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These 8 Myths About ‘The One’ Need To Be Broken ASAP

These 8 Myths About ‘The One’ Need To Be Broken ASAP

Do you believe in soulmates? Do you really think it’s true that all of us have that one person who is meant for us, who’s perfect for us?

I believe in soulmates too. However, this other part is tricky. Most people are waiting for that one person who’ll be perfect but unfortunately, they aren’t aware that such a person doesn’t exist.

None of us is perfect and it’s perfectly fine. Because after all, we shouldn’t be searching for someone perfect, we should be looking for someone who will love us in a perfect way.

If you still haven’t found the right person, you should check these myths that most people believe about their soulmate but aren’t aware that it’s only holding them back and standing in the way of true love.

When you meet that person, you’ll instantly know they’re ‘the one’

How many couples do you know who started out as friends but are now in a happy long-term relationship? Yes, your gut can be wrong even about that person who is meant for you.

Maybe love at first sight does exist but still, even if you click instantly, you can’t know for sure that they are the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with.

You must be aware that there is no true unconditional love without trust and it’ll definitely take time to build that trust between you.

Love at first sight is just an infatuation stage, the attraction you feel for someone when you first meet them.

You shouldn’t be searching, your soulmate will find you

Many people believe that we shouldn’t be looking for our soulmate because they’ll find us. But when you stop for a moment to think about it, is it really logical?

Either way, one person will be searching. Yes, I do believe that true love will find a way to cross your path but that doesn’t mean you should just sit there and wait for it to happen.

You should put yourself out there. Go out, meet new people and embrace new life adventures. You can never know where those adventures can take you. To your forever person, maybe?

The right person will stay by your side no matter what

This is one of many soulmate definitions you can find online. So, let’s put it this way; if you cheat on them, humiliate and disrespect them, they’ll still stay by your side?

No, it definitely doesn’t work like that. No person should tolerate being disrespected in a relationship, no matter how much they love the other person.

To find that right person and to have a good relationship, you must also put some effort into it. You must show your partner the way you want to be treated and you’ll only do that by treating them exactly the same way.

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You’ll never argue with that person

Do you really think that you and your soulmate will be exactly alike? That there won’t be any differences between you?

Oh, how wrong that is. I don’t and I truly don’t want to find anyone similar to me because I know it would be a total mess. I’m more of an ‘opposites attract’ kind of person.

Remember this first: having some little arguments in a relationship is allowed because those things will actually strengthen the bond between you.

There are no healthy and committed couples without some differences between them.

The question is how you’ll manage those differences. It’s important to accept and embrace your differences and to make the most of them.

That person will become your everything

Well, this is pretty fascinating to me. As long as your parents are alive, as long as you have honest and loyal friends, your partner will never be able to become your everything.

It would be completely unfair to all the other people in your life who are there for good reason. It’s good to know your priorities but don’t ever make the list of your priorities a one-person list.

You’ll never have to make any compromises

Oh, really? Sometimes, we have to make compromises with ourself, so how could we find someone we won’t have to make any compromises with?

I don’t think it’s possible. We are all unique human beings with unique perspectives and different opinions.

That’s why we all have to settle for some compromises from time to time if we want to keep the engine (our relationship) going.

It’ll be a completely effortless relationship

Do you really believe that a relationship between two people can succeed without putting any effort into it? Is love the only ingredient necessary for a successful relationship?

No, no, no. To get such a complicated thing as a romantic relationship to work, you’ll need so many more ingredients. Love is crucial but making compromises and sacrifices and building trust are essential too.

That person will be your other half

How many times have you heard someone saying, “When I finally meet the right one, my life will be complete,” or, “My partner is my other half.”?

Whaaaaat? This is a major untrue myth about soulmates that really needs to be broken immediately. God made you a whole person so why would you feel incomplete?

If you feel that something is missing in your life, no other person will be able to fill it. Only you have that ability.

You don’t need anyone to complete you, you just need someone to accept you, the WHOLE you, just the way you are.