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Move On Because Your Future Needs You And Your Past Doesn’t

Move On Because Your Future Needs You And Your Past Doesn’t

Move on because nothing good has ever come from being stuck. Stuck between something that could have been and something that hasn’t happened yet.

None of it is real. What already happened stays in the past and you can’t do anything about it. It’s best to just let it go.

The things that haven’t happened, you can’t control. However, when it comes to the future, you can still make an effort to make it better.

When you broke up with your partner, you were at your lowest. Nothing made sense. You became lifeless.

All the pain was overwhelming and you couldn’t seem to see an end to it.

That comes as no surprise when we consider that relationships are the basis of our lives.

Therefore, when we lose a relationship with someone, we also lose a part of the meaning in our life.

The problem is when that part ends up being so big that it’s almost the whole meaning. That means one thing; you put too much value into other people.

Apart from having a relationship with someone else, you also need to have a relationship with yourself.

You can’t just wander through life making everyone more valuable than yourself. That’s disrespect to God.

To live a happy and normal life, you need to take responsibility for your life. You need to learn to love yourself.

The past is in the past. Nothing there can ever change. It can haunt you but it can’t harm you if you don’t let it.

Not moving on is essentially crying over something that isn’t there anymore. Accepting the truth is how we move forward.

Learn that you should never beg for love. If it’s not willingly given, you don’t need it.

Don’t ignore crossing your boundaries. Stop thinking that familiar things are safe.

Familiar things are just familiar. They don’t necessarily make you feel good, unlike things that are safe.

Don’t go back to the thing that broke you. Forget how you feel for a moment and think about what you deserve.

You deserve a chance to be happy. Maybe with someone else or by yourself. Who knows? You deserve to know you’re enough as you are.

Moving on almost always represents a new chapter in life, and a new chapter needs to be filled.

Decide to be good to yourself and start doing things for your future self.

Your future needs you to never stop learning. It wants to bring curiosity back into your life.

Your future loves when you go outside your comfort zone. That’s how you make the biggest progress.

In the future, you want you to define your boundaries and let the rest of the world know about them.

Explore your hidden interests and bring them to the light of day. Spend time with your true friends. All the little things make a big difference.

Your future needs you because there’s life in front of you, so why waste it?

One day, after you move on and learn to accept yourself as you are, a real person will show up.

They will show up as a sign that you’re finally at peace with yourself. A sign you have moved on.

Move on because you deserve more in life. Move on because there’s so much untamed potential in you.

Move on because you’re always enough as you are. Move on because after every storm comes the sunshine.

Move on because this is just a tiny part of your life, so don’t ruin the rest of it. Be respectful of your life story.

To get over someone means finding the new meaning. You need to fill the hole with a new substance. Let it be your passion.

There’s nothing wrong with taking time to know yourself but know that life’s too short to grieve over the past and act recklessly about your future.

Remember: The past is long gone, so don’t live in it. The future is always now, embrace it.

The true moment when we move on is when we accept that something’s gone and start living in the now.