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Never Go Back To The Person Who Broke You

Never Go Back To The Person Who Broke You

I know, why you should listen to me right?

But even if you don’t, you know deep down that your move is one big mistake.

You know that things are going to change for a few days or so, and as soon as you let your guard down, he will be the same piece of shi t he always was.

People don’t change that easily—especially the ones who think there is nothing wrong with them.

Deep down you know he is a person you cannot trust. He failed you, and he disappointed you.

You’ve cried by his side so many times, begging him to change. You’ve come close to a breakdown because you couldn’t take it anymore, and he swore on his life he would change.

At those moments, he would have said anything you wanted to hear. He would have done anything just to calm down the situation, to calm you down, so he could continue doing whatever the hell he wanted. What a sneaky bastard!

a sad couple sitting on a two-seater after an argument

Even if you come back to him, do you really think you could open up that easily to him?

You can force yourself to try, but your subconscious will build high walls all around you, walls that not even you will know are there.

Even if you decide to make a huge mistake and let him crawl back to you, you won’t share anything with him.

You won’t tell him your secrets and your deepest emotions. You’ll keep your fears and your happiness to yourself.

Why? You know why. He never listened to you in the first place. He never cared for what you had to say. That’s him, the man of your dreams—a man to whom you so desperately kept giving second chances .

Now tell me, did he deserve them?

He is a man you can’t rely on. Every time you needed help, every time you needed support, where was he? I’ll tell you where he was. He went out with friends.

He had more important business to attend to. He was always all over the place but never in the right place – never in your arms.

the sad brunette lies in bed and suffers

Every time you were sad, you were left alone to fight your demons on your own. And you should deal with your troubles all by yourself, but you shouldn’t be really on your own.

He should have been there for you. He should have been there to wipe your tears and hold you when you cried.

Do you remember how it felt to sit by this person, your eyes exploding with tears and your hands shaking in frustration and anger? Do you remember how low you fell, and he wasn’t there to help you get up?

Never go back to the person who wanted you all to himself but at the same time, didn’t care about you.

That’s how possessive and jealous people act. He wanted you all for himself, but he never dealt with you. He never gave you enough attention, and he would be jealous if you looked for it somewhere else.

He forbade you to hang out with your friends because he couldn’t handle the idea of you not being available to him all the time.

And you know why he called you all the time when you were out without him? He didn’t trust you at all.

You’ve discarded people who cared about you because of him. Was he really worth it? Was his fake love worth rejecting people who honestly cared about you?

a depressed brunette looks out the window

Do you know how many people you’ve unknowingly hurt just to keep the relationship which was on its last breaths alive?

You’ve rejected people who love you because of some self-centered jerk who took your love for granted. An idiot who never appreciated you nor everything you did for him.

Just think about how much energy, time and, love you’ve wasted on someone who didn’t deserve it.

When you let your mind wander again, and when it wanders back to him, just remember that you’ve settled for way less than you deserve. Remember the pain of neglect you faced every day.

Remember every difficult situation you’ve faced alone because he chose not to be there – he chose something else as more important than you. Just remember…

Never go back to the person who swears he’ll change. Never believe his words because words don’t mean anything.

You of all people should know that. You are the witness that words can be easily spoken, yet actions are not that easily done.

an attractive woman reaps the square

Believe in actions. Believe in something so strange to him, something he has never done, and never go back to him.

Don’t go back to the person who broke you because he’s the last person who can fix you. You’ll hold a grudge against him for the rest of your life.

Deep down, you’re going to blame him for not trusting anyone, for being extra cautious when it comes to love. Maybe you won’t be aware of it, but you’ll never act the same again.

He broke you. He can’t—and has no right to try to—fix you.

He belongs in your past now. He is a true example of everything one should never do. Trust me, you have hard evidence behind you.

You have examples and more importantly, you have unhealed wounds on your heart – wounds he gave you

He is everything you don’t deserve. Please, never go back to him.

Never Go Back To The Person Who Broke You