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Why Is It So Important To Never Forget Where You Came From?

Why Is It So Important To Never Forget Where You Came From?

The people I admire most in life are those who get why it’s so darn important to never forget where you came from.

Some of the most successful people in the world come from difficult family backgrounds and cultures that most couldn’t even begin to understand.

The respect I hold for individuals who are genuine, authentic, and don’t have an issue proudly standing with their cultural roots and backgrounds is endless.

So many people struggle on a daily basis and keep waiting for their big break. So many would rather be true to themselves than sell their souls for money and gain.

They are the people who will make a big impact on the world one day. For the sole reason of doing it the right way.

Loyalty, authenticity, hard work, and standing alongside those who made it all possible for them. That’s the only way to truly move up in life.

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Why You Should Never Be Ashamed Of Your Past

Isn’t it so discouraging when someone feels ashamed to talk about their beginnings because they are so eager for a better life? So much so that they forget their own origin.

The stories I’ve heard have truly made me reflect on who I am, where I come from, and how proud I am of the loyal relationships I’ve created along the way.

My humble beginnings will always be part of me, and I couldn’t fathom disrespecting my loved ones by diminishing their role in my ”success”.

But at the same time, these people and their inability to be true to who they are can serve as a valuable lesson.

If you choose to see this as a tool that will encourage you to push forward without denying who you are, that’s something positive you’ve managed to create out of a negative situation.

We should never rush to judgment though. Some people become resentful and mad for having to endure severe obstacles while some of their friends had it easy.

Can you imagine how unbelievably difficult it is for black people to see white people move up the ladder due to the color of their skin?

And can you imagine how discouraging, defeating, and unjust it is to experience such unfairness on a regular basis?

I don’t think anyone really can. Not until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. But nevertheless, they put in the hard work, they are proud of their origin, and they pray for a fairer future.

We all have a unique opportunity to acknowledge who we are and keep chasing our dreams knowing that we are enough.

Don’t forget where you came from when you make it big. Don’t pretend you’re anyone but yourself when you get a taste of success.

Help others the same way they helped you, which is the only way to have a shot at a genuine life. Staying true to who you are, all the while resisting temptation to neglect your roots, is a testament of a great man (or woman).

Life is full of trials and tribulations, and some days will be worse than others. Still, that is no reason to forget where it all started. Becoming successful overnight doesn’t mean you should forget where you were last week.

Having your life change for the better doesn’t justify bashing the ones who helped you along the way on social media, thinking you’re somehow better than them now.

Be humble, be authentic, and never forget where you came from. Just because a friend of a friend helped you get there faster, doesn’t mean you’re above anyone – it just means you got lucky.

Your past made it possible for you to get to where you are. And I believe that is all the more reason to always carry it with you.

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Loyalty Goes A Long Way

It’s so easy to forget who you once were when you get a taste of a better life. It’s so easy to discard the difficult memories for the sake of never having to be reminded of your old life again.

But do you know what’s not so easy? Saying ”Yes, just a few weeks ago I was barely getting by, living from paycheck to paycheck.

I never knew if I’d get through the month, and it sucked. But now that I’ve found my way, I admire and respect my past more than I ever could’ve imagined.”

It’s hard being faced with how draining life used to be. But there’s no shame in that. There’s no shame in remaining loyal to people who had your back then, and still do today.

Loyalty is so rare these days. Don’t be one of those people who forget about their loved ones due to building new, prominent relationships.

Who do you think will have your back if the world ever crushes you again?

Your oldest friend who stuck by you through thick and thin, or your new friend from work who has only known you these past few months?

It’s great that you’re meeting new people and enjoying the new relationships in your life. But stay loyal to the person who loved you when you had nothing.

Those are the people who will hold you down when it’s no longer sunshine and rainbows.

So share your success with them. Help them along the way. Pursue your passions but don’t let them cloud your judgment. Be certain that you always have your priorities straight.

Without the people who have had your back since day one, will it all be worth it? 

To me, having it all, but losing the people I cherish most in the process would be the biggest loss of all. Success means nothing if you don’t have anyone to share it with.

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How Can You Always Remain True To Yourself?

How can you make sure you stay authentic, humble, loyal, and never forget where you came from?

Don’t negate your past struggles

Don’t be afraid to acknowledge the struggle you went through to get where you are. There is an enormous difference between acknowledging the pain and dwelling on it.

By acknowledging it, you are merely allowing yourself to reflect on your journey and all of its ups and downs, more sure than ever you don’t want to go back to how it used to be.

Your past can be your guide on how to keep moving ahead without forgetting what it took to get there. Be proud of your past, while being adamant you will only move up in life.

This way, you’re encouraging others to keep pressing on, as you’re proof it can get better. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Be proud of your education, roots, and family

Not everyone gets to go to an Ivy League school. Not everyone gets to have prominent, wealthy parents who’ll make sure your life remains on point. But so what?

To me, it only means that success is so much more worth it when you get there the hard way. Don’t you think so?

Sure, it’s nice knowing life will always be kind to you. But when you’re forced to put blood, sweat, and tears into everything you do, somehow, you hold it so much closer to your heart.

So, no, don’t be ashamed of your education. Don’t be ashamed that your parents didn’t have the means to ensure a bright future for you.

Be proud of them for giving you all they had. Be proud of them for sacrificing their own life to ensure you get a chance at a good life.

You’ll never really know how much your parents struggled just to keep you on the right track. Keep that in mind and always be grateful for everything you were given.

To you, it might not seem like much, but to them – it was all they had.

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Don’t take people for granted

This doesn’t mean grand gestures and repaying them with material stuff. All it means is you should develop an attitude of gratitude.

The people in your life will love you no matter what. They don’t care about how wealthy, successful, or important you are. They just care about you as a person.

So don’t take their kindness for granted. Show them appreciation for the role they had in your newfound success.

They just want to know that you’re still the same person you always were. It’s not that hard, is it?

They don’t need you to tweet about them and bump them up in life. They don’t need your constant favors and money. Although it sure would mean a lot to them.

But it all comes down to gratitude and being humble. Never forget where you came from and who had your back way back when.

Respect everyone even if you disagree with them

Extending respect to people is about having enough class to let go of pointless discussions and people who will always think they’re right. Don’t stoop to their level.

Be respectful even when you disagree with someone. Walking away will bring you much more peace than arguing with someone who doesn’t see your point of view.

Some people are just not worth the bother. So don’t let them pull you into their BS.

Be kind, courteous, and turn the other way. Be around people who you can have healthy conversations with and who will actually see things from your perspective.

Keep your boundaries, don’t let toxic people cross them, and surround yourself with people who get you.

Rely on people who will give you a reality check when you need one

Do you know what I find absolutely priceless in life? 

Having that solid group of people in my life who will always tell me everything like it is. No sugar coating, no walking on eggshells.

I love knowing that I can always count on them to give me a reality check when I need one (and I really do need one sometimes).

Even the most successful people need someone who will keep it real with them. When you reach a certain level of success, it’s difficult to know who’s really got your back and who’s just telling you what you want to hear.

Always keep those few people who can check you without fearing it might hurt your feelings. Guess what? Sometimes you’ll need it!

Those few people you can trust with your life mean the world. Keep them close and never let them go. They are the only ones who’ll have the guts to tell you what nobody else will.

This Is What It All Boils Down To…

No matter how high you’ve climbed, never forget where you came from. Be grounded and be humble.

Letting success get to you is easy, but remaining loyal to your cultural roots, your family, and your closest confidants is what will end up making the biggest difference.

Embrace your new life, but don’t let it make you forget your old one. Make new friends, but always keep in mind who helped you when you had nothing.

You never really know where life will take you, so take it all with a grain of salt. Keep your loyalties where they belong and practice an attitude of deep gratitude.

Don’t forget where you came from by acknowledging your past, and keep pressing on despite all the odds. 

Life is unpredictable, but the blessing of having an old friend through its ups and downs is priceless.

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