some of your core values just to please them. That’s actually how women lose themselves in a relationship.

Trying to prove yourself constantly is just a waste of time

It’s normal to try to prove yourself and your feelings to your partner at the beginning of your relationship.

However, if you still have to constantly do it, even after some time, then the relationship has no future and you both are just wasting your time.

If he can’t see your value and that your feelings are sincere, then he is blind and you should stop trying to prove yourself. He doesn’t deserve it.

One-sided relationships are the worst

Every relationship is composed of two people and each of them has to fight to keep that relationship.

If only one partner makes time and effort to maintain the relationship, then it’s a one-sided relationship.

We’ve learned from our past relationships that it’s worse than being alone and we’ll never allow ourselves to be in a relationship like that again.

It’s not worth the fight if there is no love

You can try as much as you like to maintain your relationship but if the love has gone, then you’ll understand in time that it’s not worth it.

You see, there are so many reasons why we should appreciate our past relationships and be thankful for our exes. These are all valuable lessons that have made us wiser for our future relationships.

We’ve made some huge mistakes that cost us a broken heart. I think we’ve all made a promise to ourselves that we will never repeat those mistakes again.

We understand that we are the only constant in our lives and have made ourselves a priority.