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If You Find Your Way Back To Each Other, Your Feelings Never Left

If You Find Your Way Back To Each Other, Your Feelings Never Left

Have you ever been asked if you believe in soulmates and thought it was a silly question to ask?

The whole thing about being meant for each other seems cheesy and unrealistic. I never gave serious thought to that question because I honestly didn’t believe such a thing exists.

It wasn’t until something deeply transformed my life and made me open my eyes to the possibility.

We as human beings often don’t see further than the immediate future. Sometimes we feel desperate over things that will actually help us in the future – we don’t know it at the time.

That’s what happened to him and me.

When we broke up, I thought I said goodbye to him forever. I felt grief as if someone just pulled something valuable from my soul and ran away with it.

He was everything I wanted. I knew it the first time his eyes met mine.

Never have I ever felt such a connection with someone else in my life. It was like a tiny bolt of lightning struck my heart every time he’d look at me.

Right after that, I knew that I was completely his and he was mine, even though I couldn’t explain it.

With him, I finally felt like everything was in the right place, especially my heart. He was my safe haven, the person I most adored.

That’s exactly why my soul was crushed into pieces when we parted the first time.

I spent so many sleepless nights wishing I never met him because I couldn’t handle the pain. I would start crying at the smallest triggers and begged God to just stop whatever was happening to me.

There were moments I thought I’d never make it, but somehow I survived.

What surprised me the most is that after all that happened, I still knew I love him deeply.

Despite all the times he’d make me feel insecure or act selfishly, I knew he never really wanted to intentionally hurt me.

That’s what kept his memory safe in my heart. I knew he loved me as I loved him.

I knew he thought of me often, even though I couldn’t explain why.

Years went by and I still felt the affection in my heart, but I never talked about it.

It made me think I got over him. Turned out I was very wrong.

The second he reached out to me, my heart started beating faster than ever. I instantly felt dizzy and couldn’t control myself.

At first, I didn’t know what to do. I started overthinking and was determined not to answer him, but something in me kept pushing me to do it.

I made a bold move and called him up. The second I heard his voice, my heart melted. All of the suppressed feelings instantly flooded my heart.

At that moment I knew I was still in love with him. I knew he was the man I wanted to spend my life with.

I knew I was willing to give him another chance. It sounded like he’d matured a lot since the last time we saw each other and that made me feel happy.

I got to meet him and fall in love with him all over again. He was the same person, but this time he knew how to face his demons by himself.

I finally felt at home. Like the search was over.

That’s when I realized I do believe some people are meant to be with each other. We’re a living example.

Love knows no rules, it just happens and you can’t control it.

The only thing that you can do is be honest with your feelings and let go of fears that hold you back.

Sometimes love is about forgiving, about a second chance. It all depends on what you feel and know in your heart.

Something that looked like a curse turned out to eventually be the best thing in my life and for that I’m grateful.

If I didn’t experience the pain, I would’ve never known how much he means to me.

That’s why I learned to never be afraid of pain, but to just have trust that true love will always find its way back to you.