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To The Girl Who Gave Too Much Of Herself To The Wrong Guy

To The Girl Who Gave Too Much Of Herself To The Wrong Guy

Have you ever loved someone who didn’t love you in return the way you deserved? Have you ever given your entire self to a man who turned out to be wrong for you?

To a man who did nothing but lead you on and take you for granted? To a man who never appreciated your love and who used your heart in the worst possible way?

If you have, I know everything you are going through. If you have, I feel your pain and I know exactly how you feel. Because I was you.

I know that you loved a guy who took advantage of your feelings.

That you gave your entire self to a man who bit your hand when you tried to feed him. That you were used when you tried to help him.

I know that you tried to fix a man who didn’t want to be saved. I know you gave your entire heart to someone who shattered it to pieces. I know you gave your entire self to a man who crushed you.

And I know you didn’t get anything in return. I know that this man didn’t love you—that he only loved everything you were giving him and that he just loved the way you loved him.

I know he lied to you, telling you that he’d change and you were the only one who mattered to him.

But the truth is that he was nothing but a selfish jerk who left you feeling drained and exhausted. That he was an asshole who left you feeling like he took all the love you had.

That he left you feeling empty, like there was this huge void inside of you and like you didn’t have anything more to offer to anyone who came into your life after him.

But that is far from the truth. And that is why I want to tell you that you are an amazing, selfless person, no matter what this guy tried to tell you.

I assure you that you are special and unique because you did what only a few can do.

I want to tell you that you shouldn’t be ashamed for loving the wrong guy. That you shouldn’t blame yourself for not knowing better or for not choosing better.

You should never think of yourself as a failure and you should never consider yourself weak for not thinking twice when you gave everything to this man.

Instead, you should be proud of yourself. You should be proud of your strength and bravery. You should be proud of having such a huge heart full of love.

Proud of being a caring and loving person who gave a chance to someone who clearly didn’t deserve it.

You should be proud because despite all the pain you are feeling now, deep down, you are peaceful. You know you’ve never done anyone any harm.

You know you gave your best to this guy and you know that you did everything in your power to make this relationship work.

Most of all, you know that you have a clear conscience because you are not responsible for any of the bad things that happened between the two of you.

What I want to ask you is to stay this way, despite all the disappointments you’ve been through.

What I want is to ask you to dare to be yourself, despite all the emotional pain you’ve experienced. To stay the girl with a soft heart, even though it cost you a lot.

I’m not going to lie to you— this wasn’t and never will be an easy path. But it is one worth taking.

The truth is that it is possible for you to get your heart broken again. It is likely that you’ll run into more wrong men who don’t deserve you.

It is likely that you’ll have more wounds and scars on your soul.

But that should never discourage you. Men who don’t deserve you should never change you.

Because one day, there will come a man who will know how to appreciate everything you have to offer.

Even though you don’t believe it, there will come a man who will make you understand why all of this had to happen and who will make you realize why it never worked out with any of those guys.

There will come a man who will love you just the way you are. A man who will be more than happy to have you.

And the best part is that you’ll never have to hold yourself back in front of this guy.

You’ll never have to worry that he’ll take you for granted if you show him too much of your love.

You’ll never have to worry that he’ll use the feelings you give him. You’ll never have to worry that he’ll break your heart if you give him too much of yourself.

And you know why? Because he’ll be just like you and he’ll give you his entire self in return.