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To My Happily Never After

To My Happily Never After

For years, I saw the two of us as the main protagonists of a fairy tale. I thought that what we had was unique and something you experience only once in a lifetime.

Our love had its ups and downs but this is how every true romance works, isn’t it? You overcome obstacles and you go through different phases.

However, despite the entire roller coaster, if you’re meant to end up together, eventually, you find your way to each other.

After all, the prince and the princess always manage to defeat the evil witch and all other forces that unite against their love.

Nevertheless, the difference is that we didn’t have anyone casting spells to break us apart.

There were no jealous stepsisters with their sneaky methods, whose only goal was to interfere between us two.

Instead, you were the only bad guy of our story all along.

You see, I had the strength to fight everyone as long as I had you by my side. However, I couldn’t fight against YOU to keep YOU by my side.

Besides it being utterly impossible, it would also have been completely pointless.

For years, deep down, I was perfectly aware that we’d never been compatible. We never got along properly and our entire relationship was doomed to fail from day one.

Also, we wanted different things in life. I wanted you and you wanted every other girl around.

I wanted a calm future next to you and you wanted someone who would patiently wait for you to get yourself together.

I wanted a fairy tale and you turned my life into a nightmare. I wanted you to be my happy ending and now you’ve become my happily never after.

You see, no matter what happens and no matter how much time passes, I’ll never let you back into my life.

Not even if my life depended on it and not if you were the last man on earth.

The word never: the only finitude.

No, I’m not saying this because I’m angry. I’m not saying it because I want to get even and break your heart as well.

I’m not using any reverse psychology techniques here, where you’re supposed to come running back to me as soon you hear that I don’t want you anymore.

I’m not saying this because I’m trying to deceive myself. I’m not comforting myself while deep down, I still miss you like hell.

For the first time ever, these words are coming out of my mouth because I really mean them.

I don’t want you back and I’m not giving you access to my life ever again.

And you know what the best part is? That I will be happy without you.

In fact, this is the only way I can be truly happy and content.

Yes, I thought you were the source of my happiness but you turned out to be my biggest misery.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I really am relieved that I got rid of you. Relieved for finally leaving you in the past, where you belong.

After all, I’m not the one who lost anything when you left.

Actually, I did lose a man who never treated me right, a man who was never ready to lift a finger for my sake and a man who never loved me the way I loved him.

In fact, I gained a lot once I turned my back on you. First of all, I got my life back in my own hands.

You see, a miracle happened; I’m no longer emotionally dependent on you.

My existence doesn’t revolve around you anymore and you’ve stopped being the center of my world.

Most importantly, I gained back my self-respect and self-love. After all this time, I learned that I have to put myself first, no matter how much I love the other person.

I learned never to settle for less than I deserve and I learned that I’m worthy of someone’s efforts and undivided attention.

So, I guess our story didn’t have a happy ending after all. However, I don’t care because mine will and that’s all that matters.

Farewell, my lover. I really do wish you all the best because you did teach me a lot. Just stay as far as possible from me.