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A Million Reasons To Leave, Only One To Stay… Is It Worth It?

A Million Reasons To Leave, Only One To Stay… Is It Worth It?

You know that moment when you feel like you’re at a crossroads of your life?

You’re constantly weighing up the pros and cons? The good and bad? The reasons to leave and the ones to stay?

I’m asking you now, does love really conquer all? Is loving someone truly enough to make a relationship work?

The only thing I can say for sure now is that love is such a powerful emotion and a really strange one at the same time.

It’s powerful in the way that it can cure even the most damaged hearts and bring back faith in life even to those people who completely lost it.

Why is it weird? Well, it takes over your heart but it also has command over your mind and body too. Sometimes it makes you so blind that you can’t see even the most obvious things.

Is love worth risking everything? Is it worth risking getting your heart broken? Is it worth going through so much pain and drama?

Of course, nothing is ever certain in life. We can never be sure what the future holds for us and sometimes we just have to take a risk and do something even though it may turn out bad for us.

However, this dilemma is not quite as simple as that.

Our heart is suffering because the person we love doesn’t love us in the same way but our heart also aches at the bare thought that we should let them go and move on.

How can we make a decision when we know that it’ll hurt us badly, no matter what we decide? It seems like we actually have to decide what will hurt us less.

Is love really that powerful that if someone gives you so many reasons to leave and you only have THE ONE to stay, you only have your love, is it really enough? Would that honestly make you happy?

Can love really make you forget about all the other sides, all the bad sides, of your relationship? Does it have that power too?

The thing is that for the rest of your life, you won’t be able to justify him treating you badly with the fact that he loves you and you love him.

Just because you love him, you can’t keep forgiving him for his mistakes. It’s not true love then, it’s just infatuation. And be careful, as those two are very similar so you may confuse them.

However, there is one very important difference between them, that true love is timeless, it doesn’t have an expiry date, while infatuation only lasts for some time and makes you obsessed with a person.

The sad truth is that it’ll really hurt you no matter what decision you make. But that’s just how life is and sometimes it truly isn’t fair and it seems like it’s only playing with us.

You know, I was once at the same crossroads where you’re now standing. I was also suffering the way you do now.

I was also praying to God, just like you are now. I asked Him to show me the right direction. But that wasn’t happening because He wanted to make me come to the right decision by myself.

I loved that man even though he actually never gave me any good reasons for that. I was deeply in love with him even though his actions hurt me so often, even though he was breaking my heart every day, piece by piece.

It’s the weird side of love. I kept closing my eyes to the truth.

Even though my heart was already broken into a million pieces, it kept working and carrying the same amount of love, love for the man who actually was guilty of all of its pain and who actually broke it.

I made my decision and chose a direction a while ago. That was a really tough call but I don’t regret it so now I know it definitely was the right one.

You have to fall in love with yourself again. Look at it in this way, you have a million reasons to choose yourself and only one to choose a man who doesn’t deserve you. Which will it be?

Don’t keep going back to the same old heartache because your heart will never be able to heal that way.

Choose yourself because your heart deserves it. Choose yourself because you’re the only constant in your life. Choose yourself because after all, you need yourself the most.