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7 Life-Changing Signs Your Heart Has Matured

7 Life-Changing Signs Your Heart Has Matured

The same way your body goes through different changes, your heart also experiences different transformations. What actually happens is that you’re growing up and your heart does the same. 

And it’s perfectly normal. In fact, if your heart didn’t mature, it would mean that you’re making no progress whatsoever. 

Here are 7 surefire signs your heart’s become a grownup. 

1. You’re not broken when your heart is

When you’re younger, you see every heartbreak as the end of the world. You’re convinced that you’ll never recover from it.

Every time someone hurts you, the pain you experience changes you. It wipes away a part of your personality for good.

Well, when your heart matures, you no longer allow this to happen. In fact, you learn that you don’t have to be broken every time your heart is.

Naturally, you’re still allowed to suffer. However, every time you do, you know that you will recover and you will heal

Most importantly, you don’t allow your scars to make such a difference on you. No matter what happens, you always remain yourself. 

2. No more repressed emotions

The first sign that you’ve emotionally matured is that you’ve gotten in touch with all of your feelings, including those you don’t like.

You see, until your heart grows up, it has a nasty habit of ignoring negative emotions. 

You are scared of what you think you can’t handle. So consequently, you choose to pretend that these feelings don’t exist.

You expect them to go away if you ignore them long enough. But we all know that never happens.

On the other hand, when your heart matures, you realize that this is completely pointless. Now you look all of your feelings in the eye and process them in time, without allowing them to define you. 

3. You’re not as easily triggered as before

Emotionally immature people never take a break before feeling something and reacting to it. They follow their impulses and instincts, which often gets them in trouble.

In contrast, when your heart has matured, you stop being so easily triggered. Instead, you think things through and take your time instead of reacting in the moment

Consequently, you argue way less with the people around you. Your life is no longer filled with unnecessary drama and tension. 

4. Your reason starts to run the show

For as long as you can remember, you were classified as a girl who follows her heart – one who puts her emotions first and always does what her soul tells her to do.

Nevertheless, after a while, you’ve come to realize that your reason should become part of the equation as well. In fact, it starts to run the show called life more and more.

No, this doesn’t mean that you’ve suddenly become heartless, nor that you’ve completely shut off your emotions.

It’s just that you’ve learned to put things on a scale and strike a balance between your mind and your feelings. 

You’ve learned how to include common sense in your decision-making process and this ability has saved you countless times. 

5. Failures turn into lessons

Another bulletproof sign that your heart has matured can be seen through the way you observe your failures. Now you know that you can’t succeed in everything you set your hands to.

You realize that failing is a part of life, but you don’t allow that to define you anymore.

Instead, you focus on ways to rise from the ashes. Most importantly, you focus on the things you can learn from your past. 

6. You get to know yourself

All emotionally mature people have one thing in common: They know themselves best. 

So, if your heart has grown up, you’ll also do a lot of self-analysis and introspection. And finally, you’ll unwrap all the parts of your personality, layer after layer. 

Only when you accept your true self can you work on becoming a better version of that person. Only when you recognize all of your flaws will you be able to improve them.

Only when you know yourself will you be able to love the person you are. And when that happens, only then can you expect to get the love you deserve from a man. 

7. Emotional peace is your final goal

Before your heart has grown up, it craves excitement. An emotional rollercoaster, butterflies, and fireworks are what you want in a perfect romantic relationship.

Then when it matures, you realize that your final goal is actually peace. You want someone whose love will feel like home.

You want a man who will make you feel safe, comfortable, and protected. A man you won’t only be in love with, but a man you will truly love.